Build My Plays Review (2021) – Can it Help Your SoundCloud Growth?

Build My Plays Review (2024)

Published on: April 16, 2023
Last Updated: April 16, 2023

Build My Plays Review (2024)

Published on: April 16, 2023
Last Updated: April 16, 2023


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Build My Plays Review 2024

If you’re looking for companies to help you grow your social media presence, you may have come across Build My Plays.

Although the name suggests that they mainly help you with networks like SoundCloud or Spotify, they’ve expanded their services to provide social media growth for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and others. 

Because there are so many companies out there that claim to provide social media services and offer nothing of value, it’s important to look closely at what results are promised before packages for social media growth. 

In this Build My Plays review, we’re going to examine the different elements of their services, what pricing they offer, as well as whether or not we recommend them for your social media growth needs. 

Let’s get started. 

Why You Need More SoundCloud Plays and Followers

As the name suggests, Build My Plays is focused around SoundCloud plays and followers as well as Spotify plays and other engagements. Why do you need to have more of these? 

If you’re looking to establish your presence in the music industry, you have to gain traction and support for your music and make sure people know that your music is worth listening to.

After all, if no one is listening to your music, how can you show that you have promise in the music industry? 

Consider this— if you check out a group on Spotify or SoundCloud and they only have a handful of plays or subscribers, are you going to be compelled to listen to their music? Probably not.

There are plenty of artists out there that have thousands and even millions of plays, and this social proof brings in more listeners and creates more fans. 

This is why people have been looking to boost their SoundCloud and Spotify plays.

The same is true for other social platforms as well— no matter if it’s Instagram followers, YouTube views, TikTok followers, or any other metric, you need these numbers to continually grow if you want a solid social media presence. 

What is Build My Plays? 

Build My Plays claims to help you fortify all of these different social media engagements. You can find packages for SoundCloud plays, followers, likes, reposts, and comments.

You can also buy packages for Spotify plays, followers, and monthly listeners. 

Build My Plays offers an About page, but they don’t really give any background information about their company; they simply list the services they provide and don’t tell you how they provide these services or when their company was created. 

Based on their Trustpilot, we can assume that their company began in 2017 as that is when the Trustpilot page was claimed. 

Build My Plays promises the following with each order: 

  • Retention guarantee
  • High quality 
  • Fast delivery 
  • Real and active 

Their website also notes that Build My Plays has over 100,000 customers, something that we found surprising considering how little known the company is and the lack of Trustpilot reviews to back up that number.

This seems like it’s simply a buzzword to help generate interest in the service with nothing to confirm it on their site or on the web. 

Getting Started with Build My Plays

As with many similar services, it’s very simple to get started with Build My Plays: 

  1. Visit the official Build My Plays website
  2. Choose the social media platform you want to buy packages for 
  3. Select the package 
  4. Go to check out and provide your profile information and make payment 
  5. Receive your order 

You will receive your order in a few days depending on how many you buy; for instance, if you buy SoundCloud plays in the amount of 5,000, they should be delivered within 1-2 days. 

Build My Plays Review: Pricing 

The pricing of Build My Plays packages varies depending on what type of social media engagement you buy and for which platform.

To give you a rough idea, we’ve listed the pricing for SoundCloud plays, Instagram followers, and YouTube views. 

SoundCloud Plays 

  • 5000 SoundCloud plays — $12 
  • 1000 SoundCloud plays — $19 
  • 20,000 SoundCloud plays — $29
  • 50,000 SoundCloud plays — $59 
  • 100,000 SoundCloud plays — $79 

Instagram Followers 

  • 500 Instagram followers — $17.99
  • 1,000 Instagram followers — $29.99 
  • 2,500 Instagram followers — $49.99 
  • 5,000 Instagram followers — $89.99 
  • 10,000 Instagram followers — $159.99 

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YouTube Views 

  • 1,000 HR YouTube views — $16.99 
  • 2,500 HR YouTube views — $37.99 
  • 5,000 HR YouTube views — $69.99 
  • 10,000 HR YouTube views — $119.99 
  • 25,000 HR YouTube views — $269.99 

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There are no free trials or free samples of Build My Plays services, so you will just have to buy them blindly without knowing what they really offer. 

Do We Recommend Build My Plays? 

While there are many packages that seem attractive from Build My Plays, we DO NOT recommend their services. 

First of all, they claim to “only use promotion techniques that are approved by Instagram, so your account will never be at risk of getting suspended.”

They never mention their methods or how they provide any of the packages, so this is simply a statement laced with buzzwords to sound attractive. 

Unfortunately, Build My Plays cannot guarantee that their services fall in line with any social media platform, SoundCloud and Spotify included, because all of these platforms don’t allow purchased followers and engagements that are simply sent to your account. 

There are two other reasons why we recommend that you avoid Build My Plays. 

No Free Trial and Retention

There is no mention of any free trial or any way for you to verify the quality of any of Build My Plays’ social media followers or engagements. For Instagram, they claim to provide you with “full profiles,post often and have followers their own.”

How? Again, no mention of the way in which they provide this.

There’s no way for them to provide this quality, and if they did, there would be more information on how they do it and why they’re different from other companies. It’s a lie! 

They say the exact same thing about SoundCloud plays, but just changed it a bit: “full profiles, post often, and have plays their own.” Um, okay?

This doesn’t even make sense. They are trying to seem like they offer something of value but just went through their website and copy-pasted buzzword phrases to seem authentic. 

They don’t offer a free trial, so you can’t check the quality beforehand. What’s more, they offer a retention guarantee. Why would a company offer this? 

It’s common for fake and bot followers and engagements to be removed from your account because social networks go through and clear them out.

If you bought 1000 Instagram followers and slowly lost them, it’s because they weren’t real to begin with. 

This is exactly what is happening with Build My Plays, and their “retention guarantee” just confirms the fact that they are fake and bot followers, plays, views, etc.   

Inauthentic Trustpilot Reviews 

Not only does Build My Plays claim to have over 100k followers, they also claim to have very good ratings on Trustpilot.

However, for those 100k clients, they only have 88 reviews, which is a very low number if they really have that many clients. 

Not only that, the reviews that they offer on Trustpilot seem to be fortified. The reviews are ultimately very generic and don’t provide more information about the service.

The only reviews that do offer actual substantial information about the services are the negative reviews. 

The negative reviews all concur that followers and plays drop off very quickly and that most of them seem to be provided by bots or fakes. The customers also said that they didn’t get any refills. 

Also, we’ve seen other sites discuss the bad Trustpilot reviews and then when we looked for those reviews, they were gone.

It seems that Build My Plays have deleted or gotten certain reviews removed and they also have brought in a bunch of fake reviews to help boost their reputation without being sincere. 


Final Build My Plays Review Verdict: Pros and Cons 

Overall, we definitely DO NOT recommend Build My Plays. While we wanted to love their services, there are just too many negatives to be able to promote the use of their packages.

There is no true support to their claims that they are real and active, and from the looks of it, what you purchase from them will drop off pretty quickly and you will lose your investment. 

Even if they do stay on your account, fakes and bots will do nothing for the long-term growth of your account and you will end up skewing your analytics and having super low engagement levels. 

  • Wide range of packages
  • Inauthentic Trustpilot reviews
  • Only money-back guarantee if the problem is on the company’s side, not if you’re dissatisfied; you’ll also have to pay a $5.00 fee for any refund.
  • Don’t effectively provide refills
  • Followers and engagements drop off quickly
  • No phone support
  • No free trial or samples
  • No live chat

Skip Build My Plays and look for another company that can offer you real and authentic growth for your social media accounts. 

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