Best Sites to Buy Facebook Accounts

7 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Accounts CHEAP (PVA, Bulk, Aged)

Published on: February 19, 2024
Last Updated: February 19, 2024

7 Best Sites to Buy Facebook Accounts CHEAP (PVA, Bulk, Aged)

Published on: February 19, 2024
Last Updated: February 19, 2024

In a hurry?
The best site to buy Facebook accounts cheap in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is UseViral!

Facebook, with it’s monthly active users surpassing 2.93 billion, offers an ideal marketing platform.

The ad revenue by Facebook globally reached 114 billion USD in 2020 which accounts for a major part of the global social media ad revenue.

With such a spectacular platform, you can drive business growth effectively and to great heights.

In this post, we have listed the 7 most popular sites that aid in buying Facebook accounts.

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Accounts Cheap in 2024

  1. UseViral – 🏆 Winner!
  2. SidesMedia
  3. Get Accs
  4. Buy Social Pack
  6. Woorke
  7. Accfarm

1. UseViral

UseViral Buy Facebook Account

Marketing your brand on Facebook is best done with a service like Useviral.

Their Facebook promotion service provides efficient service that ensures diversified growth of your business.

The service is one of the largest social media marketplaces promising top-quality services and unrivaled results for clients.

It uses the most advanced tech for its promotion services, including buying PVA accounts.

You get to save time by using the promotion service that offers Facebook accounts for sale.

The advantage of this company is it ensures your Facebook business page meets the requirements of the algorithm.

Effective content promotion and increased audience growth are promised by this company.

The working method involves organic growth on social media through its proven strategy. You need to choose from the list of packages present.

The next step is entering your profile info and choosing a post when you place the order. On completion of the payment, you can get started immediately.

Key Features

  • Helps in better customer engagement allowing you to focus on content creation to ensure improved traffic and higher conversions.
  • Offers a safe and secure service that ensures your business reputation is secured and enhanced.
  • Provides ongoing customer support enabling prompt response to queries and effective resolution of issues.
  • Customizes the service as per the needs of the client to ensure better audience engagement.
  • To buy FB accounts the price starts from $2.99.
  • Promises real and organic followers and engagement on FB
  • Affordable cost
  • Varied promotional packages
  • Good customer support
  • Customized packages
  • Fairly new service
  • Limited payment options

2. SidesMedia

SidesMedia Buy Facebook Account

SidesMedia is a dedicated service focusing on business growth via social media. It assures businesses an increased engagement rate on their social media accounts.

As one of the best sites to buy social media accounts, the service guarantees lasting and successful results.

The company offers fast delivery and superior quality engagement. A completely safe service with good customer support is assured by the company.

For businesses aiming to boost their brand and widen their customer base, the company provides real FB accounts and other social media services.

Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many more popular networks are supported by the company.

The service uses a proprietary growth engine that ensures affordable likes, views, and followers at an affordable cost.

Increased retention and engagement are achievable with the services provided.

To use the service, you need to select from the various packages it offers. The next step is entering all the necessary profile info when you place the order.

After the completion of payment, the service is activated.

Key Features

  • 10x growth, retention, and engagement are assured.
  • Only organic methods are used for the FB accounts
  • Real accounts are provided and the success depends on the content and profile optimization by the customer
  • No secure login credentials are required for using the service.
  • FB accounts for sale start from $2.99.
  • Affordable packages
  • Organic accounts
  • Ease of use
  • No free trial 

3. Get Accs

Get Accs Buy Facebook Account

Get Accs boasts to be the best marketplace for social media accounts.

Besides buying and selling various social media accounts, the service also provides many other marketing services. It prides itself on providing top-quality service at a fast delivery.

The company offers PVA (phone verified accounts) for users in search of Facebook accounts for sale. An expert team provides fully guaranteed real accounts with 24/7 support.

The accounts can be customized to developer needs and as per social media marketing requirements. To get started with the service here are the steps to follow:

  1. Visit the official site and go to the Buy Facebook Accounts page.
  2. Choose from the various packages available
  3. Complete the payment.

On completing the above steps, you will receive the accounts using which you can enhance your business growth. The service assures meeting bulk orders and urgent requirements.

As per the company, using FB accounts helps to save money on marketing efforts like flyers billboards, etc. The service ensures you get an increased number of potential clients.

A rapid boost in sales and revenue is assured by the company with its secure business promotion methods.

Key Features

  • Provides purchase of FB accounts within $100.
  • A refund policy is available if a client is not satisfied or unwilling to use the accounts.
  • Quick delivery is assured and the time taken is from 7 to 10 days in case of purchase of more than one account.
  • Provides 24/7 customer support via live chat, email, and phone.
  • Good customer support
  • The refund policy is present
  • Expensive packages
  • Not much variety present in the services offered

4. Buy Social Pack

Buy Social Pack Buy Facebook Account

Providing social media ad services for over 3 years, this service is an SEO and social media marketing provider.

Using the bulk FB accounts offered by Buy Social Pack, promotional efforts on the social media network will be easier. It offers a diverse range of accounts to choose from.

You can get different country bases and email accounts.

The service offers a hassle-free business promotion solution. It allows marketing your product or brand in different FB groups.

The working method of this service is simple. Upon completing the payment, the service provides your accounts promptly.

Key Features

  • All accounts are made from fresh IP addresses
  • The accounts are fully verified ensuring extended duration.
  • Choose from different account types like old FB accounts, Facebook pages, FB accounts with friends, etc.
  • The service creates accounts based on the country and messages which avoids unnecessary email affirmation requests or other caution messages.
  • Price ranges from $10 to $1500.
  • Services include FB business manager, FB Ads, FB old, and FB accounts with friends.
  • Real accounts with good profile pictures.
  • 100% replacement guarantee.
  • Diverse packages
  • The refund policy is present
  • No live chat feature
  • Not transparent about the working process


FBACCS Buy Facebook Account

For businesses looking to make a head start on their ad campaign on Facebook, the FBACCS service offers an effective solution.

As one of the best sites to buy aged Facebook accounts, the service offers a safe and convenient process.

The company assures real profiles with pictures based on age and gender. The profile pictures are unique ensuring solid accounts trusted by FB and hence there is no risk of a ban.

Prices are competitive and start from $15 for a single FB account aged 10 to 11 years. The user-friendly product helps bolster the business’s reputation and gives it a big boost.

Safe and top-quality Facebook accounts are available at affordable prices here. The service offers customized solutions ensuring clients get their desired accounts package at the best price.

Getting started with the service is a breeze. You need to register and using the login info, browse for a suitable package, complete the payment, and the product will be activated.

Key Features

Real Facebook accounts for sale are confirmed by email preventing the risk of criminal or fake accounts.

  • Reliable and affordable accounts are available at affordable prices.
  • All accounts are confirmed using gender, profile picture, and date of birth.
  • Provides easy customization options
  • Diverse range of accounts
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Simple to use
  • Customization options present
  • Packages are expensive

6. Woorke

Woorke Buy Facebook Account

Woorke offers more than 190 services and boasts more than 15,500 clients.

The service assures 99.99% customer satisfaction. You can buy Facebook PVA accounts starting from $3.

The service offers Facebook accounts for sale from almost all countries including the UK, US, Germany, and more.

Besides Facebook accounts, the company also provides services on other social media networks. Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, SoundCloud, Twitch, and more are included in its service list.

If needed, the service customizes the accounts based on client preferences like the profile image, name, presence of previous posts, and more.

Using the service is a simple process. You need to choose the package you need and click on the Order Now option.

Now choose the account needed and complete the payment. You will receive dashboard access to which the accounts will be delivered.

A 24-hour replacement policy is available for free if you find the account is not working. But there is no refund for properly set up accounts.

A 10% discount is present for the first order and bulk orders discounts are provided. 

Key Features

  • Real-looking FB profile created manually
  • Accounts with email and avatar
  • Accounts with different IPs.
  • Categories provided include reinstated and exclusive PVA accounts
  • The accounts are fresh, active, valuable, and safeFeatures
  • Buy Facebook PVA accounts
  • Affordable price
  • A diverse range of services
  • No free trial

7. Accfarm

Accfarm Buy Facebook Account

AccFarm provides quality social media accounts for sale for various platforms like Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and more. It offers a diverse range of services that meet corporate and individual needs.

The social media marketing accounts offered by the company ensure the best marketing for any business or brand.

Having served clients for more than 8 years, the company helps them to find accounts that will help in marketing their products.

As per the service, it can create the best account that allows businesses to gain an edge over their competitors. Best brand exposure and extensive publicity are assured by the service.

It eliminates the time and effort needed to establish effective accounts. Its well-chosen accounts come with a huge number of followers.

Responsive customer service is present that ensures all customer queries and complaints are addressed.

To buy Facebook accounts from the site, you need to visit the site and choose the Buy Facebook Accounts page and select the package you want.

Complete the payment with one of the methods available.

Key Features

  • A 24/7 customer support to ensure a better experience and effective service.
  • Delivers instantly providing the required info for using the service immediately after payment is completed.
  • All transactions made via the site are fully secured avoiding hacks and frauds that are normally found when buying online.
  • Prices start from as low as $1.49.
  • Buy Facebook accounts in bulk
  • Customer support is via email and online chat.
  • Budget-friendly pricing packages
  • No refund policy


Why Do People Buy Old Facebook Accounts?

Businesses or individuals buy aged Facebook accounts as they help save the time and effort needed to establish trust in their product or service.

The saved time and effort help them to focus on a better product pitch.

There are many more reasons people use this method, like:

• To access exclusive offers that are available only for certain account types.
• To enhance social influence.
• To boost audience base at a faster rate when compared to organic growth.
• To increase the page rank of a business online.
• To increase credible user engagements.

Besides the above reasons, there are two key reasons. For personal use, FB accounts help to avoid unwanted messages or friend requests.

In the case of businesses, the accounts will help interact with customers even in their absence.

Further, companies purchase the accounts to make them feature high up in the searches ensuring better visibility and exposure.

What Are the Different Types of Accounts on Facebook?

Two main types of accounts are available on Facebook namely regular and phone verified accounts.

The regular accounts have unique IPs and are made of superior quality. A complete profile with a picture of the account holder will be present.

Such accounts have confidential passwords, login details, and DOP. You can buy such accounts from sellers by choosing from the various packages they provide.

A phone verified account (PVA) is used mainly for social media marketing and for developer projects. These accounts are secure and provide better privacy.

They are safe from hacking as they are fully verified. You can buy such accounts with multiple friends, which can boost your business further.

Is It Legal to Buy Accounts?

Facebook does not allow its users to maintain multiple personal accounts.

For a product, organization, or business, a personal account can be used for creating a business page.

If you are having multiple accounts, FB recommends using another name for the account.

So, you need to use only a professional and reputed site for buying or selling Facebook accounts. 

With reliable sites, you will get special safeguarding features that ensure effective results.

How to Choose the Best Accounts for Sale?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of buying accounts?

There are both benefits and drawbacks to using this method. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.


With this method, you can gain followers immediately after starting a new account on Facebook. This will help in enhancing business visibility.

You can create a better impact when you use the method as it helps you reach a wider audience in a short time.

You can save time and effort spent on increasing followers and focus on developing the business further.


The accounts you purchased may not be your target audience. So, you may end up with a shortage of relevant audiences.

When compared to business-to-customer companies, the method is not as effective in the B-to-B segment.

What Are the Factors to Look for When Choosing a Social Media Service for Buying Accounts?

Some of the important factors to look for when you want to purchase accounts are:

• Fast delivery of the order is important to ensure you get the full benefits of the service
• The customer support should be exemplary. Support should be available after the order delivery and should include guidance regarding product usage.
• The service should be affordable. Further, discount offers should be present for large orders.
• A refund policy is crucial for ensuring clients get their money’s worth from the service.
• Check the validity of the account as some accounts can expire if the validity period is reached. To avoid the account from being banned, you need to check the expiry date.


Having a large number of accounts boosts your marketing and branding efforts. Businesses with an active and receptive community can ensure faster growth.

Buying FB accounts is an effective way to achieve quicker visibility and brand development.

Our list of the best sites to buy Facebook accounts cheap provides a thriving marketplace for buying or selling Facebook accounts.

When you choose an appropriate site, you can ensure active users and potential clients.

A reputed service that offers active accounts with safe transaction methods will ensure you get the best value.

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