Comparing Pricing Modules of Different LMS Platforms

Last Updated: January 8, 2022
Education and training are something that humanity cannot do without, learn how LMS Platforms can help to ensure a proper education.
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In today’s world, everyone has been driven into a corner when it comes to education. The recent COVID-19 pandemic has stopped the world from progressing.

When all the sectors are facing a crisis, some sectors have been hit the hardest. One such sector is the education system. 

The traditional ways of learning required the accumulation of a large number of people at once place which was an absolute prohibition during the pandemic.

The education system came to a halt for an indefinite amount of time. However, education and training are something that humanity cannot do without.

Necessity opened up a path and everyone quickly started switching towards the online education system instead of the traditional method.

After much research and switching, the use of learning management systems became a reality. 

The learning management systems had existed for a long time but there was no actual use of them unless the pandemic came into effect.

As soon as people realized that the pandemic was here to stay, they started looking for ways to carry on with their work without gathering at one place. 

Work from home (WFH) and Learning Management Systems (LMS) became major tools to make the impossible possible.

Since every company, organization, and institution has different ways to operate, their need for LMS is varying as well. Not every LMS offers the same set of features. 

If someone desires some specific set of features, he/she may not be able to find it in every LMS. Therefore, choosing the right LMS which fulfills your needs is an important procedure.

Apart from the availability of the required features, the pricing of LMS also needs to be considered before subscribing. 

Let me list some of the most popular LMS with the best set of features and the most competitive prices.

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Thinkific is one of the most widely used and affordable learning management systems.

It doesn’t matter how big your study group is, you can use Thinkific to teach even millions of students at once.

Talking about Thinkific pricing, this LMS comes with four plans, namely – Free, Basic, Pro, and Premier. The cost rises as you upgrade your plan but the list of features in its arsenal is huge.

The features include everything that you would look for in an LMS along with multiple account support.


Mindflash is without a doubt amongst the best learning management systems present in the market in 2021. Mindflash is available to use on the android, window, as well as iOS platforms.

It gives the content creators optimum control over their content and allows them to channel their content and courses in whatever way they prefer.

Many companies and organizations prefer to use Mindflash because of its features such as web-based training development and virtual classrooms.

The pricing at which it offers its facilities is justified and affordable too.


Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could share your files with other learners, or stop and assess the progress of learners in real-time?

Edmodo is one such learning management system that allows learners to gain complete control over their activities.

This LMS comes with an integrated dashboard so that you can assess the progress of every learner under your supervision as you deliver your course.

On Edmodo, there is a world-class network of educators and learners.

Apart from the formerly mentioned features, Edmodo offers course authoring tools and video conferencing features as well.

For the myriad of features that this LMS offers, the pricing for Edmodo is quite justified and easy on the wallet.

SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos is one of the fastest growing learning management systems in the world. It provides a huge number of benefits and perks to its users.

SAP Litmos offers universal accessibility to its users.

It means that no matter where you are, if you have a device and an internet connection, you can connect to your e-learning platform and enjoy your courses.

SAP Litmos also provides detailed analysis of the learners and helps the content makers improvise their content.


If you want to find the perfect learning management system for your usage, you need to first go through the sea of LMS and look for the perfect LMS.

What is a perfect LMS? It doesn’t matter if the LMS that you have chosen is the best in the world with the highest ratings, if it doesn’t provide you the set of features that you are looking for, investing in it is a waste of time and money.

Look for platforms that deliver your required features and then compare the pricing to find the best suited LMS for yourself.

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