How Many Bing Searches Per Day

How Many Bing Searches Per Day Are There in 2024?

Published on: December 14, 2023
Last Updated: December 14, 2023

How Many Bing Searches Per Day Are There in 2024?

Published on: December 14, 2023
Last Updated: December 14, 2023

Billions of people worldwide take advantage of search engines on a daily basis.

With this, questions come up for numerous search engine users, such as: “How many Bing searches per day are there?”

The statistics below will answer this question and also show some interesting facts and numbers on Bing-related activities in 2024. 

Key Statistics

  • Bing is the second largest search engine in the world after Google.
  • Approximately 100 million people use Bing each day.
  • Bing processes nearly 900 million searches per day.
  • 35.44% of Bing’s traffic come from the United States
  • The word ‘Google’ is the most searched word on Bing.
  • ‘Facebook’ is the most searched term in the US.
  • More than 73% of Bing users prefer the mobile version.
  • 55% of Bing users use the search feature to find products.

1. Bing Is the Second-Largest Search Engine Worldwide

Bing 759

Despite Microsoft’s backing, Bing places only second in the search engine market while Google maintains its long time lead.

According to a study by BuiltIn, Bing takes roughly 3% of the overall search volumes worldwide and occupies 9% search volume from desktop users.


2. There Are Nearly 900 Billion Searches per Day on Bing

Despite being second among top search engines, Bing remains one of the most notable service providers in the market, garnering an estimated 900 million daily searches.

Some people prefer Bing as it offers greater reliability than any other search engines and offers intuitive results on searched queries.


3. Bing is Not That Old

Web search engines have been around since before the 21st century.

As per Britannica, Bing was released in July 2009, almost a year before Google came into place.

Microsoft’s idea of releasing the platform in 2009 has been influenced by setbacks with other search engines.

Before Bing was officially introduced, Microsoft Corporation produced Live Search, a search engine which performed well upon release in 2006 but later lagged behind Google and Yahoo.


4. Nearly 35.44% of Bing’s Search Volume in 2023 Comes from The U.S

According to Semrush’s data, Bing’s core audience comes from the U.S., one of the biggest consumers of internet-available information on the planet. 

Take a look at this data for better understanding:

  1. 35.44% of the search volume is in the United States with approximately 1.33 billion active users.
  2. 10.19% of the search volume is from India with about 383.27 million active users.
  3. 4.69% of the search volume resides in France with an estimated 176.48 million active users.

(Semrush, nikolaroza)

5. The Word ‘Google’ Is the Most Searched Term on Bing

Bing 800

It may shock you, but the most searched word on Bing is ‘Google’ which is its biggest competitor in the search engine market. 

‘Google’ generated over 40 million searches, followed by ‘YouTube’ with nearly 35 million volume searches, and ‘Facebook’ with 28 million searches.


6. More than 12 Million People Search ‘Facebook’ in The U.S.

The top searched platform on Bing in The United States is ‘Facebook,’ the largest social media platform by user count.

Facebook generated more than 12 million searches on Bing USA. 

The number below will give you clear information on the top 5 most searched terms on Bing in the United States.

  1. About 12.9 million users search for the word Facebook.
  2. More than 11.4 web users search for the word YouTube.
  3. Nearly 8 million people search the word Google on Bing.
  4. Approximately 6 million people opened their Gmail account.
  5. An estimated 5.57 million users take on the Bing homepage quiz.


7. 73% of US Bing Users Prefer Phones than Desktop

When using the Bing search engine most people prefer using their phones than using their laptops for convenience.

As per Semrush, 73% of the search volume that occurs on the website comes from mobile phones while only 27% of the search volume comes from desktop users.

Such data shows how mobile phones revolutionized the accessibility of the internet.


8. 55% of Bing Users Use the Search Engine to Look for Products!

According to Nikolaroza, more than 55% of their search items go with ‘Where to buy (insert product)?’ or ‘How much is a (product)?’ when Bing users pop up their search engines.


9. 57% of Bing Users Have Kids of Their Own

According to a study from Startup Bonsai, 57% of users already have kids while 53% are married to their partner. 

Another interesting data point shows that about 34% of the Bing users have graduated from college and acquired their degrees.

(Startup Bonsai)

10. Bing Has Over 105 Language Functions

Bing 801

Bing provides 105 languages where they can switch to that language to help them navigate the site.

Users can click ‘internet options’, look for a wide-array of languages under the ‘general’ settings tab, and then select the one they want. 

So regardless if one speaks English or not, Bing offers ways to help users with their questions.



Even though Google dominates the search engine rankings, a lot of users still prefer Bing for their searches.

Today, it serves as more than just a simple search engine, it shows up as a good alternative for Google with valuable results and insights. 


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