Are Bots Taking Over in the Business World?

Last Updated: November 9, 2021
With more and more businesses using bots for several processes from managing social media tasks to messaging, what does that mean to your business?
Are Bots Taking Over in the Business World?
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Automating processes has been a staple ideal in the business world for many years.

However, bots have taken the whole concept of automation and made it intelligent, easier, more efficient, and virtually necessary.

With more and more businesses using bots for several processes from managing social media tasks to messaging, what does that mean to your business?

Using Bots for Business Messaging

Chatbots are those designed to work with messaging programs like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram messenger. Consumers love to chat when they have questions, complaints, or comments about a product.

Social media messaging is fast-becoming the primary way consumers contact businesses about their products and services.

Messaging is essentially replacing phone calls and emails for business contact, though these avenues are still used enough to stay in the game.

Not everyone is on board with chatting online. Some people still want to talk to a person or communicate via email even though chat is faster and just as efficient as talking on the phone.

While social channels have some forms of automation (In this case, I’m not talking about the hugely successful but now defunct Instagress for Instagram and TubeAssist for YouTube – these are different types of bots, designed to simulate engagement) in place for businesses to provide a generic initial response, that isn’t the same as chatting with a real person.

That’s where bots enter the picture. They are designed and programmed to chat as much like a human as possible.

Consider Cortana, Windows 10’s assistant. That’s a bot; more specifically, a chatbot. Whatever you ask “her” she can answer with reasonable accuracy.

Siri on iPhones and iPads are also assistants that use basically the same AI programming. Using bots for social media messaging with customers is a little different even though the tech is almost the same.

Benefits of Chatbots

Automatic and immediate responses – This allows you to give consumers the immediate attention they expect.

For instance, if there is a wait time before they can speak with a customer service rep, the bot will send that message, or other default messages when the information being requested requires a human response.

Answer FAQs (basic questions) – Messenger bots can provide the answers of questions like “Do you deliver to PO Boxes?”, “What is your return policy?”, “How do I open an account?”, and such.

This immediate response frees up your customer service team to answer more complex questions, concerns, or other issues a bot cannot-yet.

Automated Services – Some messenger (chat) bots can provide certain automated services such as scheduling an auto service, managing certain banking transactions, booking a ride on Lyft, or other such services.

Imagine what you could do with this technology and how it would be beneficial to your business.

These three benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to using business bots for messaging/chat.

Using chatbots for social media messaging streamlines certain processes engages your customers, personalizes the experience, and can respond like a human in some instances so your customers never know when they’re chatting with an automated response bot or a real person.

That’s just how efficient the right messaging bot can be for your business. Now that you know about this kind of business tool, you can do some research to find the one suited to your needs.

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