Best Canada Proxy: Paid And Free Canadian Proxy Services

Best Canada Proxy: Free & Paid Canadian Web Proxies List (2024)

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Best Canada Proxy: Free & Paid Canadian Web Proxies List (2024)

Published on: March 13, 2024
Last Updated: March 13, 2024


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Bright Datafast proxy solution

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proxyempirecheap proxy solution


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The best Canada proxies in 2024, as found in our independent testing, are from BeeProxy!

Proxy services are used for accessing location-specific content on the internet. They also provide users with high anonymity, security, and unique use cases.

If you need Canada proxies to access Canadian IP addresses for use cases such as web scraping, marketing research, and streaming Canadian TV outside of Canada, then this article is for you.

This article covers the best Canadian proxy providers in the market for several proxy use cases.

Why Do You Need Canadian Proxies?

Proxies are used for bypassing geolocation restrictions by the government, websites, or your Internet Service Providers.

It allows users to enjoy geo-targeting when online and location spoofing. Location spoofing is the main reason why many proxy users would specifically request proxies that support specific locations, such as Canadian proxies. 

Using an IP address from Canada will help you conceal your actual IP address from web services you visit online and give you another IP address from Canada.

That way, eavesdroppers online can’t trace your IP address but instead will believe you are browsing from Canada.

This helps access Canadian targeted content for particular use cases such as data scraping and SEO management.

You have different proxy providers in the market offering several proxy services; however, not all these proxy providers are reliable like they claim.

When choosing your proxy service, ensure you do your due diligence so you don’t purchase proxy services that are not satisfactory. 

Best Places to Buy Canada Proxies 2024


If you reside in a location where you are exposed to geolocation proxy-related restrictions for contents available to Internet users from Canada, you will need to use proxies to bypass these restrictions.

There are several premium proxy services on the internet that can work effectively to solve your problem. You can either use datacenter proxy providers or residential proxy providers.

They are fast, reliable, and secure for surfing the internet. If you can’t afford any of these categories of proxies, you can also opt for free proxies to bypass geolocation restrictions.

However, have it in mind that these free proxies have speed, reliability, and security concerns.

Best Canadian Proxy Providers

Proxy users interested in using Canadian IP addresses enjoy quality proxy support thanks to the availability of excellent proxy services with an abundance of Canadian IP addresses.

However, it would be best to be careful as you will find all sorts of proxy providers in the market, including the bad and the ugly.

There are several categories of proxy providers available to choose from; due to this, the list below has been divided into three categories – free, datacenter, and residential proxies.

Best Canada Datacenter Proxies 2024

Datacenter proxies are the cheapest types of proxies available in the market today. Although they are not as efficient as residential or mobile proxies, they are suitable for most general proxy use cases.

Therefore, if you want to cut costs, you should use them instead of residential proxies or mobile proxies if they can provide what you require proxies for.

Here are three of the most recommended datacenter proxy providers in the market offering the most affordable pricing.

  1. BeeProxy – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Proxy-Seller
  3. SSLPrivateProxy

1. BeeProxy


BeeProxy is a popular proxy provider with good location coverage. It has proxies in the US, the UK, Canada, and many other EU regions.

BeeProxy is a datacenter and residential proxy provider with servers in Canada and plenty of IP addresses.

They support popular places like Toronto, Ontario, and many other areas in the country.

BeeProxy is well-known for its cheap pricing and unlimited bandwidth.

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With as little as $2.00 per proxy per month, you can enjoy their proxies hosted on high-quality infrastructures.

BeeProxy also provides superior performance, high speed, and secure connection, making it one of the most trusted private proxies in the market.

Their users have access to both shared and private proxies; however, their private proxies provide better performance and reliability.

BeeProxy’s selling point is that they use green servers run on wind power, making them eco-friendly.

2. Proxy-Seller

Proxy Seller

Proxy-Seller is a quality datacenter proxy service provider with excellent location coverage in Canada. Their proxies are supported in the US, the UK, Canada, and other EU regions.

They offer unlimited bandwidth usage for one of the cheapest proxy pricing. With as little as $2.00 per proxy for a month, you can enjoy their services for most general proxy use cases. 

Proxy-Seller have an API you can use to retrieve IP addresses programmatically, one of their major selling points.

Users have the option of regular shared and private proxies, as well as proxies perfect for ticketing and copping sneakers.

Users also enjoy a refund policy that allows them to get back their funds within 24 hours if they are not pleased with Proxy-Seller’ services.

3. SSLPrivateProxy


SSLPrivateProxy is one of the biggest names in the world of proxies. They are known for their incredible focus on security and anonymity.

SSLPrivateProxy can achieve this high level of privacy because they use the latest firewall technology in the market, as claimed on their website.

They have a fair location coverage, with proxies in the US, the UK, Canada, the EU regions, and about 32 North American locations.

SSLPrivateProxy servers are eco-friendly, as they use green servers that run on wind power. SSLPrivateProxy is also known for its cheap proxies that are powerful and scalable.

Their plans start from as little as $1.75 per proxy for a month, making them pocket-friendly to use.

Canada Residential Proxy Network

Based on research, the best proxies with the most use cases are residential proxies. They provide the most secure connections when online and are also undetectable.

Residential proxies are great for most specialized proxy use cases, and due to their usability, they are pretty expensive.

Here are three trusted Canadian residential proxy providers you can use.

  1. Bright Data – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Smartproxy
  3. Shifter

1. Bright Data (Luminati)

Bright Data

Bright Data, formerly called Luminati Network, is arguably the best proxy service in the market today.

Most proxy experts highly recommend it for its high anonymity, excellent security, and top-notch use cases.

A central selling point of Bright Data is that they have a global location coverage, with their proxies supported in all countries in the world.

Bright Data is also the proxy provider with the largest proxy pool in the proxy market, with more than 72 residential IP addresses in their proxy pool.

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Out of this number of proxies in their proxy pool, about 480K are Canadian IPs. Bright Data’s proxies are obtained from the peer-to-peer network they are in partnership with, as they don’t own the devices that use their IP addresses.

However, they have the right to use these IP addresses because the owners of the devices signed up for it willingly.

Bright Data is one of the fastest and most reliable proxy services in the market, and its proxies are perfect for particular use cases like web scraping.

The downside of Bright Data as a proxy provider is that their plans are pretty expensive. The least plan you can buy from Bright Data goes for $500 monthly for a bandwidth of 40GB.

2. Smartproxy


Smartproxy is another top-rated proxy service offering high-quality Canadian residential proxies. It also performs many use cases like Bright Data, but it is a cheaper alternative to Bright Data.

Due to its pocket-friendly pricing, it is one of the most used premium proxy services by small marketers.

Smartproxy has excellent location coverage, supporting more than 195 locations across the globe. It also has a large proxy pool, with more than 40 million IP addresses for users to choose from.

There are more than 100k Canadian IP addresses in its large proxy pool, making Smartproxy a good Canadian proxy provider.

Their proxies are fast and perfect for SEO management, ads verification, web scraping, web testing, and automation, among others.

If you want to use Smartproxy, you can subscribe to their plans for as low as $75 monthly for 5GB.

3. Shifter


Smartproxy and Bright Data are top-quality proxy providers in terms of features and use cases; however, they both have shortcomings in terms of bandwidth.

Shifter Formerly, Microleaves is a premium proxy provider that makes up for the weaknesses these two proxy services above lack.

Shifter proxy users can enjoy unlimited bandwidth usage. Shifter proxies are best for streaming because of their unlimited bandwidth, but still, they are fantastic for other specialized use cases such as scraping and other IM activities.

Shifter proxies are priced based on ports, and the lowest plan starts at $249.99 monthly for ten ports. Also, Shifter uses rotating proxies with its ports having its IP address changed every 5 minutes.

It has a large proxy pool, with more than 31 million proxies present in its proxy pool; however, the number of Canadian proxies available is not stated. Shifter also has a broad location coverage, as they support over 130 countries, including Canada.

Free Canada Proxy Websites

Free proxies are proxies that you will always be warned to stay away from. This is because of the high risk and vulnerability you will be exposing yourself to when using them.

However, despite the backlash against free proxies, there are still good free proxies in the market that can be used for some general proxy use cases.

These free proxies are also helpful within the spamming community, even though you can’t predict their performance.

If you want to use free proxies for surfing the internet, here are three free Canada proxy websites to choose from.

  1. FreeProxyList – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Proxynova

1. FreeProxyList


FreeProxyList is one of the websites to access free Canadian proxies. It is a website with a concise list of Canadian proxies you can use to access the internet, although they have a shortlist of proxies.

Free proxies are easy to use and don’t need any form of authentication because the proxies are open to everyone. To use these proxies, all that is required is for you to copy and paste the IP address, as well as the port, and it works.

Free proxies are primarily slow because of the high traffic encountered as they are open to all. This also affects their performance for most use cases used.

When using free proxies, it is best to choose the free proxies on the list with the highest anonymity to keep your actual IP address hidden when online.

2. Proxynova

Proxynova Canadian Proxy

Another website to get free proxies is Proxynova. This free proxy provider has a database of long lists of free proxies, unlike FreeProxyList.

One thing you may like about Proxynova is that you get to learn about the uptime and region for each proxy you choose.

They also have an indicator that shows users the proxy speed of the selected proxy and the last time it was checked.

Proxynova is unique because it provides users access to proxy switcher software. With this proxy switcher software, users can easily set up their proxies on their computers.

3. is one of the most popular free proxies in the market. It has good location coverage, which includes Canada. has a large proxy pool, and its IP address list is predominately made up of data center IP addresses.

Their IPs give users information about the cities or regions the IPs are from. Users can also access other information about the uptime, proxy type, speed, latency, and the last time checked.

However, because they are free proxies, you’ll have to deal with their slow pace and unpredictability.


The proxies above are recommended for the best experience with Canadian IP addresses in the residential, datacenter, and free proxies.

Several other proxy service providers in the market also provide top-quality services and an excellent Canadian IP address pool. However, when choosing proxy services, ensure you look out for their use cases, security, and anonymity.

Each category of Canada proxies listed above has its benefits. The best proxies to use are the residential proxies because they are undetectable; however, they are primarily on the high side in terms of pricing.

Therefore, you can choose to use datacenter proxies to cut costs when using proxies for use cases that datacenter proxies can provide.

It is essential to avoid using free Canada proxies as much as possible because they can be unreliable and unpredictable.

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