10 Best Bitcoin Casinos for All Crypto Coins 2022 (Trusted & Legit Reviews)

Last Updated: August 4, 2022
In this article, we are going to review the best Bitcoin casinos in the industry, so that you can make your trades safely and securely, without having to worry about what the website is doing with your information.
Best Crypto Casinos for Ethereum, Bitcoin, Dogecoin and More - full reviews
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In a hurry?
The best Bitcoin casino in 2022, as found in our independent testing, is Bitstarz!

If you are struggling to find the best Bitcoin casino in the industry for 2022, then don’t feel like you’re the only one.

There are so many to choose from out there that it can feel like you don’t even know where to start. That’s where we come in.

In this article, we are going to review the best Bitcoin casinos in the industry in 2022, so that you can play your games safely and securely, without having to worry about what the website is doing with your information.

Let’s check them out.

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2022

Here are the results of our research, where we recommend the top trusted Bitcoin casinos for crypto gambling:

  1. Bitstarz – 🏆 Winner!
  2. 7Bit Casino
  3. mBit Casino
  4. Red Dog Casino
  5. Super Slots Casino
  6. Slots Empire Casino
  7. Café Casino
  8. Ignition Casino
  9. Bovada Casino
  10. Slots.Iv

1. Bitstarz – #1 Bitcoin Casino

Bitstarz - Best Bitcoin Casino

The very best Bitcoin casino on our list for 2022 is a regulated crypto casino and offers its clients countless awards from the top Bitcoin gaming and gambling authorities.

When you sign up for Bitstarz, you have the chance to play more than 3000 Bitcoin games, including table games, slots, and live casino games.

They also offer a mobile experience for their clients as well which means that their site is scalable to any kind of screen.

👉 Sign Up for BitStarz FREE

They don’t actually have an app per se that you can download from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, but their website is mobile-optimized, which means that you can access it through your mobile, and it is going to look great.

If you use Bitcoin to access this trusted crypto casino, you are not going to be charged to do so, but there is a minimum limit per transaction.

2. 7Bit Casino

7Bit Casino - best crypto casino

7Bit Casino is another Bitcoin casino that gives you access to more than 5000 Bitcoin games and is specially designed for cryptocurrencies.

They offer their clients the opportunity to get 1.5 Bitcoin on their first deposit, 1.25 Bitcoin on their second deposit and third deposit, and one Bitcoin on their 4th deposit.

They also offer additional free spins, and they offer things like Wednesday free spins, daily cash back, and the best part is that if you use cryptocurrencies as a payment method it is free, and there is no maximum withdrawal limit.

3. mBit Casino

mBit Casino

The next Bitcoin casino on our list is secure and quick, and offers fast payouts to its clients, as well as a top-notch reward scheme.

It is a well-established online Bitcoin casino and accepts not only Bitcoin, but Ethereum, Dogecoin, and more.

It offers tournaments that occur every three hours, and through these tournaments, you can win real money, and you also have access to more than 60 free spins.

Their reward scheme means that you can access quick payouts, as well as a really great mobile game experience.

4. Red Dog Casino

Red Dog Casino

Red Dog Casino offers outstanding bonuses to its clients, as well as 24/7 customer support.

Its process is secure and safe, and you can gain unlimited deposits of Ethereum and Bitcoin, as well as a free withdraw with a maximum limit of $2500.

Their processing time for these withdrawals is going to be between one and three days, and as we mentioned, they offer customer support that is available around the clock, as well as cutting-edge security protocol, and fraud prevention systems.

5. Super Slots Casino

Super Slots Casino is another trusted Bitcoin casino that you can make the most of because they have a number of crazy promotions, as well as two live casino sections, and really good customer support.

They have plenty of live casino sections and through them, you are going to be able to make the most of the best quality games in the industry, as well as new releases.

With their customer support, you can access this around the clock, and they’re going to help you through any kind of issue.

You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies, and their deposit limits are set at $20, while they payout limits are $100 and $100,000.

One of the biggest advantages to using a crypto casino like this is that they have a quick payout time, which is just 48 hours.

6. Slots Empire Casino

Slots Empire Casino is a legit Bitcoin casino that gives SSL encryption, a 24/7 bonus, and a streamlined mobile experience.

They ensure that their clients benefit from secure payment methods, and you can deposit both Ethereum and Bitcoin with no maximum limit.

When it comes to payouts, this has a limit of $150, and a maximum of $2500.

If you prefer to gamble with cryptocurrency on your mobile phone, then these guys are a great choice because you can access them on iPhone, Android, or even iPad.

7. Café Casino

Café Casino is one of the top Bitcoin casinos in the industry because they have one of the quickest payout times.

They also allow their clients to gamble with both Fiat money and Bitcoin, and they help you select between a wide range of games, and when you play with these guys, you can gain some pretty amazing bonuses.

We think that their interface is super easy to use, the only downside to these guys is that they aren’t mobile-friendly. They have a minimum withdrawal that is set at $10, and their maximum is $2500.

8. Ignition Casino

The next best Bitcoin casino on our list is great for outstanding poker prize pools on a weekly basis, and you get a bonus if you use Bitcoin.

They don’t have any transaction fees, and if you love to play poker, this is going to be the gambling venue that you want to check out.

They have a poker prize pool that is $2 million a week, and the mobile section of their games is ever so slightly limited, but we think that the experience, in general, is great.

9. Bovada Casino

Bovada Casino is a premier online gaming hub that has been doing its thing for more than a decade at this point.

As a virtual casino, you can access some of the best software developers in the Bitcoin casino industry, and they also have a live dealer section, as well as really great customer support with a live chat feature.

They also offer huge promotion deals, and if you are going to bank with these guys, they offer zero fees, as well as an unlimited withdrawal option.

10. Slots.Iv

Slots.Iv is one of the best Bitcoin casinos if you love jackpot, because they have more than 50 jackpot slots.

This means that you can potentially gain the bonus of $7500 if you deposit Bitcoin, but just one thing to note about these guys is that they have a slower withdrawal time, which is set between three and 10 business days.

This is only applicable to transactions that aren’t associated with Bitcoin.

How to Use Bitcoin Casinos in 2022

Cryptocurrencies are pretty new to the financial market, but they have proven their value over time. There are some players that do have doubts, but others are making the most of the crypto fever.

If you’re brand new to the world of cryptocurrency, and you aren’t familiar with the world of Bitcoin casinos, then let us run you through it a little bit.

Why Should I Use Cryptocurrency to Gamble Online?

One of the biggest reasons why you might want to use cryptocurrencies while depositing or withdrawing money from online casinos is privacy.

The thing about Fiat currencies is that they require a lot of personal information while conducting transactions, and the money is always going to be traceable back to you.

However, with cryptocurrency, because it is based on blockchain technology, it is completely safe and is going to help you stay out of harm’s way when it comes to online scammers and trackers.

Online casinos can also offer specific cryptocurrency bonus offers, including Ethereum and Bitcoin, and any other available cryptocurrency at the casino.

This means that you automatically become eligible for special bonus promotions.

Another reason why cryptocurrencies are superior to Fiat currencies when it comes to gambling online is that they provide a quicker payout.

Typically, there are no fees attached to withdraws and deposits as well.

Are There Any Disadvantages to Using Cryptocurrencies Online for Gambling?

If you want to just use cryptocurrencies when you gamble online, then your choices are going to be a little bit limited because not as many gambling websites online support cryptocurrencies right now.

Another disadvantage of using cryptocurrencies online to gamble is that they have a high rate of volatility.

For example, Bitcoin’s value is constantly changing due to daily fluctuations, which means that is almost impossible to predict the value of the cryptocurrency by the end of the day.

Another thing to think about is that once your transaction is completed using a cryptocurrency, you cannot reverse this transaction, because once the money leaves your wallet the transaction cannot be traced back to you.

Are There Fees for Banking with Cryptocurrency Through Online Casinos?

Most of the time you aren’t going to have to pay a fee when you deposit and withdraw cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin at online crypto casinos.

However, there are specific casinos that are going to require a deposit fee for using their available payment services.

As a result, we recommend that players always check the payment fees and requirements before they make a deposit.

Does Gambling with Cryptocurrency Mean Higher Wagering Requirements?

Gambling with cryptocurrency doesn’t mean higher wagering requirements.

There have been unfortunately a few casinos in the industry that have tried to rip their players off by imposing unfairly high wagering requirements when it comes to cryptocurrency bets.

However, if you stick to trusted, legit Bitcoin casino sites like the ones that we have talked about on this list, this shouldn’t happen to you.

Can I Receive Bitcoin Bonuses?

Yes, you can definitely make the most of Bitcoin bonuses, and as you have read through with our best Bitcoin casino reviews above, there are plenty of casino sites that offer these.

All you need to do to be eligible for a Bitcoin bonus is to make the minimum required deposit at the online gambling venue of your choice.

What are Bitcoin Bonuses at Online Bitcoin Casino Venues?

A Bitcoin bonus is a specific kind of bonus that is granted by particular casino hubs. These are mostly triggered by a minimal Bitcoin deposit amount, and they give players a predetermined amount of Bitcoin.

There are some online casinos that let their players choose between a standard and a bonus crypto promotion.

However, just note that if you obtain Bitcoin through the bonus offers, these are most likely going to be subject to wagering requirements, which means that you will need to clear this through the casino requirements before you cash your winnings out.

How do I Find Bitcoin Bonuses at Online Bitcoin Casinos?

Just like other promotional bonuses, Bitcoin bonuses can be located in the promo section of a casino. Therefore, if the casino has a Bitcoin bonus, it is going to be labeled as a cryptocurrency bonus.

The majority of Bitcoin bonuses are going to grant you extra Bitcoins, but some are going to offer you free spins as well.

Are There Restrictions Around Using Cryptocurrencies?

There aren’t any specific restrictions when it comes to using crypto currencies on online gambling sites, but each gambling venue is going to set their own payment limits.

This means that each online casino has a minimum and a maximum when it comes to depositing and withdrawing, and if you choose to use cryptocurrency as a payment method, you will probably have unlimited withdrawal methods to make the most of.

How Can I Make Bitcoin Transactions?

The first step in the process of making a Bitcoin transaction is making sure that your chosen online casino accepts Bitcoin.

Once you have chosen Bitcoin as the preferred payment method, you need to open a Bitcoin wallet account.

From here, you will need to fund your account if you haven’t done so already. Lastly, you can use a Bitcoin wallet to deposit or withdraw funds.

Each online Bitcoin casino is going to have its own guidelines when it comes to deposit and withdrawal methods, which means that you shouldn’t have any issues making transactions with Bitcoin.

Can I Withdraw Bitcoin from Online Casinos?

Yes, you can easily withdraw Bitcoin at online casinos, because it is a common practice of casinos that support Bitcoin.

However, if the casino doesn’t support Bitcoin, then you will need to be able to choose another payout banking method.

What if I Don’t Have Cryptocurrency?

If you don’t own any cryptocurrency, you can still use Fiat currencies to purchase Bitcoin, or deposit using a preferred Fiat currency in method.

When it comes to banking methods, the majority of casinos are going to offer a number of deposit withdrawal options, including credit and debit cards, E-wallets, and prepaid cards.

Is it Illegal to Use Cryptocurrency When Gambling?

The good news is that using cryptocurrencies when gambling is completely legal, because the legal status of gambling doesn’t depend on whether you are using cryptocurrency or not.

Each country has its own guidelines around gambling, so you need to check these out before you register online for a Bitcoin casino site.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that there are myriad benefits when it comes to using cryptocurrencies on all your favorite online gambling sites. They can’t be tracked and are a lot more secure.

It’s worth switching to digital currencies, especially if you’ve been using fiat currencies for a while, and you want to try something different.

Of course, the million-dollar question is which is the best Bitcoin casino that you can trust to help you maximize your BTC funds, and have the best experience in terms of gambling?

We believe that all the best Bitcoin casino sites in 2022 that we’ve reviewed on this list today are great choices so just make sure that the casino you choose has great game options, proper licensing, and good bonuses.

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Thomas has over a decade of experience with blockchain and cryptography. He writes regularly for EarthWeb and holds a M.S. in Mathematics.
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