Best Bitcoin Mining Pools

11 Most Profitable Crypto & Bitcoin Mining Pools in 2024

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024

11 Most Profitable Crypto & Bitcoin Mining Pools in 2024

Published on: February 21, 2024
Last Updated: February 21, 2024


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In a hurry?
The best Bitcoin mining pool, as found in our independent testing, is ECOS!

If you’re looking to mine Bitcoin by yourself, you’re going to need quite a bit of hardware, not to mention processing power and electricity.

Although many crypto enthusiasts have happily taken this route, it isn’t the most efficient or cost-effective option for most people.

No matter if you’re just getting started or an expert on the subject, keep reading through this article to get a good look at the best Bitcoin mining pools that are available in 2024.

Best Bitcoin Mining Pools

  1. ECOS – 🏆 Winner!
  2. F2pool
  3. SlushPool
  4. ViaBTC
  5. Antpool
  6. Poolin
  8. Bitfury
  9. Genesis Mining
  10. Kano Pool
  11. Binance Pool



Offering one of the most profitable mining pools on this list, ECOS has created a cloud mining service that allows crypto enthusiasts to start mining without needing their own rig.

Moreover, the company has an agreement with a prominent electricity supplier in its region, enabling the company to keep costs down, offering higher returns for their customers.

They offer payouts on a daily basis, and you can earn passive income by renting out equipment in their data center.

You can stay updated through their Android and iOS mobile app, or you can login to your account through their web client with ease.

ECOS has made it relatively simple to start a new mining BTC mining contract, and you can set the BTC forecast, contract duration, and more with just a click of a button.

This company might be your go-to pick if you prefer simplicity and efficiency. If needed, the company also offers wallet functionality, in addition to portfolio management tools.

New users can start a new mining contract for a minimum of $125, and existing users can create new contracts for $149 each.

Regarding fees, the company only takes 1 TH/s per day, which is deducted from your BTC profits.

They also offer plenty of payment methods such as credit cards, in addition to BTC, XRP, LTC, and ETH.

2. F2pool


Established as one of the first mining pools to emerge, F2pool has been a long-standing leader in this regard and has since expanded on the cryptocurrencies that you’re able to mine.

They’re also known as one of the best options for earning free cryptocurrency passively while you mine.

Out of the others on this list, this company has the largest Bitcoin mining pool on this list, with a little over 18% of the total share of the Bitcoin mining hash rate. 

One of the features they boast is access to over 1 million mining machines spread out all over the globe.

They also offer multiple pools so that you can mine numerous cryptocurrencies all in one place.

You’ll also appreciate its compatibility with iOS and Android devices, as you can keep track of your mining progress on your mobile phone.

The Bitcoin pool hash rate is around 30.60 EH/s, and you can expect a 2.5% fee from F2pool as a commission for using their services.

Considering that this company is one of the earliest adopters of Bitcoin mining, many of their clients consider them to have the best pool on the market. 

It’s relatively easy to get started on their website; all you have to do is create an account, log in, create a wallet address, set your payout thresholds, configure your mining gear, and you’re good to go.

Lastly, you’ll want to remember that a minimum of 0.005 BTC is required to qualify for daily payouts.

3. SlushPool


With a more simplistic approach, this company lets you mine Bitcoin and Zcash.

They have a modest community of over 15,000 traders mining BTC and over 750 others that focus on mining Zcash.

All of the company’s mining servers are placed across the USA, Europe, Singapore, Canada, Russia, and Japan.

One of the best features of this company is their in-house software called Braiins OS+ that allows users to optimize their mining hash rates, in addition to helping lower power consumption for each investor.

You can decide when you want to get paid, and you can track all of your progress on a mobile device, so you never miss a second of detail.

Aside from reaping the benefits of cryptocurrency, the company also provides updated news on crypto mining. Because of this, their users are always in tune with the best practices. 

Getting started with SlushPool is easy too, as you simply choose which crypto you’re looking to mine, set up your hardware, create a SlushPool account, and choose your preferred mining set.

All you have to do next is link the correct pool address, and you can start mining with minimal effort.

Their BTC pool hash rate is 9.54 EH/s, and they provide one of the lowest payout thresholds you’ll find, sitting at 0.0001 BTC. 

4. ViaBTC


The websites listed in this article may come with a few similarities, but each one also comes with unique features that investors seem to love.

ViaBTC offers a mining pool that sits at over 11% of the total mining hash rate for BTC. Moreover, they have more than 16,000 workers that actively participate in the pool.

You’re also able to mine other popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and a handful of a few others.

The cost of each mining farm comes with varying requirements that can fluctuate over time, but their output stays consistent enough that traders aren’t really bothered by this fluctuation.

Some of their top features include; crypto loans, decentralized exchange, multi-currency wallet and mining pool, daily mining pool profits, and a BTC mining hash rate of 161.40 EH/s.

They also offer two different modes of payment, which are the PPS payment system and PPLNS, which come with 4% and 2% commission fees, respectively. 

It’s pretty easy to get started with their services, as you simply need to create an account, set up any necessary mining hardware, and purchase the miners you want.

Then choose the cryptocurrency you want to mine, and set up your mining pool address and configuration settings.

From here, it takes minimal management to reap the benefits of their pool.

ViaBTC has one of the top legit mining pools in the world, and they’re an excellent choice if you require a loan or hedging service.

5. Antpool


This company offers the second largest Bitcoin mining pool out of this entire list as they have over a 14% share of the total mining hash rate for Bitcoin.

Although BTC is their primary focus, you can also choose to mine other cryptocurrencies such as LTC, ETH, BCH, ZEC, DASH, and more.

Investors are a big fan of their monitoring and management tools on the platform, and their payout thresholds are some of the lowest you’ll find anywhere.

Antpool has made it enticing to get involved as you can choose between purchasing your own mining rig or simply go with hash rate alone.

The BTC pool hash rate sits at 24.04 EH/s, and you can choose between PPS+ and PPLNS as your preferred payment method, which comes with 4% and 0% fees, respectively. 

Once you’ve created an account on their website, you can then create a new wallet address for your payouts.

From here, you’ll want to select BTC (or your preferred cryptocurrency) and insert the mining wallet’s address.

After that, choose your mode of payment, set up your mining equipment with the instructions on their website, and you’re all set.

Each company on this list has its quirks, but Antpool aims to provide a fairly simple sign-up process with minimal site navigation required. 

6. Poolin


A mining pool that’s hailed for its transparency with traders and a vast network of over 2 million workers, Poolin is a go-to choice for those who prefer to mine multiple cryptocurrencies.

One of the primary features that set them apart from others on this list is they offer the most diverse list of payment modes available to miners.

Depending on your preference, you can choose between PPS, PPS+, Solo, PPLNS, and FPPS payment modes.

Another characteristic that miners appreciate is the company provides a transparent list of the profitability rank of each miner, in addition to the hash rate, price, power consumption, and many other details.

This allows miners to make better-informed decisions and helps them avoid potentially lackluster returns.

You’re able to monitor your account via mobile device or through their web client. Poolin also offers many different guides and tutorials that miners can use to their benefit.

Fees on the platform range from 2.5%-4% depending on the payment mode you choose, and the payment threshold sits at 0.005 across the board. 

Some other important information regarding their hash rates; you’ll find 21.01 EH/s for the pool hash rate and 161.44 EH/s for the Bitcoin hash rate specifically.

The company covers everything a crypto-miner might be looking for, but their diversity of payment modes is what makes them stay. 


Finding a pool that’s reliable and transparent can be challenging. offers a transparent approach to cryptocurrency mining, and the mining pool is run by Bitmain, which has its fair share of skin in the crypto market.

The platform shows all of the vital information you need to make a profitable decision, as each user’s power consumption, hash rates, fee ratio, 24-hour returns, and daily profit are all on display.

Regarding fees, the company only imposes one flat commission fee across the board, which is 1.5%.

They have a standard BTC hash rate of 161.44 EH/s, and the only payment mode available is Advanced FPPS.

Although they don’t offer multiple payment modes, still has a stellar Bitcoin pool with tons of earning potential.

They also offer multi-currency mining support, and the daily earnings on Bitcoin are $0.32 per Terra Hash.

Many investors also love the option of distributing profits across multiple addresses as it allows them to spread out their assets and increase earning potential.

Aside from the services they offer, also has one of the most fluid websites, as the user interface is very easy to navigate.

No matter how much experience you have with crypto mining, this company is a great place to start for novice and expert investors alike.

8. Bitfury


Bitfury is highly regarded as they also manage mining data centers for larger operations. Many of the websites on this list are geared towards individual investors.

In contrast, Bitfury is looking to offer their service to everyday investors, in addition to small and large corporations that want their piece of the pie.

BlockBox AC is the mining data center they offer, and you can monitor it in real-time through a web browser or mobile device with ease.

Bitfury will spend time providing customer support for those who buy their servers, and they also offer consultations to help you get your mining setup running properly.

You’ll need to place a minimum order to get started, which is 350 units, but considering the earning potential through their system, this is definitely worth it for those looking to operate on a larger scale.

Client’s are able to get their piece of the Bitcoin pie through institutional investment programs or through funding or private equity.

If that isn’t the best route for you, then you can purchase your own mining equipment and let Bitfury host its operation while you monitor its progress remotely.

The company provides a unique way to find a mining pool for your investment goals.

9. Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining

This website is an optimal starting point for crypto enthusiasts who don’t have any experience with mining crypto, nor are they interested in managing their own mining equipment.

Genesis Mining is a company that focuses on cloud mining, and this allows investors to mine Bitcoin, in addition to many different altcoins on the market.

All of their mining machines are hosted on the cloud, which removes a lot of the hands-on management needed with mining rig equipment.

Because of this system, Genesis Mining offers mining packages at pre-determined rates that vary between each cryptocurrency.

I can confidently say they have the most straightforward process out of any other company on this list, as all you have to do is sign up, choose your mining package, and you’re all set to get started.

The company boasts that cloud mining provides a 100% uptime guarantee, the most affordable electricity costs, and no hindrance from loud mining machines.

The daily mining output will go directly to your account, and the platform can support up to six mining algorithms that can mine over ten different cryptocurrencies.

Investors can watch their cryptocurrency generate in real-time, and the company offers comprehensive mining data and live charts directly to your account dashboard.

Even with the simplistic nature of their services, Genesis Mining still provides detailed guides and tutorials on how to mine cryptocurrency safely and efficiently.

10. Kano Pool

Kano Pool

Another website that offers access to a mining pool with minimal intervention required, Kano Pool is a go-to choice for those who prefer anonymity and minimal management.

You don’t even need to register to start mining, just visit their website and start mining using their simple interface.

One downside is that their platform doesn’t provide a lot of in-depth analytics or reports, and all of their customer support is managed through Discord only.

Aside from that, investors seem to enjoy the immediate payouts, and Kano Pool offers relatively standard payment modes such as Solo and PPLNS.

Thankfully, their commission fee is pretty small, only requiring 0.9% from what you mine.

If you prefer to have some kind of stats for your mining results, you can register an account on their website, which will give you access to some minor stats you can monitor.

There isn’t much depth to this company, yet they still have one of the most efficient crypto mining services out of any website on this list.

It’s an excellent choice for investors looking to test out mining crypto without having to provide a ton of personal information or ID verifications. 

11. Binance Pool

Binance Pool

Some crypto investors prefer to hold onto their investments for years, while others simply want to reinvest every bit of their earnings.

Binance Pool is an excellent option for those who lean more towards reinvesting, and users on the platform can sell their hash rates while increasing their profits by earning a 4%-30% interest by depositing the pool’s income.

Binance Pool is also well known for its algorithm that auto-switches between different mining algorithms, allowing investors to mine various cryptocurrencies easily.

With Binance Pool, you’ll receive daily payouts, lots of mining tutorials, random bonuses, one-click mining switch that doesn’t require URL, ID, or any other input.

Every investor will also be able to choose from multiple payment modes: FPPS, PPS+, and PPS.

Regarding fees, the company imposes a 2.5% fee on what you mine, and the BTC pool hash rate resides at 14.54 EH/s.

Considering what’s possible with Binance Pool through earnings on interest, there’s a decent incentive to reinvest your earning into the platform.

Although some of the features they provide are somewhat universal among others on this list, the benefits they offer from reinvesting, daily payouts, and VIP trading benefits they’re worth reviewing if you have made a decision yet. 

What Is A Bitcoin Mining Pool?

It’s the sharing of processing power and pooled resources from miners whose entire aim is to efficiently and safely mine cryptocurrency. You can do this through a few various methods.

Regardless, the rewards are split equally across all miners, but this can vary depending on how much each individual contributed to the operation. 

Why Should I Invest In Mining Cryptocurrency?

Mining cryptocurrency is a great way to diversify your crypto assets while passively earning on a daily basis with minimal management or effort on your part.

It isn’t the only way to find passive success in the cryptocurrency market, but it can be pretty lucrative and rewarding long term.

Mining cryptocurrency comes with varying equipment and investment requirements, but the websites listed in this article come with a range of suitable features for many different kinds of investors.

Will I Have to Provide ID Verification?

Not all mining services require ID verification, but it is common among the majority of them. Some may not require such verification, but it generally comes with a few limitations to mining on their platform.

If you want the whole experience without any roadblocks, it’s always best to verify your identity if they ask you to.

This will also serve as a layer of protection if you happen to run into any disputes with the company or other miners.

Is It Still Profitable to Mine BTC?

Most definitely, and even though many investors consider the market to be saturated, there’s still plenty of money to be made.

There are entire cryptocurrency mining farms scattered across the world that have been reaping the benefits for years.

This isn’t to say that individual miners are out of luck, and in some ways, quite the contrary.

With the help of the companies listed in this article, you can get your piece of mining cryptocurrency with minimal effort.

To Conclude

Whether you’re looking to start your mining journey or have years of experience and just want to expand your resources, you’ll be able to find the best mining pool for you in 2024.

Each website comes with its own features and characteristics, but all of them are highly regarded among their respective communities of cryptocurrency miners.

Overall, in conjunction with the information provided in this article, spend some time reviewing each website, and you’ll feel more confident about which one you’d like to handle your mining operations.

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