Circleboom Review: Is it Worth Using?

Circleboom Review 2024: Is It a Scam? Should You Use It?

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024

Circleboom Review 2024: Is It a Scam? Should You Use It?

Published on: March 14, 2024
Last Updated: March 14, 2024

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Twitter remains one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, with roughly 200 million monthly active users.

While it doesn’t reach the heights of Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, it still provides an extremely important way of reaching people in your target audience. 

In fact, it’s particularly beneficial for those looking to create a strong cross-platform presence and communicate directly with their followers. It’s a powerful marketing tool that is still worth using without a doubt. 

Twitter has been around for 15 years now, and with almost 70% of its user base in the US, it can be especially beneficial for businesses and brands that are based there or targeting that demographic.

Twitter’s ad engagement is up 27% and it also has a great amount of potential for B2B marketing. 

That said, Twitter management can be a challenge; with so many different social media platforms in addition to content creation and other business endeavors, how does one find the time for Twitter management? 

There is a lot that goes into Twitter management, especially reviewing likes, comments, retweets, and other engagements; you also have to work to grow a valuable community of followers and make sure that you know who is following you and how your tweets are performing.

Tweeting according to a schedule can also be difficult and it can have an impact on how well your Twitter profile performs.

While there are plenty of things that can be tough, the good news is that there are a variety of Twitter management tools out there to help you. 

Circleboom Review 2024

One that has risen to popularity in the past years is Circleboom. Since there are so many different companies offering social media tools, we wanted to see if they really do live up to the hype. 

In this review, we’re going to get to the heart of what Circleboom is, how it works, whether or not it’s worth it, and some FAQs that we’ve seen floating around out there. 

Let’s get started! 

What is Circleboom? 

Circleboom Review - logo

Circleboom describes itself as a tool that “enables users, brands, and SMBs to grow and strengthen their Twitter account(s).” While that’s not incredibly detailed, we’re here to explain it a bit more. 

Circleboom offers its clients a suite of different Twitter management tools that are user-friendly, helping clients to optimize their tweets, engagement, and Twitter audience as a whole.

These tools are centered around many different elements of a successful Twitter profile, including followers, tweets, scheduling, and more. 

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Circleboom was first created in 2017 and has continued to alter and expand their tools. It’s especially become known for its ability to delete all tweets and retweets.

When they first launched, they were known for their ability to follow and unfollow different Twitter accounts, but they no longer offer those features. 

Let’s take a look at the different features that Circleboom currently provides their clients.

Circleboom Features 

Here is an overview of the basic features that Circleboom offers its clients: 

  • Follower insights
  • Tools to find fakes, spammers, and inactive accounts (called the Circle)
  • Smart search tools to find new followers
  • Delete likes, tweets, retweets, or your archive, 
  • Browse archive to find relevant content 
  • RSS module to send smart tweets and updates
  • Tweet scheduler 
  • Twitter analytics and reporting 

These different tools are ultimately categorized into 5 categories on the Circleboom website: Publish tool, My Tweets tool, Search tool, The Circle, and User Analytics. 

Here, we’re going to examine the offerings of each tool and evaluate whether or not Circleboom can help your Twitter profile in these respective areas. 

Publish Tool 

Circleboom’s Publish tool was created particularly for those that find their time and workflow very limited.

You’ll be able to automate your content using Circleboom and even discover content for your account.

In our opinion, this is one of the most fascinating and useful features that Circleboom offers presently. 

When starting, you’ll follow these steps: 

  • Select your areas of interest
  • Set your posting times and post frequency
  • Add articles to your queue 
  • Set it and automate the content 

You’ll basically choose what type of content you find valuable; they have over 300 categories and each of them contains relevant articles that you can use to post to Twitter.

You can add them to your queue and automate this content, making it pretty easy to get a good amount of quantity up without spending too much time curating it yourself. 

You can pre-select up to a whopping 800 articles into your queue, and the Circleboom tool will Tweet them as you schedule them. 

The Publish tool also allows you to tweet from any RSS feeds to keep your content current and up to date. This can also be automated. 

Our Verdict: All in all, the Circleboom Publish tool offers some valuable automation for content, especially for those that don’t have a lot of time to focus on what to post.

While it can be used in a positive way, you’ll definitely want to make sure that you select the content carefully and know that it will provide your feed with quality and not harm your reputation.

If you can find the right content on Circleboom’s Publish tool, it could be a complete game changer for the way you set up your Twitter content. 

My Tweets Tool 

Circleboom Delete Twitter Archive

The My Tweets tool on Circleboom has many interesting functionalities and can help you to do many different things with your actual content.

Here is a quick rundown of each capability. 

  • Unlike: sometimes you may like a tweet that you shouldn’t have or that can cause people to question your brand image or reputation. It’s a nightmare when you can’t find it again. This tool allows you to unlike tweets individually in bulk to avoid this issue. 
  • Delete RTs: You can delete all of your retweets up to the most recent 3,200. 
  • Delete Tweets: You can delete all of your tweets using Circleboom; they won’t be able to be retrieved afterwards. You can delete them either individually or in bulk. 
  • Delete Twitter Archive: You can also delete your complete Twitter archive using Circleboom. You simply upload it after requesting it from Twitter. They’ll delete it all, or you can filter your tweets prior to deletion. 

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If you want to make sure that your Twitter account stays on-brand and will provide you with a positive reputation, you can use the My Tweets tool every so often to keep things organized and stay aware of what’s out there.

Our Verdict: This tool is particularly useful for those who have had their Twitter account for a while and want to go through and delete things that aren’t particularly relevant anymore.

It can streamline this process a bit. If you have over 3,200 tweets or likes, though, it’s not going to help you past the most recent ones. 

Search Tool 

You can also do many different tasks with the Search tools provided by Circle boom. You’ll have the following at your disposal: 

  • Smart Search and Filters: You’ll be able to find target audience members easier using Smart Search. You can search for keywords and be shown accounts that have mentioned that keyword at least once on their profile. You can also create Twitter lists and use filters to categorize accounts. 
  • Live Keyword and Hashtag Search: this feature allows you to find trending hashtags and keywords to help your tweets get more reach. 

Our Verdict: The Search tool isn’t too much different than what you can do via the regular Twitter search, but the ability to use keywords as well as find out what hashtags are viral is a pretty useful feature, especially since you’ll have it in the hub of your other Twitter management tools from Circleboom.

The Circle Tool 

The circle is basically a follower analyzer that will tell you a lot of different insights about your followers.

You’ll be able to find fake accounts, spammers, and inactive accounts, helping you to weed out any accounts that aren’t bringing you engagement on Twitter. 

Eggheads are also identified, which are basically accounts without a profile picture or those accounts that can make your Twitter profile look spammy or weak. 

You can also find overactive accounts so that you can hone in on which profiles may be causing too much ruckus on your Twitter feed. 

Our Verdict: It may be useful to know which accounts are fake, spam, or inactive, but it’s likely you can figure this out without using the tool; if you haven’t paid attention for a long time or think you may have a lot of fake accounts, the tool might benefit you.

The other problem is that once you identify these users, you won’t be able to take any action directly from the Circleboom platform— you’ll have to go to Twitter to make any changes to your followers. 

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User Analytics Tool

The final tool offered by Circleboom is the User Analytics tool. You’ll get the following: 

  • Growth Graphs: Daily twitter followers, unfollowers, and inactive accounts. You can see it daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.  
  • Friends and Followers Characteristics: Get info about the people that follow you; are they human or fakes, active, or inactive, ordinary or verified, and ordinary or overactive. 
  • Language and Gender stats: Understand where your audience may come from, what their primary language is, and the percentage of male to female. 
  • Best Tweeting Time: See graphs that will help you to understand when to tweet for optimal audience engagement. 
  • Interests: Circleboom analyzes your followers and creates a word compilation of common topics that are seen across the accounts. 

Our Verdict: Twitter already offers its own version of analytics, which we find to be very in-depth and user-friendly. Perhaps the only primary benefit of the Circleboom analytics is the interest word cloud. 

Circleboom Review: What is it Missing? 

Circleboom does clearly offer a variety of useful tools that can help you effectively manage your account, from publishing and posting, to who your followers are, to tweet and likes management. 

Even still, there’s one big thing missing from Circleboom— the ability to follow and unfollow users directly from within the platform.

This feature used to be a big draw of Circleboom, and they have since removed this feature, which has a lot of people pretty frustrated. 

They give you a lot of information about your followers and which ones are fake or not, and then you’ll have to go about removing them manually.

There are many users online mentioning that they signed up for the feature of follower management in this regard, and the feature is now no longer available.

It’s really vital that you have a way to add and remove Twitter followers once you figure out your target audience, so if that’s your main goal, Circleboom may not check all of your boxes.

We’ve offered up some alternatives in the final section of this article. 

What’s more, Circleboom is often listed as a free service, and it isn’t truly free— let’s take a look at the pricing models below.  

Circleboom Review: Pricing 

Circleboom Pricing

Circleboom has a total of 5 pricing plans, one being free forever and going up from there. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the plans: 

  • Free: manage 1 profile, posting with @circleboom banner on your posts, 200 unlike, remove tweet limit. No searching features. Very limited overall. $0/mo
  • Pro: manage 1 profile without limitations. $24/mo
  • Multi: manage 5 profiles without limitations. $72/mo
  • Business: manage 20 profiles without limitations. $230/mo
  • Corporate: manage 50 profiles without limitations. $460/mo 

👉 Get Circleboom FREE

All in all, the free plan is missing a lot of the principal features that makes Circleboom what it claims to be.

Unfortunately, as a free option, it isn’t completely viable unless your needs are very limited. Also, posting with the @circleboom banner is obviously undesirable. 

The only difference between the other plans is the amount of accounts you can manage; all others come with no limitations.

You can pay annually for the plans and get a substantial discount of 50% off each month. 

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Circleboom Review FAQs 

Before we give you our final review verdict on Circleboom, here are some quick-reference answers to some common questions about their services. 

What is Circleboom? 

Circleboom is a Twitter management tool that helps you to create consistent tweeting schedules, analyze your followers and target audience, delete tweets/retweets, unlike tweets, and view analytics. 

How Do You Use Circleboom? 

You’ll log into Circleboom using your Twitter account and then follow the user-friendly dashboard to perform whatever action you choose.  

Is Circleboom Safe? 

Circleboom is safe; Circleboom offers a secure website with SSL encryption and doesn’t share your data or contact information without your prior approval. They also have safe payment gateways and don’t perform actions that can get your Twitter account in trouble. 

Is Circleboom Free? 

Circleboom does offer a free plan; however, it is limited and doesn’t offer all features that Circleboom advertises on its website. 

How Do You Unfollow Someone on Circleboom? 

Unfortunately, there is no longer an unfollow feature with Circleboom, which has disappointed many of its clients and removed a key part of its initial functionality.

This is a big problem for many users because a key element of Twitter is ensuring you have a strong, engaged community. 

There are other platforms that are able to help you do exactly that, perhaps making them more effective in some regard. Let’s check some of them out. 

Circleboom Alternatives in 2024

There are a variety of Circleboom alternatives, and if you’re not completely convinced that Circleboom is for you, we’re going to dive into five of the best alternatives to Circleboom in this section. 



If you’re trying to build your presence on Twitter and make sure that you have great levels of followers and engagement on your profile, Twesocial is one of the best options out there for you.

Not only will you be able to gain real authentic Twitter followers, but your tweets will also perform better due to the fact that your account is growing.

Twesocial uses organic growth by interacting with real Twitter followers in your particular target audience to gain more followers and engagement.

It saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to spend hours on Twitter trying to figure out which accounts to interact with; even if you know your targets it still takes a huge time investment. 

With no fake or bot profiles in sight, Twesocial provides your Twitter account the growth that it needs to produce a thriving community and a strong Twitter reputation for you. 

Twesocial offers the following features to help you manage your Twitter account effectively: 

  • Secure site: You can be sure that your data and information remains safe with Twesocial; they keep all of your information and data completely secured with their SSL-encrypted site. 
  • Advanced niche targeting: Twesocial doesn’t simply interact with any account on the platform; they want to make sure that you get the right followers who will actually care about your account. You can take advantage of the advanced filters and targets that Twesocial implements; you’ll partner with them by inputting the best ones and your account manager will follow them to the letter when interacting with users. They work well with any niche in any industry. 
  • Fully-managed service: One thing that is excellent about Twesocial is that the service is fully-managed, so you don’t have to do anything yourself. Everything is handled by the expert account managers at Twesocial. 
  • Simple pricing: Twesocial offers two simple plans that are paid weekly; they are flexible and can be canceled at any time. 
  • FAQ: Twesocial offers a FAQ to help you understand their services; it’s expansive and transparent, which is great for those who have doubts or need a bit more help. 
  • Support: Twesocial has a responsive support team that can help you with anything related to your service. They also have a blog with great tips for your Twitter performance. 

Twesocial is our top alternative to Circleboom because Twesocial helps you in the area that Circleboom can’t; most of the features that Circleboom offers you can do yourself via Twitter— posting, eliminating tweets, unliking, and understanding analytics.

Twesocial will help take your Twitter to the next level and expand your real Twitter following with users in your target audience. 

If you’re looking to optimize your Twitter account for growth and credibility, Twesocial is for you. 



Another great alternative for Twitter follower management and growth is Tweeteev. With a strong reputation for years in Twitter growth, you’ll be on your way to a more substantial Twitter following in no time. 

Tweeteev is another fully-managed service that offers you a way to get real Twitter followers in your target audience.

You’ll be able to save time and effort through providing Tweeteev your targeting instructions and they’ll find all of the right Twitter users to interact with. 

Some of the key features of Tweeteev include: 

  • Targeted campaign: when you provide your targeting instructions, your account manager will be able to set up just the right interaction patterns, gaining you more real Twitter followers and eliminating profiles of low value. 
  • Organic growth methods: Tweeteev doesn’t involve any fake or bot profiles in your Twitter growth, so you won’t have to monitor what kind of profiles you’re attracting. This will help you save time later down the road and also increase your engagement right away since real people who care about your tweets will be a new part of your audience. 
  • Secure website: Tweeteev is secured with SSL encryption, meaning that your data and personal information will be protected and remain safe from third parties. 
  • Support and FAQ: you’ll be able to get the help and support that you need from Tweeteev via their FAQ section as well as their responsive support team. 

Because Tweeteev focuses on real, targeted Twitter growth, you won’t need to deal with analyzing whether or not your followers are fake or bots like Circleboom does for you.

You can continue to create your content as you normally would with better results because you are working towards building a strong following on Twitter through the Tweeteev growth service. 



Later is another excellent Twitter management service that can take your Twitter performance to the next level and help you reach your target audience at exactly the right time.

While they don’t offer any direct services for follow and unfollow, they will help you to expand your social media management to Twitter and a variety of other platforms. 

With services optimized for other social media networks like Instagram, you’ll be able to have a strong cross-platform presence and save time. 

Here are some notable features of Later: 

  • Schedule tweets: with photos or videos directly from within the mobile app or the Later website. It’s very easy to do so from either their side library or their media library. You can video them on your calendar and auto-schedule posts for easy and simple Twitter content.
  • Saved captions and hashtags: you can create banks of captions and hashtags so that you don’t have to continually search and type things out; if you want to have a go-to template or hashtag set, Later makes it very straightforward.
  • Image editing: you’ll be able to crop, filter, or add text to your images and even crop or trim videos before saving and scheduling your Twitter posts. 
  • Twitter analytics: using the Later analytics, you can get an even more in-depth picture of how your Twitter account is performing and see growth both by week and month, as well as which tweets are driving engagement. 

Later has a free plan that will offer you all things scheduling, but if you want the analytics You’ll need to select a paid plan.

Using a tool like Later can help you keep your content scheduled and looking good, leading to a better overall performance.

With a platform that works for multiple social networks, it’s a leader in its market and can offer you some of the best quality out there.  



If you’re looking for a way to work faster and smarter with Twitter, ManageFlitter could be a potential option for you.

In the past, ManageFlitter incorporated the following and unfollowing features that Circleboom did; however, they’ve since removed them as well. 

They offer an explanation that Twitter reached out to organizations that help with Twitter management and deemed the follow/unfollow features unsuitable for these types of services, and that includes Circleboom. 

The fact that ManageFlitter took the time to explain this to their clients is respectable; on the Circleboom site, there’s nothing about that at all, leaving their clients wondering what the situation is.

Regardless of the absence of this feature, ManageFlitter offers a variety of different features to help you with your Twitter management: 

  • View all accounts that you follow and mute as you wish 
  • Identify fake Twitter followers
  • Account search 
  • Tweet search
  • Search your account
  • Block fake followers
  • Identify inactive Twitter accounts 
  • Manage muted Twitter accounts
  • PowerPost scheduling 

These tools, while not directly related to following and unfollowing on Twitter, can still help you to manage your audience and stay up-to-date with your posts, which is useful.

They don’t offer a free option, but if you’re looking to clean up your Twitter account and see what’s going on with your followers, ManageFlitter has something you might be interested in. 



Tweepi is our fifth alternative to Circleboom; it offers some potential in terms of your Twitter growth but has a couple of features that we weren’t so keen on. 

The first thing that we found to be a bit curious is that they mention they have almost 2 million clients, which is a huge number.

They have been around for quite some time, but even still, you’d think they’d have more publicity if they have that many clients. 

Aside from that, they have a nice user-friendly platform that helps you to navigate your Twitter growth. You can see recommended actions for: 

  • Follow
  • Unfollow
  • Interact

The problem is that after you set up the Tweepi service, you’ll provide your targets and AI does the rest.

In this regard, it can actually cause some damage to your Twitter account or provide recommendations that aren’t as specific as they could be. 

What’s more, you’re really not saving that much time— Tweepi will look for accounts that may fit your target audience, but ultimately they don’t do anything for you.

You’ll still have to go outside of the platform and use Twitter to engage with any following or unfollowing, or even any engagement

This is basically to say that you are going to do your own following and unfollowing on Twitter, but Tweepi tells you who to seek out.

If you have trouble or a very limited schedule and can’t go through and look for users in your target audience, Tweepi may be a good fit for you. 

If you’re looking for management in terms of Twitter follower growth, you may want to check out one of the first options we mentioned as they offer you a more comprehensive service that brings you real, targeted Twitter followers through a fully-managed service. 

Tweepi offers two different plans and you can save roughly $25 if you pay annually.

Circleboom Trustpilot Reviews

Here are some Circleboom reviews from users we found on Trustpilot.

Circleboom Trustpilot Reviews

Final Review Verdict 

This review of Circleboom is drawing to a close.

Circleboom offers some great tools in the way of automating your posting schedule and finding content in a range of different categories, among other beneficial features that help you to manage your tweets and understand your followers. 

You can’t take any action in terms of following and unfollowing, however, and the free plan has a lot of limitations. 

If you’re looking for a free service, you may find Circleboom underwhelming. If you’re looking for a paid Twitter management service and need some help with your tweets, Circleboom could be a great option. 

It’s worth noting that many of the Twitter management services have removed their following and unfollowing features, so if that’s something you’re seeking, you may be better looking at other types of services altogether. 

When your goal is to expand your real Twitter following and gain traction in your niche, your best bet is to check out a Twitter growth service like Twesocial or Tweeteev.

They can help you to get noticed by the right people and build the strong Twitter reputation that you need. 

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