Three Best Online Security Boosts for Internet Safety in 2024

Published on: June 30, 2023
Last Updated: June 30, 2023

Three Best Online Security Boosts for Internet Safety in 2024

Published on: June 30, 2023
Last Updated: June 30, 2023

Considering that our world is becoming more and more digital, it’s no surprise that people should consider methods for staying safe in it.

No, it’s not like a potential threat is lurking behind every corner, but unfortunately, it’s lurking around every other corner.

Given that we now complete the majority of our day-to-day tasks online, we highly recommend that you invest in staying safe online while completing them. 

These online tasks include online shopping, online research, working online, talking to friends and family online, and entertaining ourselves online.

We’ll take online entertainment, i.e., online gambling and betting websites, as an example for our analysis.

You can learn more here about how these websites are organized, what they can offer, and how both online betting and online gambling industries are regulated.

So, when you dive deep into online gambling or online betting, you will come across numerous websites to choose from, where your goal should be to register only for reputable ones.

You may be wondering why – simply because not all online platforms – gambling, shopping, chatting, etc., aren’t completely safe and can contain malicious “baits” that lead to phishing attacks, data abuse, and data theft. 

The purpose of our text will be to present you with some easily-implementable online security boosts you can invest in or set up so that you can be on the safe side in the internet world.

Caring for your online security is of major importance, so you might as well enhance it now.       

List of the Three Top Easily-implementable Online Security Boosts for Increased Internet Safety in 2022

Here are the three top online security boosts you can implement yourself to stay free from any type of cybercriminal online: 

  1. Online Anonymity Through a VPN
  2. Increased Protection on Your Home WI-FI
  3. Proxies for Enhanced Safety of Internet Traffic Flow
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1. Online Anonymity Through a VPN

Top tier VPNs offer a great selection of VPN services you can choose from.

Why a free VPN service, and what does it do? Here’s the deal.

A VPN service is an online service that excels in masking users’ IP addresses so that they become invisible online.

In other words, when you equip yourself with a VPN service, third parties intent on abusing your data won’t be able to locate your server, and won’t be able to access it. 

For any particular online task, staying invisible is highly advisable. You can never be certain which website hides broken links that lead to phishing attacks where your private information and data can get into the wrong hands.

Broken links can appear on gambling websites, gaming websites, shopping websites, betting websites, etc.

Therefore, you should consider investing in a VPN service once and stay safe online for a long time, avoiding all potential phishing attacks, data theft, and data abuse.         

2. Increased Protection on Your Home WI-FI

You don’t only have to think about how to secure yourself when you visit third-party websites; you should also enhance security on your home Wi-Fi network.

You should create a guest network on your Wi-Fi router and encourage all guests who visit your house to use the guest network. Only you should be using the private network of your home.

Now, you may be wondering why we’re highlighting the creation of a guest network. No, it’s not like your friends who visit your house will abuse your private server and data but allowing access to your private network can be a gateway for some external parties to your private data and information. 

3. Proxies for Enhanced Safety of Internet Traffic Flow

If you’re hearing about Proxy services for the first time now, we’ll break it down to you in laymens’ terms.

Proxy service is essentially like a shield of protection that acts as an intermediary or a medium circulating between serves of any given website you visit online (gambling, shopping, research) and the server of your device.


In other words, a Proxy service creates a protective “cloak” around your internet traffic flow and ensures that your data and information stay safe and secure. It’s essential to keep your private data and information safe online since, unless you do, a third party may abuse it. Imagine if your bank account information (which you usually enter when you make your deposits at an online casino) got into the wrong hands.

These third parties, such as hackers and cybercriminals, could then steal your bank account information, leaving you without legal proof of how they did it. Therefore, your goal should be to invest in a Proxy service to stay free from phishing attacks, data breaches, and data theft.     

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