Combin Review: Why Should You Try It? Is it Worth it?

Are you tired of your Instagram followers count being embarrassingly low? Tried all the hashtags possible and with little to no prevail? Do your photos just sit there with a few likes as a constant reminder of how insignificant you appear to be on social media?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to at least one of these, then you’re in luck, because Combin has got you covered in a whim.

It’s often said that we live in a world of charades and façades, where appearances and menial things such as your social media followers determine your worth. Harsh albeit true, Combin offers you salvation in that regard.

Read on to get answers to all your burning questions.

What Is Combin?

Combin is a multinational company based in both Germany and Russia that offers Instagram Marketing solutions.

By giving you that extra pizazz you always needed. That one push to bump you all the way into Internet fame and constructing your most-fabled long-awaited brand or business.

How do they do it? You ask.

They market your content to those who are interested.  Say you’re a car enthusiast, Combin takes your posts from that one trip on the Autobahn and advertises it to serious petrolheads and motoring fans on the internet.

Thus, getting them to discover your feed and ergo, following and engaging with you. This way they help you build an audience organically.

They offer two products at the time of this review, namely: Growth and Scheduler.


This is a professional toolkit for marketing and analysis used by many to gain an audience naturally, the smart way. Moreover, it seems to be the product with more features as per the company’s website.

It’s ideal for both new Instagram users, who are yet to build a following base and also for old-timers who are struggling for a while to expand beyond their current numbers.

Here are some of the unique features offered by Growth:

Non-Follower Detection

Finds out which of those you follow, don’t follow you back. As well as those who unfollowed you. It gives you the ability to mass-unfollow the whole batch and select which of these accounts you wouldn’t want unfollowed, saving you a world of hassle and time.

Audience Quality Tool

This tool optimizes and builds your audience from the right set of users and assists you in finding the most suitable influencers to promote your brand.

Eliminating Inactive Followers and Posts

This feature works by using machine learning enhanced analysis to determine interaction inefficient accounts (bots) and posts with a 90% success rate.

Track Audience Activity and Stats

Growth allows you to monitor your audience’s activity on the platform and gives you statistics like histograms and charts with real collected data to gain a better understanding of your audience.

Keep in mind though it only tracks data about actions processed within Combin and doesn’t gather information about likes, comments, follows, and unfollows made outside it.

Combin follows a somewhat strict no-timed-trial policy and doesn’t have any trial period. It’s essentially free, and the bulk of its functionality is available for everyone to use at any given time, but keep in mind though that the search results number is limited.

In addition to that, Combin guarantees you that they do not use any bots whatsoever in their growth strategy, simply clever marketing.

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This is the other suite offered by Combin. This is my personal favorite.

Scheduler allows you to save time by scheduling your posts ahead before they’re actually published, allowing you to manage posting to Instagram cleverly and to utilize your time for other tasks.

Another cool thing about Scheduler is that it allows you to plan stories in advance, essentially enabling you to have your Christmas stories covered, just in case your internet connection proves unreliable. Plus, it’ll allow you to spend more time with the family rather than being fixated at a screen.

It’s worth mentioning that one of the lesser-known features offered by Combin is that it gives you the opportunity to mold a fashionable Instagram profile with a professional aura that will attract new curious and interested followers in a blink of an eye.

You can also preview what your yet-to-be-published posts would look like together in the calendar section of the app.

At the time of this writing, Scheduler is completely gratis as free to use. The premium options for it are yet to be released soon and perhaps that is why it has fewer features, in numbers as its older sibling, Growth.

Is Combin Safe? Should I Be Worried About My Password Falling into the Wrong Hands?

However, there has been a lot of blabber online regarding the safety of using Combin on the grounds that there hasn’t been a lot of user reviews available on the website.

But to play devil’s advocate, let’s assume for a while that Combin is unsafe. Combin logs in by using secure HTTPS supports 2FA (two-factor authentication) and uses the password strictly-speaking just to obtain an access token from Instagram.

As in, your password is never stored. Moreover, Combin does its job ever so discreetly in a way that the computers at Instagram HQ won’t detect as suspicious activity. So, you can safely dismiss such claims.

Will Using Combin Get Me Banned from Instagram?

Another issue with trying to grow your Instagram are the time limits set by Instagram LLC.

There are two types of time limits, hourly and daily. When you use a piece of software to perform actions in bulk, Instagram busts you as a person who uses third-party bots and blocks the action.

Now the clever thing about Combin is that it performs actions by sneakily distributing them over time as if it’s really you.

But due to the recent changes, Combin is now forced to adhere to a limit of only 500 likes, 400 comments and 300 users follow or unfollow actions a day, and 125 likes, 100 comments and about 75 user follow/unfollow actions four times a day.

Nothing is set in stone though as these are floating limits, which they try to regularly adjust to every time Instagram rolls out a new update. Still, an impressive effort and much more effective than leaving it be.


If you’re looking for a quick and reliable way to: increase your followers, get popular without violating Instagram terms and conditions without paying a measly fee to do so. Then in my humble opinion, Combin in both of its brilliant suites would be greatly helpful in that regard.

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