BuySellShoutouts Review — Does it Work for Instagram Growth in 2021?

BuySellShoutouts Review — Does it Work in 2024?

Published on: April 11, 2023
Last Updated: April 11, 2023

BuySellShoutouts Review — Does it Work in 2024?

Published on: April 11, 2023
Last Updated: April 11, 2023


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Instagram remains one of the big three social media networks, just trailing behind Facebook and YouTube in the total of monthly active users.

Instagram has over 1 billion and it boasts high levels of engagement, making it an ideal platform for business marketing, influencer opportunities, creative endeavors, and more. 

Because there are so many Instagram users looking to boost their follower count and likes on Instagram, it can be tough to gain the necessary attention for a stronger presence on the platform.

Many third party services out there claim they can help you get more Instagram followers and likes. 

BuySellShoutouts Review 2024

BuySellShoutouts is one of those services, and they claim to be able to help any business, brand, influencer, or Instagram user gain the necessary followers and engagements to monetize their account and enhance their Instagram presence. 

BuySellShoutouts use buzzwords like organic growth, seen by thousands of people, and great deals.

While these are all attractive, does BuySellShoutouts actually help your Instagram account? 

In this BuySellShoutouts review, we’re going to discuss how the service works, how to get started, pricing and features, as well as our recommendation on whether or not they’re safe and legit to use for Instagram growth. Let’s go! 

Why Do You Need More Instagram Followers and Likes? 

It’s probably a no-brainer that you need more Instagram followers and likes to have a successful platform, but do you know all of the benefits to having a lot of followers on Instagram? 

When you have a high number of Instagram followers, your content will get seen by more users on a regular basis.

The Instagram algorithm recognizes when your followers like your content, and when your engagement increases, they’ll see your content in their news feed regularly. 

Therefore, we can see that both followers and likes are important if you want a healthy Instagram account.

Not only that, when you get more followers and likes on Instagram, your social proof is increased and it increases your brand’s or business’s legitimacy. 

These numbers help you to have a more trustworthy and credible presence on Instagram, helping to consistently increase your popularity and even boost your conversion rates and customer loyalty. 

Your content will get more reach when it has more engagement, thus having the possibility of reaching the Explore page and gaining even more visibility for your content from users that don’t already follow you. 

These are the hopes that BuySellShoutouts use to generate interest in their services, but can they actually deliver followers and likes for Instagram that will help your account performance? 

What is BuySellShoutouts? 

BuySellShoutouts is an Instagram growth service that claims to provide organic Instagram followers and likes very quickly and effectively.

The whole idea of their services is that you buy a shoutout from “leading influencer marketers” and that helps to boost your popularity. 

They say organic growth because they claim that you get real and authentic followers, not bots and fakes like many services provide.

Are their claims valid? Can BuySellShoutouts really provide you with authentic Instagram followers, likes, and comments? 

The offerings of BuySellShoutouts are as follows: 

  • Targeted Instagram shoutout advertising: Influencers will give you a shoutout in a post to boost traffic 
  • Find Instagram influencer accounts: They will feature popular influencer accounts that you can choose from for best results in your niche 
  • Add Instagram shoutout information: You’ll fill out an order form, submit an image and caption you want to be posted, and that will begin the process. 

They have a wide range of shoutouts, including posts with captions, videos with captions, IGTV, or IG stories. 

You don’t have to buy a shoutout to grow your Instagram account, however, and that’s where we question the authenticity of BuySellShoutouts’s services.

You can simply buy packages of Instagram followers, likes, and DMs, as well as Instagram special services which include Instagram comments, video views, and more. 

Getting Started with BuySellShoutouts

It’s pretty straightforward to get services from BuySellShoutouts. Visit their website, select the package that you want, and follow the prompts to provide the necessary information. 

If you’re buying a shoutout, you should select from the niche of your choice and choose the promotion that you want.

Ultimately, the options to choose from are very limited and it seems that there are really no viable options for a legitimate shoutout, but more on that later. 

BuySellShoutouts Review: Features + Pricing 

Here we’ll go over some of the service offerings briefly so that you know what to expect. 

BuySellShoutouts Instagram Followers

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Buy Shoutouts 

This is one of the main services as you can tell by the name of BuySellShoutouts. You will be able to find different accounts in different niches to give you a shoutout, but the accounts are extremely limited. 

For example, if you click on the Music niche, there are literally zero accounts that will give you a shoutout.

All three of the options are just overly priced Instagram follower services and nothing remotely related to a shoutout. That’s not a good sign at all. 

If you do find a real account to shout you out, the accounts have around 40k followers or higher, at least the ones we checked, and you should include information about the photo and caption you want posted. The pricing varies, but these are not permanent posts. 

Most shoutouts only last 24 hours; you have options to decide if you only want it up for a few hours, for 24 hours, or a permanent post, which is subject to approval and may be denied.

The sellers of these shoutouts are typically listed as, although the Instagram account in each one is unique. 

We verified some of these accounts on Instagram and they do have a lot of followers, but none of the accounts are verified Instagram accounts and there is no mention of shoutouts explicitly on the accounts. 

There are also rules for your content so you need to verify that in advance.

The FAQ claims that you will receive the shoutout within 24 to 96 hours of purchase, but it doesn’t say anything about viewing it or whether or not you actually get to see it. 

Buy Instagram Accounts 

Another service offering from BuySellShoutouts is to buy fully-loaded Instagram accounts that already have followers. This is a very sketchy service and you shouldn’t partake in this. 

Not only does this violate Instagram terms of use, you’ll also likely lose any real followers because the niche is completely disconnected from what they originally followed.

At the time of writing this article, the cheapest account for sale had 55.9k followers and was going for $615.

Upon reviewing the followers on this account, almost all of them could be identified as fakes or bots.

Not a good investment, and not safe! 

Buy Instagram Followers and Likes 

You can also buy Instagram followers and likes; you’ll see they offer “Instagram followers” and then “real Instagram followers.”

Any company who offers this doesn’t offer you real Instagram followers; they just want to offer a seemingly better package and charge more money because people think it’s “real.” 

Prices for “real” Instagram followers go from 1000 followers ($12.99) up to 100k followers ($999.99). 

Packages offer a refill guarantee, which means these followers are likely to fall off of your account since they are not real.

Don’t buy packages from BuySellShoutout because they won’t help your account. These are fakes, and the same goes for likes.  

Buy Press Distribution 

You can also buy new promotional press releases from BuySellShoutouts to help gain visibility for your business and also gain high-authority backlinks for your website so you can be found in search results. 

The prices range from $87-$297 and it lists a lot of news sites, but doesn’t mention if it will be posted on all of these sites or really how it works.

If you want to go down this route, it’s best to contact them directly because there is a surprising lack of information on their website. 

BuySellShoutouts Partner Program 

If your Instagram has more than 50k followers, you can be a part of the shoutout program with BuySellShoutouts.

You will gain a commission for each shoutout and you can monetize your account with them. They pay you via paypal and claim no hidden fees. 

Do We Recommend BuySellShoutouts for Instagram Growth? 

While the idea of influencer shoutouts is an attractive one, we DO NOT RECOMMEND BuySellShoutouts for Instagram growth

They have hardly any influencers to choose from for your shoutouts and they aren’t clear about what the criteria is and how they confirm that your shoutout was actually created and displayed for the purchased amount of time. 

Not only that, it’s deleted within 24 hours, and most people won’t even see it within that time frame.

Finally, all of the influencers seemed to have a lot of bot followers or low engagement for the number of followers. 

It doesn’t seem to be a legitimate service and it’s much better to work directly with an influencer instead of using a spammy-looking service with tons more ads than actual influencer “partners.” 

Here are two other reasons why we DO NOT recommend BuySellShoutouts. 

Questionable Services

Their services claim to be based around shoutouts, but they also sell Instagram follower packages as well as pre-loaded Instagram accounts?

The service overall isn’t very well managed and the website doesn’t give off a lot of confidence. 

It seems like BuySellShoutouts will do anything to make money, especially considering the Instagram accounts they had for sale were filled with bot or fake followers.

Imagine spending hundreds of dollars and getting a bunch of fake followers, or a profile that’s already loaded with thousands of them? 


Very Weak Trustpilot 

BuySellShoutouts has only one review from 2020, and although that review is positive, if the service was legitimately working wouldn’t there be more? 

Not only that, the Trustpilot profile has never been claimed and no company information has been verified.

This is not a good sign and raises a lot of questions about why there aren’t more reviews and why BuySellShoutouts hasn’t claimed the page if they are legitimate. 

Review Final Verdict 

All in all, BuySellShoutouts isn’t a reputable source for Instagram follower growth.

You can’t be certain they’ll provide you with the services, there are many question marks left by all of the different services they offer, and most of their packages for Instagram followers and likes are fake. 

You’ll likely get something, but based on what we have seen, they all appear to be fakes and bots, which will not help your account at all.

And since the shoutouts aren’t even displayed for more than 24 hours in most cases, you’re not likely to gain traction from this promotion. 

All in all, it’s better to work with an organic Instagram growth service that engages directly with Instagram users or work with influencers yourself to get shoutouts.

Don’t go through a third party like BuySellShoutouts because they’re not legitimate and have poor-quality offerings. 

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