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Last Updated: January 3, 2021

CommerceHQ is one of the most commonly underutilized storefront solutions for e-commerce.  As most people are continuing to use Shopify and other services for their e-commerce support, there are a number of brands that are starting to make the switchover to CommerceHQ because of some of the features that it has to offer.

In this CommerceHQ review, I’m going to explain more about the features of this platform and why so many people are changing over.

Backstory of CommerceHQ:

CommerceHQ or CHQ was born from the mind of Jon Mac. He’s best known for producing a series of successful sites like Teespring. Teespring is a company that started $50,000 in debt and then cleared $1 million in profits within just two years.

Using the system that he built his T-shirt company off of, he began Shopify that would allow users to easily create the same store as his original Teespring design, featuring their own products.

From the success of Shopify, there were a number of improvements added to the e-commerce system including new features over time. CommerceHQ is the next evolution of Shopify that was started by he and his partner Vlad. It launched in the year 2015 and in the year 2017, it was made public and widely available.

Why they made CommerceHQ:

While many users are quite content to keep on using Shopify, CommerceHQ was designed for a very specific purpose. E-commerce marketers wanted a platform where they could encourage higher conversions; this meant there needed to be changes in features. CommerceHQ was built for these higher conversions and with the marketing tools in mind that could create a powerful sales funnel on almost any type of platform.

How does CommerceHQ work?

Commerce HQ does work quite a bit like Shopify but it has some improved solutions that can be built up over time. CommerceHQ was originally designed with the main focus to build stores that would be instantly marketable. Shopify does have some tools on board that can improve marketing efforts but the full focus of a CommerceHQ store is to have the marketability from day one.

The apps which are integrated into the system are all geared towards traffic generation as well as converting quick sales. The creators read a series of Shopify reviews and wanted to build a platform where users could increase their ad costs while easily garnering more traffic.

An all in one solution:

Included with CommerceHQ stores is the chance for an all-in-one solution. There are many apps built on board including help for abandoned cart issues, advanced reporting features for visitors, easy upselling and a visual editor that makes it simple to open and design a store.

With Shopify, there’s a constant need for ongoing third-party providers and plug-ins whereas all of the plug-ins that are available on CommerceHQ are built into the system and integrated to begin with. What you will likely see on a number of other CommerceHQ review sites is the ease of startup as being one of the main reasons to use this system.

Rather than having to deal with multiple support teams and install multiple features within a website, you can have an e-commerce solution that’s ready to go on day one. Dealing with just one type of support patching or one customer service department can also make sure that issues can be fixed up more easily if they are to arise.

The ease of one monthly payment:

The other beneficial selection to CommerceHQ is that there is no need to worry about paying a series of fees for every aspect of the store and its features either. You can have just one simple monthly payment that included within the price.

On a system like Shopify, you could be responsible for paying a hefty monthly bill for all of the themes, apps, payment processing and more. CommerceHQ can ensure that all of the tools that you need can be found over just one simple tool and with the account access that you need built-in.

The ease of one account:

Many who use Shopify actually end up having several different accounts. CommerceHQ addresses this by ensuring you can make sure its easy to switch over to multiple stores of access all under one account. Rather than having to build a new account for every new store and get charged for every new store along the way, CommerceHQ can help you create new stores all under the same account.

To build several stores on Shopify, you could be responsible for $700 in fees each month but you could easily have 3 to 4 stores in CommerceHQ for a far lesser price.

Boosting conversion rates:

Jon Mac reviews for Shopify often included a number of third-party apps for boosting conversion rates. All of these tools are completely available within CommerceHQ. Rather than having to review separate items along the platform, the apps that are built-in to the platform can be very positive for conversion rates.

The apps that are included for users to improve their conversion rates include the security badge app, timer widget, easy review app, upsell app, scarcity app, abandoned checkout app, promo bar app, lead capture overlay and more. These are all applications that you’ll have to consistently install into other e-commerce platforms. They’re all available and integrated at the start with CommerceHQ.

The ease of use with CommerceHQ:

I can’t complete a Commerce HQ review without going into detail on how easy it is to use over other e-commerce platforms. People typically find CommerceHQ one of the most intuitive systems available online. The platform comes with a full video tutorial to take you through all of the apps as well as how to use its base dashboard. The CommerceHQ support team can also help you with integrating new elements into your site.

Between the video tutorial and the instructions that are available throughout the site, you can create a high converting website here.

The main difference between shopify and CommerceHQ:

As a base level, the big difference between CommerceHQ and shopify is the apps that come fully integrated into the system with CommerceHQ. Almost all of these apps are free as well and they come from a feature that called the free app store.

The Free app store with CommerceHQ is a resource for all of the best applications that are currently running on CommerceHQ. There’s no need to pay for any of these applications to run your store and you won’t need to configure them like with Shopify. When you start to total up all of the cost of your apps in a shopify store, it doesn’t take long before he can get out of hand.

Conversion improvements:

Many of the applications that are available with CommerceHQ are designed to assist with conversion. Even with a basic shopify theme, you won’t get access to the same level of reporting or the improvements that you can get through shopping cart features on CommerceHQ. Most of the themes and tools are available for free and to get access to even the base level of conversion apps that CommerceHQ has on Shopify, you would be shelling out around $200.

A better builder:

Most users are on Shopify because they want to create a visually striking store that is going to help them sell online. CommerceHQ is a system that can actually help you build a much better-looking store. It is a game changer that has a series of very beautiful pages and themes and all of it can be drag and drop over time too.

There’s no need to hire an expensive coder and all of the elements on the page can be easily integrated with the help of the app installation too.

Advanced coding in apps:

Coding for a feature like an abandoned shopping cart app can often be quite difficult especially a customize it to your company. Shopify would consider this a midrange expense or higher package just to have the shopping cart feature. Commerce HQ has the abandoned cart recovery feature to improve conversions and to offer better customer support. It’s also an application that completely free.

Less fees for transactions:

Using your own payment gateway with CommerceHQ is also a possibility. There is no need to use the integrated system on board. If you can find a payment processor that has low fees you can avoid a 2% fee on processing payments with the third-party gateways as you would on Shopify.

The pros and cons of commerceHQ:


  • Many built in apps
  • Lower fees
  • Faster startup
  • Custom coding options
  • Free SSL cert and hosting
  • Easy setup (Start a store in 6 min)
  • Accordian style checkout
  • 100’s of free apps
  • High converting tools


  • CommerceHQ is currently built using a ticket system. There is no Phone support like Shopify
  • No support through a mobile app
  • Only supports a few currencies.

There is also one other small drawback to CommerceHQ:

There are no current discount codes available for CommerceHQ. The system is hardly ever discounted so it’s impossible to find a discount code that will help you save money on your ongoing fees. The good news is there are some better solutions in the form of ongoing savings:

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  1. Why is there NO REPLY To Patto’s comment ??? Posted jan15 this year


    That question is for ms. Brook Ford!!!!!! This review was posted march 3 this year, how come you did not address his comment ? This is your site you should have addressed it. How can anyone trust your REVIEW OF Commerce hq!!! I mean thats a pretty negative remark, and he has been with them for 15 months. For you not to follow up on that …..SAYS ALOT.

    • Raymond. Don’t be an asshole.

      CommerceHQ is not Brooke’s company, and she’s only written about them with what she’s found them to be like herself, with her experience.

      She isn’t obliged to follow up on negative experiences because it’s not her company to defend.

      This is the internet, and this is just a blog. People have different views and experiences of services and that’s why we allow other people’s comments on these posts. That way people can make informed decisions.

      Enjoy your day and try to be more mindful during the rest of it. There’s no need to talk to people the way you just did.

  2. I’ve been with Commerce HQ for about 15 months and have also used the Jon Mac Agency. The agency is expensive compared to other FB marketing companies but with all their hype and so called case studies I decided to trust them. That was a big mistake! They told me before signing up that they would source products for me, launch the FB ads, and find me a “winning” and profitable product within 30 days. Over the 30 days I was lead along the garden path with false promises and at the end of my time with the Jon Mac Agency I made $0 profit and had spent $3800 (the cost of the agency for 30 days) and nearly $6000 on FB ads. I sold about $2800 of products but this money was used to order the products from AliExpress and drop ship. I was probably left with $1000, so I lost approx $9000 all up. Commerce HQ have a private FB group that is part of the package when you sign up, and when I shared my experience I was blocked from the group, which is frustrating because this is a something I have paid for. Jon Mac appears to have made a lot of money over the years and he protects his brand which means that honest reviews are removed, that is why it is hard to find any negative reviews of his business dealings. My advice would be to stay well away from him unethical dealings.

  3. Hi I’d like to know if Commerce HQ is a real or fake. There hasn’t been much information about it aside from the website itself. This seems a bit shady. What is your experience with it and where else can you find information about this company?

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