Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Name?

Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Name & Email?

Published on: December 27, 2022
Last Updated: December 27, 2022

Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Name & Email?

Published on: December 27, 2022
Last Updated: December 27, 2022

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Can OnlyFans creators see your name and email?

There are limited online content-sharing platforms that enable the creators to make money.

OnlyFans is based in the capital city of the United Kingdom, London. Timothy Stokely is the founder of this website that is so hyped up these days. 

OnlyFans is one of those few names that allows its users to earn money. It came into being in 2016 and since then it has been in the online news for some reason for the other.

It is a website-based platform and does not have an online application. Celebrities like Bella Thorne and Cardi B have used this website to earn money in the past.

Many TikTok users also put up their exclusive content behind a paywall on their OnlyFans page to generate more income. 

In 2020 this platform gained a huge amount of attention. The world was hit by a global pandemic and it somehow managed to bring out a lot of creativity amongst people.

Sitting at home with nothing to do during lockdowns, a lot of content was generated and people started using OnlyFans to try and earn online.

As the population on this website increased, l started to show concern over the privacy of their content. 

If you are one of the many fans on this website then you might wonder at times that can OnlyFans creators see your name?

You may also generally wonder about the kind of information that is available for the content creator to see when you start to follow them. 

Do creators get a notification when you start to follow them?

You will learn the answers to these questions and a lot more in this article. 

  • Can creators on OnlyFans see who subscribes to them or follows them?
  • What is the information that an OnlyFans user is able to view? 
  • Can creators on OnlyFans see your name?
  • Is the platform anonymous for content creators?

Can OnlyFans Creators See Your Name?


The answer to this question is a plain yes. Content creators are able to see whoever subscribes to them.

Similarly, OnlyFans creators will also get a notification when you start to follow them. It will be in the form of a pop-up notification.

They can exclusively just view your username in the notification.

If you have not changed your username since you signed up then they will only be able to see the numbered username that is automatically generated by OnlyFans at the time of registration. 

The pop-up notification will also be visible in the list of notifications within the icon that looks like a bell. The notification has an “X” icon which can be used to close it.

It will be still visible for viewing later in the notifications list.

The content creators can view your profile and whatever you put up on it after you start following them.

Can OnlyFans see your name? 

If you have not subscribed to a creator and you do not follow them then they cannot view your profile until and unless they find a direct link to your profile. 

What Is The Type Of Information That OnlyFans Content Creators Can See?

OnlyFans creators

The creators on this platform can only check out your username, profile picture, display name and bio.

These are the basic features of most user profiles. This information is only visible to them once you start following that particular content creator.

Your credit card details cannot be viewed by anyone. It is not visible to any content creator even if you follow them.

Section 7b of the privacy policy listed on OnlyFans, clearly states that content creators cannot view any follower’s credit card details. 

The gist of the matter is that only the information that you put up within your profile can be seen by the creators on this platform. 

Therefore, it is important that you only keep that information within your profile which you are comfortable sharing with others. 

Your profile is basically public, so it is important to understand that any information such as your Amazon Wishlist or your location that is listed within your profile can be seen by anyone who views your profile. 

You need to check and evaluate your profile and determine if you must remove any private details that you wish to keep away from prying eyes. 

Does OnlyFans Show Your Name?

Creators On OnlyFans

The content creators will only be able to see your display name and username on the profile.

If you have put up a fake name within your profile, they simply have no way to figure out what your actual name or identity is if they only focus on your credit card details. 

When you first register on the website, it will assign to you a username consisting of random numbers like “u5490717”.

Until and unless you do not change your display name or username to your original name, the content creators cannot find out your actual name. 

In the case of payments, every time a payment is made through an independent merchant, your credit card details will be required.

This information is restored separately, with payment providers that use stringent security methods. 

This information will only rest with the payment providers, OnlyFans will have no access to these details according to the privacy policy’s section 7b. 

Is The Platform Anonymous For Content Creators?

This platform is anonymous for content creators because of its privacy regulations. In general, you can only find someone’s OnlyFans profile if you have a direct link for it.

The website offers no search function. You cannot perform a random search for a user because there is no tab for it. This gives a blanket of privacy to all users.

If you have a direct link to the profile of the person you want to search then you can open it and view the profile, otherwise it is a dead end. 

Creators generally use other social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to promote their OnlyFans profile. This can be done to generate more followers on OnlyFans.

Since it is a platform that people mostly use to generate money against exclusive content, they can use other platforms for their marketing activities.

An increasing number of followers means that a greater number of these people can become paying customers. 

If a content creator wishes to keep their presence on the platform anonymous then they will have to avoid mentioning it on their other public social media accounts.

However, they can create a fake social media account and promote their OnlyFans profile through the fake one. 

How Can You Join OnlyFans?

There are 3 ways to join OnlyFans. You can go to the website and create a brand new profile.

Alternatively, you can also use your Google or Twitter account to join this platform. Once you have joined OnlyFans then you will land on the Home Page.

From there you can go to the account settings option and change your username and other details. 

You can also change your subscription price through your profile. Anyone who has genuine talent can easily generate a decent amount of income through this website.

It is important to read through all security and privacy details so that nothing comes as a surprise to you. 

After creating the profile, you have to focus on content creation so that you can earn money through OnlyFans.

Creating the profile is easy, making content that keeps your audience hooked is the difficult part. So it is very important to focus on how you put yourself out there.

You can also earn through another option on this website called PPV (pay per view). This enables you share content in the form of messages but your fans will need to ma


If you are a celebrity who wishes to keep their identity private or if you are about to pay for content on OnlyFans for the first time then you might face many questions in your mind.

It is important to remember that you should still go through the privacy policy of any website where you are about to post private content.

It is always better to completely research and read up on these matters before you go ahead post your exclusive content on OnlyFans. 

The content creators can only view your public profile information and nothing beyond that.

Your credit card information is only privy to the payment provider and nobody else. 

So, the answer to your question, can OnlyFans creators see your name is, no, they cannot.

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