Best Places to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously (no KYC/without ID verification)

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously (no KYC & without ID verification)

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously (no KYC & without ID verification)

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024

In a hurry?
The best place to buy Bitcoin anonymously, as found in our independent research and testing, is Pionex.

It’s always been relatively easy to buy Bitcoin with verification, as that is what a majority of crypto exchanges require.

With these new regulations, crypto exchanges have added new security methods that have made it more difficult to purchase cryptocurrency for some individuals due to multi-layer verification requirements.

Keep reading through this article to get detailed information on the best places to buy Bitcoin anonymously, without KYC or ID verification.

Best Places to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

  1. Pionex – 🏆 Winner!
  2. ECOS
  3. Binance
  4. LocalCryptos
  5. BitQuick
  6. LocalBitcoins

1. Pionex


An excellent source for investors in the cryptocurrency market, Pionex offers quite a few valuable features than a trading platform.

Aside from not needing ID verification to get started on the platform, they also provide trading bots to help you manage and grow your portfolio.

They have a seamless website that feels smooth to navigate, and their trading platform offers the most accurate prices.

I should mention that although ID and KYC verification aren’t required, the website is still preparing a multi-level security system to better align with ongoing regulations around the world.

With Pionex, you can quickly and easily purchase Bitcoin with minimal hassle, and you don’t need to shell out all of your identification info.

Their website offers updated market information, a trading platform, and trading bots that you can use all in one place.

Websites like Pionex will always hold relevance, as some exchanges have seemingly endless steps to verify your identity.

One of the primary issues with this is that the crypto market is a fast-paced environment, and many traders don’t have the luxury of missing an opportunity because of an issue with identity verification.

From another perspective, many people in the world simply don’t have the identity information required and are hindered from investment opportunities because of it.

It can’t be ignored that there are many security risks in the crypto market, but KYC and ID verification can end up being a roadblock that some traders may never get around.

Not to mention that ID verification generally takes time to process, which only delays investment opportunities.

Pionex understands all of the hindrances in the crypto market and does a solid job of providing access to the crypto market with the least amount of hassle.



If you’re looking to invest in the crypto market with a minimal commitment, ECOS has all the tools you’ll need.

The company provides tools and products that you can use to generate cryptocurrency. One of the most common methods to do this would be through mining.

ECOS is specifically an infrastructural DeFi platform that focuses on offering cloud mining services and tools.

Through these features, ECOS can provide the lowest commission fees from trading.

They’re a forward-thinking company that understands the complications major exchanges and world governments are imposing on investors.

You can quickly start trading with the company through cloud mining, and these come with a starting cost of $125 that goes towards your first cloud mining contract. 

For every contract after that, the company asks for a fee of $149 per contract.

Among the services and value their website hosts, ECOS has developed four main products for crypto traders to use. 

Crypto mining has many benefits, and those who don’t have the time to watch the crypto market every hour enjoy being able to accrue BTC without having to actively make trading calls on a regular basis.

Cloud mining may be relatively incremental, but it’s a waiting game that takes minimal time and financial commitment.

It also helps mitigate loss as you aren’t susceptible to the volatility of buying and selling calls. 

Even if the market is going through a slump, you’ll continue to generate Bitcoin, and your only financial investment will be from the cloud mining contract fee.

Once you’ve committed to your first contract, you can monitor your earnings and also calculate future profits with the provided calculator on the website.

Not only does ECOS make it easy to get into crypto mining, but you can quickly gain access to BTC without having to hand over all of your personal info.

3. Binance


One of the more well-known companies on this list, Binance provides a stellar crypto exchange, market information, and an accessible way to purchase Bitcoin anonymously.

You can accomplish this by using a bank account or online wallet with Binance P2P and working directly with the seller to buy your Bitcoin.

You can deposit on the platform for free, but they impose a 3.5% (or $10) for regular trades.

I should also note that with P2P transactions, the makers can expect to take on a very low-cost transaction fee.

The P2P system is the only way you can bypass verification to purchase Bitcoin on Binance.

However, it’s still a good look that they’re trying to stay available to all investors amidst changing laws and regulations.

They also have a very fluid website and mobile application that makes the process all the more efficient. 

One of the most significant benefits of Binance is that you can pay with cash, and this is the best way to stay anonymous.

The company understands that not everyone is okay with providing such sensitive personal information, and cryptocurrency should be accessible by all regardless of that fact.

Aside from its active presence in the crypto market, the company stays on top of regulations on a global scale to ensure they stay at the top of their game.

Binance has been around for quite some time and has stood firm against some of the most scrutinizing moments in cryptocurrency history.

Whether you decide to verify your identity on the platform or not, you can rest easy knowing you and your investments are in good hands. 

4. LocalCryptos


If you want to avoid KYC verification, you’ll want to spend your time and money on peer-to-peer platforms.

LocalCryptos is a great place to buy Bitcoin without having to provide identification. Their entire platform is centered around trading with other people instead of big exchanges.

Moreover, the platform offers over forty different ways to pay, and they won’t shower you with ridiculous hidden fees.

You’ll have control over your wallet at all times, and LocalCryptos won’t have access to your wallet either.

The company takes security to heart, and they ensure that all transactions are encrypted, and you can choose to pay with third-party applications for an added layer of data protection.

Considering you’ll be trading with other investors, there’s plenty of sensitive information that gets thrown around in personal messages.

LocalCryptos makes sure that every message is encrypted, and your conversations will stay private to you and the seller only.

Their platform is also backed by a blockchain-powered escrow service which means that neither LocalCryptos nor hackers can withdraw from your account.

Investors will appreciate the company’s worldwide reach, allowing traders from all walks of life to take part.

To start, you’ll want to make an account and set up your online wallet. LocalCryptos works with all major Ethereum wallets, which would include wallets such as MetaMask and Ledger.

Once you’ve created your LocalCryptos account, you can take a look at all of the different buy and sell requests, and you’re able to filter the results by currency, payment method, price, location, and much more.

After you find an ad that has all the qualities you’re looking for, you can request to open a trade that will open a communication line between the buyer and seller.

Then you decide on the final trade, and you receive your Bitcoin with little to no hassle. 

If you happen to end up in a dispute with another trader, LocalCryptos offers 24/7 customer support to help mitigate these issues.

It’s rare that you may ever need their help, as customer support has only had to intervene in less than 1% of the trades on their platform since launch.

5. BitQuick


Another excellent option to buy crypto, BitQuick, offers a pure fiat approach to purchasing BTC.

What I like about the platform most is how simple they’ve made the entire process.

They don’t provide additional services or products unrelated to Bitcoin; it was solely created to buy Bitcoin without verification or KYC.

Due to this, many investors have fallen in love with the platform, and BitQuick continues to keep it up and running among pending regulations.

You can quickly get started on the platform, and the company maintains an order book from other traders, allowing you to skim through which offer looks the best to you.

Once you’ve found an offer that you like, you’ll need to be prepared to visit a local branch of the seller’s bank and fill out a deposit slip.

From here, you’ll want to upload the deposit receipt to the link provided in your email.

Then, BitQuick will process your order once the funds have been verified, and this process can take up to three business days. 

With over 100,000 customers served safely, you can rest assured knowing that BitQuick is here to stay.

One misconception about regulation in the crypto industry is that it’s unavoidable.

This simply isn’t true, considering the decentralized nature of the entire market. Sure, some laws and regulations will definitely have an effect on most prominent companies and crypto exchanges.

However, companies like BitQuick excellent fly under the radar by providing a back door route to buy Bitcoin without KYC verification.

If you’re still a little skeptical about their services, you can easily find healthy reviews from their community, and they offer customer support which is more than prepared to ease any concerns.

Even though the steps it takes to process a transaction are minimal, they can still be somewhat time-consuming. 

Nevertheless, once your funds have been verified for the trade, BitQuick is rather prompt about sending you your cryptocurrency.

The company claims a processing time of up to three days, but their average is a little over one hour.

Regardless of the pros and cons, BitQuick is a solid choice if you want to purchase Bitcoin anonymously.

6. LocalBitcoins


Another website similar to BitQuick, you can buy Bitcoin without identity verification requirements.

You can easily view the order book they have available that shows you all of the open orders from those looking to sell Bitcoin.

You won’t run into any issues handling payment as they accept literally hundreds of different payment methods, and a majority of them are third-party applications that give you an extra layer of financial security.

The company tries to make its services efficient, so you can browse, buy, and sell cryptocurrency via its website or its handy mobile app.

LocalBitcoins holds a seller’s cryptocurrency in escrow for added safety between transactions, so the seller can’t run away with your money after your funds are accepted.

It’s crucial to understand that these transactions take a bit of time to process, and you won’t see the Bitcoin in your account immediately after your funds are accepted.

The website claims it generally takes from ten minutes up to an hour for your cryptocurrency to arrive in your wallet.

As usual with cryptocurrency transactions, all of the information you enter for the trade must be 100% accurate, especially your receiving address.

If only one digit or letter is out of place, you could end up on the losing side of the transaction. 

LocalBitcoins offers multiple ways to verify the identity of buyers and sellers if they wish to, but it’s not a requirement to use their platform.

With all of the different rules that vary between each crypto website or exchange, it can be challenging to follow exactly what you’re supposed to do. 

Thankfully, LocalBitcoins has an extensive FAQ section on their website that answers a ton of the most pertinent questions that crypto investors have.

Whether LocalBitcoins is your go-to choice or a backup alternative, they’re still an excellent company to handle your crypto trades, and you can buy Bitcoin without making yourself too vulnerable.

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously

  1. Use a cryptocurrency exchange that allows for anonymous transactions.
  2. Use a VPN or Tor to mask your IP address and protect your identity.
  3. Use a prepaid debit card or gift card to make the purchase, instead of using a bank account or credit card.
  4. Avoid providing any personal information or identification when creating your account on the exchange or making the transaction.
  5. Use a hardware wallet, such as a Trezor or Ledger, to store your bitcoin safely and securely.


How Are My Money and Assets Protected without ID Verification?

Although verifying your and other traders’ IDs can lead to a safer trading platform, it still poses many roadblocks that investors don’t want to deal with.

The platforms like the ones listed above allow you to buy Bitcoins anonymously while protecting the buyer and seller through their own security means.

This entails security measures such as encryption, escrow services, and acting as a mitigator for disputes via email.

Regardless of what happens, these companies always have eyes on the platform and are prompt to tackle any fraudulent behavior.

Will Crypto Laws and Regulations Make P2P Trading Obsolete?

This is an understandable concern, but it’s also easier said than done.

First, it’s vital to understand that the regulations being imposed on the crypto market cover a broad spectrum of factors.

For the U.S., they’re implementing many ways for their citizen’s portfolios to be tracked and taxed.

Many Americans don’t like this, and they look to P2P platforms to exchange cryptocurrency without a middle man.

No matter what, the vast capabilities of blockchain technology will allow investors to purchase Bitcoin without having to fork over KYC or ID verification, regardless of laws and regulations.

What Benefits are There to Buying Crypto Anonymously?

When you buy Bitcoin, the benefit most people appreciate is the security of their personal and financial information.

It allows them to grab a piece of the crypto market without leaving a massive digital footprint behind.

When you handle trades in fiat or with third-party payment methods, it removes the transaction history that an exchange might have, and the funds you receive will generally be sent to a digital wallet that isn’t tied to an exchange. 

Unfortunately, many individuals and companies are looking to take advantage of the typical crypto investor, and some people have lost thousands, sometimes millions, to hacks across cryptocurrency exchanges.

Another reason would be to avoid hacks that have happened numerous times over the years within the crypto market.

There are more benefits to this route, but these would be most investors’ primary concerns.

Simply put, if you want to buy crypto anonymously, stay away from big exchanges or any exchange that requires an ID or KYC verification.

Not only is it a hassle, but you’ll also be greeted with ridiculous fees that no one wants to deal with.

In Summary

It’s pretty simple to buy Bitcoin no ID without verification; you just have to know where to look.

If you’re new to this path to buying crypto, a good rule of thumb is to avoid major exchanges and look through the websites listed in this article to jumpstart your journey.

Always remember that a vast majority of the popular trading sites you come across only allow you to buy Bitcoin with verification.

You specifically want to look for companies that let you purchase bitcoin without KYC verification and don’t require you to upload your ID.

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