Buy OnlyFans Accounts with Balance

7+ Best Sites to Buy OnlyFans Accounts with Balance in 2024

Published on: May 14, 2024
Last Updated: May 14, 2024

7+ Best Sites to Buy OnlyFans Accounts with Balance in 2024

Published on: May 14, 2024
Last Updated: May 14, 2024

In a hurry?
The best site to buy OnlyFans accounts with balance in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is UseViral!

Why do people buy aged OnlyFans accounts with a pre-existing balance instead of signing up for free?

OnlyFans has many issues with credit card payments.

So, it’s more logical to spend money from an account with pre-existing credit.

You also don’t have to go through the trouble of setting up a new profile. 

Plus, you may get the fans from the account you bought to show interest in your content. 

And so, we have the list of the best sites for buying OnlyFans accounts. 

Best Sites to Buy OnlyFans Account with Balance

The following sites appear to be the few services online where you can buy an OnlyFans account with a balance:

  1. UseViral – 🏆 Winner!
  2. SidesMedia
  3. Player Up
  4. Fiverr
  5. Epic NPC Marketplace
  7. Upwork
  8. Nulled

1. UseViral

UseViral Buy Onlyfans Accounts

UseViral provides sites for all kinds of niche and popular social platforms.

They had the option to buy OnlyFans subscribers before it had any true general public recognition.  

👉 Buy OnlyFans Accounts

UseViral has the password to accounts of OnlyFans users who sold theirs to the platform. 

This means profiles with $100, $300, and $500 balances. You can get those accounts at $99, $289, and $459, respectively. 

So, not only do you get an account with credit, but you pay less than what you would with your personal account. 

In the entire delivery process, UseViral won’t need any other personal information beyond your email ID. Use your debit card to pay via a secure gateway. 

The customer support team can help you if you want OnlyFans accounts with specific content

If the account you get isn’t up to your standard, you have a 30-day refill and money-back guarantee.

Swap out the account or demand UseViral to return your money within the time frame. 

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Home

The fast-growing user base of OnlyFans means you have the perfect opportunity to showcase your content creation game.

On the journey, SidesMedia can be your complete promotional tool. 

👉 Buy OnlyFans Accounts

SidesMedia offers OnlyFans accounts with a balance, likes, and subscribers. Practically every success metric is available on the platform. 

For a single account with a $100 credit, you have to pay $99. The other accounts have balances of $300 and $500.

When you buy an account with a bigger credit amount, you have to pay less with your debit card. 

The standard 30-day refill and money-back scheme is applicable.

So, if there is a chance you cannot log in to the account you bought within the 30-days of purchase, you can replace it with a new account with the same balance number. 

If the OnlyFans account is unsatisfactory in any way, contact the 24-hour active support team of SidesMedia to demand a refund. 

3. Player Up

Player Up Buy OnlyFans Accounts with Balance

Player Up is a marketplace where users sell high-quality OnlyFans accounts. It is a trading site, so you can sell your account too. 

Some may sell accounts with 0 credit but a massive content catalog. Others have accounts with $200, $250, $400, etc., in the balance. 

The price for each account depends on the amount set by the sellers.

There might be OnlyFans accounts with $500 credit sold for $1000 on the platform or for $90. 

Player Up monitors the sellers constantly to ensure none of them are fake. Sellers who do not keep their promises are immediately suspended. 

So, do not fear being duped even if you buy from a seller with a suspiciously low selling price.

Though, you can ascertain the validity of the account supplier by checking the badge level they have on Player Up. 

If they are Gold verified or Pro, they are experienced sellers who have done business for years on Player Up. Makes them easier to trust. 

4. Fiverr

Fiverr Buy OnlyFans Accounts with Balance

When it comes to unusual service purchases, Fiverr will always be an excellent place to look to buy OnlyFans accounts. The website has policies favoring sellers and buyers equally. 

It is a matter of searching “OnlyFans accounts with balance or credit.”

You will find thousands of OnlyFans account up for grabs with a price tag. Some sellers may sell at a higher price point than others. 

Generally, they will decide on the amount based on the quality. You can contact the seller if you want to negotiate the amount. 

You can also post a job on Fiverr about how you need OnlyFan’s account. Sellers will bid an amount to you in return for the credentials to their account. 

You can ask them to verify the validity of the account they own by sending a screenshot. 

5. Epic NPC Marketplace

Epic NPC Marketplace Buy OnlyFans Accounts with Balance

Epic NPC is a mix between a marketplace and a forum. Sellers or buyers post on the forum. Suppose you want an OnlyFans account with a $200 balance.

Post it and wait for someone to reply to you about their account. Or you could wait for a seller to post about an OnlyFans account they want to sell on the forum. 

Once you finalize the details and confirm you want the purchase to go through, you have to use the Trade Guardian on Epic NPC. 

Enter the username of the seller on Trade Guardian. Then, choose a transaction system. 

You can use:

  • Escrow
  • Personal Middleman 
  • TG Free

If you use Escrow, you have to send the seller the payment first, and then the seller will deliver the item to you.

Once you confirm that you have received the item, the purchase is closed. 

If the seller does not send the item, you can dispute the purchase to get a refund. 

On Personal Middleman, the seller has to upload the item or the account to the platform first.

The buyer cannot view the item yet. You have to pay for the account, and then Middleman will release the details to you. 

Both the seller and buyer are protected on Epic NPC this way. However, you will have to create an account on the platform to use the services. 

The TG Free is a system where you get instructions from Epic NPC on how to finish the purchase.

There is no extra protection like the ones you get with Personal Middleman and Escrow. The buyers and sellers have to trust each other. 


Next on our list is, it has demands sellers have to meet before they are admitted as such. The sellers on need to have Premium or Contributor rank.

This system ensures that when customers buy from a seller, the person is trustworthy. These ranks are only achieved when sellers pay for them. 

Overall, it is a forum marketplace. Sellers list an item they have, or buyers list an item they want. Parties contact each other when their interest match. 

So, sign up on the forum and ask for an OnlyFans account with a $400 balance. You will find people clamoring to get their products sold. 

You have to decide how you will exchange the account. Most people complete their purchases through Telegram. 

This is the kind of forum where the end purchase depends on your ability to trust the seller. However, since vetoes fake sellers from the start, the chances of being the victim of a scam are low. 

Regardless, you can contact team to suspend the account of the seller if they fail to live up to their promises. 

7. Upwork


Upwork has had all kinds of virtual services, including the ability to buy OnlyFans accounts since remote jobs were a thing. 

People create accounts on different social media platforms, post from those accounts, raise their follower base, and then offer it to their employer. 

Rather than selling ready-made accounts, Upwork works a bit differently. 

The sellers are service providers, while the buyers are employers. You have to commission an employee to do the job for you first. 

Once you Escrow them an amount based on your agreement, they will begin the job of creating the perfect OnlyFans account. 

If you want a high-quality account with $600 credits or so, that is what the service worker will create. 

In return, they may charge you $700 for the job. Ideally, the deal will cost you way less.

It depends on the exact service your employee will provide, in addition to filling the account with the required balance. 

They may post content on OnlyFans and reply to your subscribers on your behalf if you hire them as your social media manager. 

Upwork is a place where you will have to negotiate the entire process but can get the most customized offers. 

8. Nulled

Nulled Buy OnlyFans Accounts with Balance

Lastly, on our list, we have Nulled, which is a trading platform. It operates like most forum marketplace websites. 

A seller creates a post where they list the items they have. If a buyer expresses interest, they discuss how they will exchange the item through monetary compensation. 

The exchange amount can be money, NFT, or cryptocurrency. 

You will find many posts selling OnlyFans accounts with a balance. You can simply browse through the marketplace, and you will find the type of your account you are looking for. 

You can also do a keyword search to see if a seller has any. 

Only sellers with premium badges and more can list their items on the platform. As they have to pay for the badge, this eliminates the chances of scammers trying to dupe you. 

You can make the deal on the website or through a discord channel. However, if you use discord, you will not have the protection Nulled would offer its customers. 

If the account the seller sends you does not turn out to be the level expected, you can lodge a complaint against the seller on Nulled. 

You may not get your money back, but the seller will be suspended. 


Can I Buy an OnlyFans Account?

To buy an OnlyFans account, you have to visit one of the social media service websites or a virtual marketplace. 

Plenty of sellers grow their account on OnlyFans, fill it up with credit and content and then sell it to someone who needs it. 

There is no legal holdup on buying an OnlyFans account, either. However, you may face some issues if you want to verify your account later. 

Can You Use OnlyFans Anonymously?

does not relate to your actual name. Additionally, you can avoid having a profile picture of your face. 

If you are creating content, you can do faceless ones if you want your face out of the picture. 

However, if you are a fan who is subscribing to a creator, you will have to add your bank account and email ID to make the payment.

The creator would not see your personal details, though.

Of course, OnlyFans would have your information stored. 

This is part of the reason it is smart to buy an OnlyFans account with a balance from someone else. 

How Do You Use OnlyFans?

You can use OnlyFans as a fan or creator. As a fan, you subscribe to creators who provide the content you like. 

Some creators upload content for free.

Others have paywalls for photos, videos, writings, etc. It is not much different from a Patreon account in this regard. 

Creators set different amounts for their content. 

As a creator on the platform, you join and upload stuff for free.

OnlyFans does take a commission out of your earnings as they are letting you showcase your talent on the platform. 

You can upload any kind of content you want.

OnlyFans is one of the few platforms with low censorship.

Most creative choices get a pass unless they are made with the intention to hurt a protected race, gender, or ethnicity. 

Is it Necessary to Pay Tax Bills on OnlyFans?

Is it necessary to pay tax bills on OnlyFans?

Yes. OnlyFans’ earnings, including tips, are taxed in the same way as any other job.

It is referred to as self-income: money earned from working but not paid.

How Frequently do OnlyFans Employees get Paid?

Cashing out can be done manually (creators make a decision of how much they would want to take out at a given time) or automatically (on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis).

Final Thoughts

OnlyFans is a platform offering lots of freedom to its users.

The creators especially get to show what they have to offer without dealing with censorship. 

The only issue is that creating an OnlyFans profile takes a lot of time.

The platform wants lots of information to decide how they will promote you to new subscribers.

So, it is better to buy the account from someone who has dealt with the messy part. 

Not to mention paying on the platform is difficult sometimes.

So, when you buy OnlyFans account with balance, you do away with the most tricky part. 

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