Can Instagram Be E-Commerce’s Biggest Asset In 2023

Published on: August 9, 2023
Last Updated: August 9, 2023

Can Instagram Be E-Commerce’s Biggest Asset In 2023

Published on: August 9, 2023
Last Updated: August 9, 2023

While people have been shopping online using various platforms for the last decade or so, it’s no secret that the pandemic really forced consumers and businesses alike to transform the way goods and services are exchanged to meet the needs of the modern world.

At the same time, as many jobs were lost and working hours were significantly impacted, more and more people began considering the potential of creating their own online stores.

This has led to additional growth within the sector, with home businesses selling products ranging anywhere between downloadable digital content to handcrafted items, and even reselling used goods.

How Successful Are Online Businesses?

While over a million people make purchases online every day, statistics suggest that only 10% of online businesses actually see success.

Instagram Marketing

This may be an unattractive thought if you are considering entering the online environment, but it’s worthwhile to know that the biggest pitfall typically relates to the speed in which e-commerce stores make sales in significant volumes and the drive and commitment to make them work. 

This means that with the right level of dedication and an understanding that many online businesses don’t see life-changing success in the first few months, you will be better equipped to stick by your efforts and achieve your goals in the future.

In 2023, Instagram is one of the most attractive portals for marketing – and the great news is that there is no skill or experience required to make your products or services gain traction.

Free online editing tools such as CapCut templates can help you to create stunning imagery that will capture the attention of one of the widest audiences in the world and potentially turn likes and views into click-throughs that really convert.

Why Choose Instagram For Your Marketing Efforts? 

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms to work with content creators to facilitate shopping, via a host of Instagram Shopping features.

In 2018, stickers were introduced where users could simply tap for product details, in 2019 a host of tools were added to allow in-app purchases, and in 2020 full-screen storefronts took center stage.

Instagram hasn’t slowed its efforts and has continued to ensure that sellers and consumers have the ability to find each other, by introducing specialist buttons and product tagging just last year.

This means that businesses of all shapes and sizes will have equal opportunities and that products and services will have the ability to speak for themselves.

The social media giant recently released figures to suggest that around 130 million users engage with its shopping posts and proprietary checkout every month, so it’s not difficult to see that there is certainly potential for the right individuals to make sales.

As it is so easy to create a profile and share pictures and short videos that can showcase your products and services, it really will take little more than decent imagery, utilizing the right shopping tags and tools, and engaging with users to help boost your business in the right way.

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The Benefits Of Using Free Online Editing Tools For Your Instagram Store

It can be a great idea to have an online photo editor in your arsenal, as this will give you the opportunity to create appealing graphic designs that will effectively market your products and services, and improve the impact of the imagery on your social streams.

You’ll be able to resize images, remove background noise, generate new backgrounds, perform color matching, and much more – with a huge array of templates, filters and effects, and even text elements.

Edited photos can help to build a strong brand identity, increase your engagement and boost ROI (which will be significantly lower than when marketing via this platform), all by using stunning, professional-looking imagery that will stop those scrolling their feeds in their tracks.

Is Using Instagram Still Viable In 2023? 

With all of the above information in mind, the answer is undoubtedly yes, but your success will heavily rely upon your commitment.

One of the first things to do will be to create high-quality, shareable content that will properly convey exactly what you intend it to.

Regardless of the niche you are in or the products or services you want to sell, Instagram has not only a huge consumer base, but also specialist features that can help you as a business to reach the audiences you really want to target.

Users will be able to interact with your brand, posts, and pages no matter where they are in the world.

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Written by Allison Langstone

Allison produces content for a business SAAS but also contributes to EarthWeb frequently, using her knowledge of both business and technology to bring a unique angle to the site.