25 Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools (2021)

Last Updated: November 27, 2021



However, you don’t need to worry, as with appropriate use of the best Instagram hashtag generator tools currently out there you will never be lost again.
Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools
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Business or leisure; private or formal; funny, precise, powerful–hashtags are here to stay as a dominant tool that shapes social media reach. In an endless digital sea of information, hashtags are lighthouses that show the way for social media sea-farers.

Smart use of hashtags drives your message (and messenger) home. Uninformed use of hashtags leaves you and your reach lost in the wide social media yonder.

How far your reach goes is tightly bound with the way you use your hashtags. Ideal hashtag choice can skyrocket your reach into double, triple, or even more than triple the number of accounts you would otherwise get to. 

Best Instagram Hashtag Generator Tools

However, you don’t need to worry, as with appropriate use of the best Instagram hashtag generator tools currently out there you will never be lost again.


Flick - Instagram Hashtag Generator

Flick does things in a flick of time, and the name does not lie. However, speed is not the only quality this amazing tool possesses.

With every search it gives up to 40 relevant hashtag suggestions–checked for bans and flags in order not to accidentally get you in trouble.

You can tweak those results to appear in 20+ languages, so you can reach all the way to foreign Instagram audience and tap into more feeds than ever. And Flick keeps what it finds.

Collections act as a neat and tidy virtual assistant whom you can trust and rely on not to forget what performed so good the other day.

On top of all this, an analytics and metrics software works in the background to scan how your hashtags perform in relation to all other hashtags out there. It calculates strategies on the go, and even comes with an auto-pilot option so you can let Flick take the bulk of the work of your back.

Or rather fingers. You get the idea–Flick is awesome. Try it for 7 days then decide if you are satisfied enough to commit. Although we never doubt the answer to this, and neither should you.



Fresh out of the Insta hashtag generator workshop, this gem has come into existence just this year, and it’s already making it onto lists like these! Apart from giving relevant hashtags, it also provides insight into how you can use them to achieve their full potential.

A plethora of neat info like not only the total amount of likes per hashtag, but also likes per hour, the lowest amount of likes, and average number of likes and comments per each top hashtag stands at your disposal.

This tool is both super useful and free, so give it a shot if you are into little details that matter the most.



Inflact is an AI-based Instagram tool that makes use of smart software to analyze your data and deliver appropriate hashtags. 

In other words, simply provide it with a link, keyword, or a photo and it will deliver its analytical magic to conjure a huge amount of various hashtags that are sorted out according to relevant factors. All that within mere seconds of your inquiry.

While this feature is not Inflact-specific and is relatively common to the entries on this list, Inflact separates provided results according to their frequency of use, ranging from frequent to average and then to rare.

This information gives you an edge; a recommended mix of adequately proportioned hashtags yields awesome results.

This proportion Inflact provides to its users with a fancy and easily understandable graph. Kudos!

Inflact is not free, however, and its hashtag generator tools have a monthly subscription fee of 20$.

Task Ant

Task Ant

An Instagram hashtag generator tool but also much more, Task Ant is the Swiss army knife of Instagram tools.

Not only does it provide you with relevant hashtags, but it shows a detailed analysis of a bunch of metrics that pinpoint how your hashtags should interact with the rest of the Instagram world.

It also tracks how your hashtags perform and boosts their performance where appropriate. Relevant hashtag recommendations pop up under the “Related” category, but upgrading the service provides you with two additional categories, “Popular” and “Trending”. 

They all come with a difficulty rating and a popularity meter, even the freebie “Related” category. Strive for a perfect proportion of difficulty and popularity to ensure your piece of the Instagram cake, which Task Ant certainly helps with.

And that’s just the basic free version. When upgraded, Task Ant becomes several magnitudes more detailed, informed, and useful. Whoa!



Kicksta is one of the greatest Instagram hashtag generator tools because they are a free hashtag generator tool that can help you come up with the best hashtags for your image and videos including those Instagram stories.

All you need to do to use these guys is enter your keyword, and they will help you find a list of relevant hashtags.

These guys are one of the most popular hashtag generator tools because they also let their clients do advanced searches, so that you can come up with the best list of hashtags that you have ever used with your Instagram growth.

They are well known in the industry and have been working away at their features for years at this point, so you can feel confident that they have exactly what you need to do really well.

They also let their clients set the minimum and maximum number of posts for generated tags, so that you can get the exact number that you need.

All Hashtag

All Hashtag

All Hashtag deals with all #hashtag related and its services cover, if not really all, then a pretty broad spectrum of beginner to semi-pro hashtag enthusiasts’ needs.

How does it work? All Hashtag Instagram generator comes with three keyword-based search modes in order to provide you with more options.

Top hashtags option has the software generate 30+ top hashtags based on your keyword choice. They may stray a bit from the given specifics, but they will remain popular with a long range.

Random hashtags provide random hashtags related to (and including) your keyword; self-explanatory as it goes. Perks of this search include a cocktail of hashtags ranging from massively popular to niche-related.

Live hashtags option takes into account other searches with the same keyword from real users and provides those same results.

This gives a real human touch to the completely software-related generator process. On top of this, it is completely free.



Similar to the previous entry on our awesome list, Sistrix requires a textual input; this time however, instead of a keyword you provide a hashtag.

The software then selects relevant hashtags from its huge database (>7 million entries) which are directly related to what you entered.This is not all.

The results get grouped into major categories that are related to different domains, which helps you spot those hashtags that would be relevant to your specific needs.

A neat list of appropriate hashtags can be a life-saver sometimes, to put it mildly. All this while not charging a cent!

A small caveat is that you have a cap of 25 entries per day, but even that can be overcome by simply registering at the site, free of charge. Nice!



While Photerloo is an ambitious project that links itself to major photo-sharing websites and acts as your base of operations for ultra-fast photo posting in a couple of clicks (and much more besides), it has launched hashtag generation services to accompany its other features.

What this nifty software allows could hardly be made more useful. Feed it photo description text and it will automatically provide you with hashtags based on what you have typed.

Not only hashtags, but keywords also. You can just as well upload the photo, and again it provides both hashtags and keywords.

On top of that, a popularity meter ranks each hashtag according to 6 categories ranging from most to least popular. 

If such a meter existed for Instagram hashtag generator tools, Photerloo would be in the very top, do not doubt it for a second!



Instavast is yet another bundle of Instagram proficiency tools that has its own hashtag generator. In spite of being a “side-service”, it goes head-to-head with its major competitors.

A resourceful generator beautiful in its simplicity, Instavast provides hashtags based on links, photos, and keywords.

A distinctive feature that sets it apart is the ability to report on banned hashtags. Apart from telling what hashtags are banned, it has the option to distinguish between perma-banned hashtags and temporary bans whose fates will be decided after moderator review.



A vast pool of not only specific hashtags, but also hashtag-related research separates Ritetag apart on the Instagram hashtag generator tools market.

Once established, Ritetag can be activated on virtually all your devices, browsers, and platforms to simultaneously gather and provide useful info on photos you upload or stumble upon.

Its dominating presence is reflected in the ability to send emails to you whenever it notices hot hashtags in your specific niche. With Ritetag behind you, you will never again be late for that popularity snowball party!

Spice it up with hashtags color-coded for current popularity and you get a must-have piece of Instagram software.

It’s 50 bucks a month, but you get a trial version to see just how it suits you before you commit to a purchase. How neat is that?

#HashMe Hashtag Generator

#HashMe Hashtag Generator

Apple store has its own hashtag generator candidate on this list. #HashMe Hashtag Generator represents an iOS app answer to the growing issue of handling Instagram hashtags.

Its core function is an on-the-go mobile hashtags search based on keyword, textual input, or photo upload.

In this it does not lack, and its users recognize it: they have rewarded #HashMe with an average score of 4 out of 5 based on almost 150 reviews.

They top this efficiency prowess with offering its core features for free, while unlocking premium content for a subscription of $8.99/month.



Another sharp tool from the IG software blacksmith that refines your Instagram skills at managing hashtags and relevant posting.

What’s new with Tailwind? Well, it comes with a perfect clock for hashtag producing and posting.

How come, you might ask. Well, to start with, Tailwind accurately measures and predicts the best time for posting relevant hashtags.

In the harsh world of Instagram competition, seconds may separate a hot post and a bottom 50% gang of invisible stuff. As we all know, Instagram is all about visibility.

And the hot take on time that Tailwind provides in addition is a never-resting Auto-Pilot function.

Simply schedule your posts and let Tailwind reap up the benefits of prudent time management. Take a nap and wake up to popularity. An attractive premise, is it not?



What do you get when you want to both amplify and hashtag relevant posts? Well, Hashtagify! It doubles up as a wide hashtag popularity scanner and a deep tracker of a single hashtag that unlocks its secret of success.

Related hashtags, popularity rankings, trends… Hashtagify has control over all of them. Monitor your competition or take off into the unknown and experimental, the choice that this ingenious software provides is yours.

When you finally decide on the hashtags, this app amplifies their reach to a broader audience. Besides the audience, it helps you reach other influencers and compare strategies.

A small disclaimer is needed here to inform that not all of these features come with a single plan. The free basic functions do not require financial investment, however different features depending on their combination come with a different price, so click your way to their website to get more info.



There are some of us who like to keep things simple. This usually means that extra hassle and stress isn’t worth it, right? Well, hop on to BigBangram if the only thing that you want from an Instagram hashtag generator is, well, to generate Instagram hashtags.

In its essence, it is a search bar where you type a hashtag and it provides 29 other relevant hashtags. It divides the possible candidates into three categories according to difficulty and popularity, and those are “easy”, “medium”, and “hard”.

Your job is to click on 29 others, and that’s it. Ready, set, go, done. Relevant hashtags are there, and you can get back to what you actually want to do.



Another time consumption-light app that also has the benefit of looking quirky and fun is Display Purposes. Just click the link above, if for nothing else than to see how pretty it looks.

Do not be fooled, however, as this little IG hashtag generator packs a punch well above its weight.

It has two hashtag generator modes, manual and auto. They allow hand-picking relevant hashtags and auto-copying what DisplayPurposes provides, respectively. So, you can be done in a few minutes.

But DisplayPurposes does not stop here. It comes with two graphical solutions to hashtag nitpicking.

The first one is Maps where you can observe location-tracked hashtags according to the city from which they were posted.

The result of this is a clear geographical visibility of hashtags you can use to make your own posts locally relevant.

The second one is Graphs where you enter your hashtag and see all the other relevant hashtags and how they form a connected network. You can spend hours simply tracking how Instagram users put relevant hashtags together, and learning.

To make matters more visually pleasing, Graphs looks perfectly symmetrical. It is beautiful. In all honesty, you could use DisplayPurposes as a source of endless entertainment. It’s that good.



Keyhole is another excellent hashtag generator tool that can help you with performance metrics around popular hashtags in your industry, and they can also help you optimize your Instagram strategy.

They say that they help their clients create top-forming posts, and they also offer you insights into when you should be sharing your content online.

They’re the kind of analytics tool for Instagram that helps with competitive benchmarking and analytics.

When you use a tool like this, you can set up a feed, and track what’s going on on the Instagram profiles of your competitors so that you can compare performance.

At the end of the day, these guys know their clients really well, and can set the wheels in motion for a great content strategy.



Hashtatit is another excellent hashtag generator tool that can help you search for your hashtags very easily.

All you will need to do is enter a keyword or hashtag in their search box, and they can help you find a list of relevant posts where that keyword or hashtag is being used.

This is going to give you a good idea of which hashtags you need to apply to your own posts. One thing that you are going to love about this company is that they let you do so much more than just look for hashtags.

You can also track your mentions, keywords, and URLs. this means that this is a tool that has multiple purposes, so no matter what angle you’re trying to come at your Instagram profile from, these guys can help out.



Seekmetrics is a super easy tool to use for your hashtag generation, and one of the things that we love about them is that they have a clean interface.

You can use these guys to come up with all the relevant hashtags for your images and videos, and the best part is that they stand out from other hashtag generator tools because they don’t suggest relevant hashtags.

Instead, you are going to get a list of all the hashtags that include the target keyword that you have entered into the search bar.

Of course, this means that while the majority of the tags that come up are going to be helpful, some of them aren’t.

This is why we suggest that you apply multiple keywords so that you can create the best list of hashtags.



TagsFinder is another hashtag generator tool that is considered one of the most advanced in the world. This is because you can add up to 10 tags, and the tool is going to find the rest of the hashtags for you.

They also give you the choice of being able to customize your searches, and you can even select the country where you want the hashtag search to be executed.

They have certain filters around their hashtags, which means that you can skip those tags that contain specific words.

This kind of hashtag generator tool really allows you to get specific with your searches, so that you don’t have to waste any time with hashtags that you aren’t interested in.

You can further customize your searches with these guys by choosing the kind of suggestions that you want to get. You can choose between similar hashtags and related hashtags, or you can even get both.



Tagmentor is a premium hashtag generator tool that can help you for free, and all you have to do to benefit from their features is include your main keyword or theme, and they will do the rest.

They are going to give you a list of similar hashtags so that you can choose the ones that are going to suit your content the best.

It is not often that you’re going to come across hashtag generator tools like this that really think about what your Instagram profile needs, and how they can help you achieve your Instagram goals in general.



Hashtracking believes that they can help their clients with their hashtag generator tool, and they believe that they are intelligent, simple, and provide analytics for events and social media campaigns in general.

They say they can help you track existing hashtags, so that you can determine whether they are performing well or not, and you can also explore new hashtags as well and decide whether you want to add them to your list or not.

While they do offer their clients paid services, a lot of their basic features are available for free, and all you need to do is log in with your Instagram credentials to benefit from their free features. If you are on a tight budget right now, then this approach is ideal.



Autohash is another excellent hashtag generator tool that is available for both iOS and Android users, and all you need to do to make the most of them is upload your photo and it is going to help you come up with a list all relevant hashtags based on the content that you have uploaded.

One of the greatest things about this approach is that you are going to get relevant hashtags that are location based, which is particularly helpful if you are a local business.

One of the things that we love about their hashtag generator tool is that they are mobile friendly, meaning that you can take them wherever you go.

Ask Lisa

Ask Lisa

Ask Lisa is another excellent mobile-friendly hashtag generator tool that helps you not only work out the best hashtags based on photos that you upload, but helps you figure out which photos to upload in the first place.

Of course, they are there to help you come up with clever, original hashtags so that you can make sure that you are being seen by the right people.

Again, this hashtag generator tool is going to be a good choice if you’re someone who is on the go all the time and doesn’t have time to log into your generator tool on your desktop.


Command for Instagram

Command is the kind of hashtag generator tool that is always thinking ahead, and thinking about what its clients might need in the future.

When you go to the gym and hire a personal trainer, you are basically hiring someone to push you to your limit so that you can see some real changes. You can consider this mobile app the same.

They want to help you get the job done through hashtag recommendations, expert captioning, demographics, profile analytics, and scheduling.

They aren’t going to be complacent about what they do, they are going to be proactive, and it might even be annoying at times because ultimately, they want their clients to do really well, and they want to make sure that this happens quickly.

Focal Mark

Focal Mark

Focal Mark is another hashtag generator tool and a mobile app that just requires you to put in the style, category, and location of your photo, and then it will do everything else for you.

These types of apps are designed with convenience in mind, so if you are someone who doesn’t really want to have to put too much of the work in on your end, you are going to be able to find the best hashtags for your Instagram content without even having to think about it.

What is a Hashtag Generator?

A hashtag generator is software that is going to help you generate hashtags for well-known social media websites including Twitter and Instagram.

Hashtag generator tools can easily help you come up with a number of different hashtags that you can incorporate into your content, so that you can ultimately gain more traction and exposure. They can recommend you hashtags based on things like images, and anchor phrase, or even URLs.

They are a great choice if you are someone who is struggling to come up with more hashtag ideas, and you don’t really have the time to dedicate hours to the cause.

How Do You Create a Good Hashtag?


A lot of the time, especially when it comes to social media marketing and marketing your brand online in general, it is recommended that you come up with a branded hashtag.

A branded hashtag is a hashtag that is relevant to your brand and is easily recognizable and is something that can be associated with your brand.

This way, people will know who you are when they see it, and when they share your content they can include your branded hashtag, which is going to encourage more people to come and check it out.

The good news is that the hashtag generator tools that we have talked about above on this list are really good for helping you come up with a branded hashtag because all you need to do is enter a keyword that is relevant to your industry, and then you can choose from the ones that come up in the search results.

We recommend that you pick the one that is the most relevant to your industry and your brand, and really incorporates the message that you are trying to communicate with your service or product.

What’s the Maximum Amount of Hashtags You’re Allowed?

Instagram does have a limit on how many hashtags they let you include on each piece of content, but we think it is quite generous. You could have up to 30 hashtags on a piece of content, but if you include more then your post isn’t going to be seen.

This is because Instagram considers this spammy, and they aren’t going to promote your content.

How to Use Hashtags Correctly

Hashtag Strategy

If you want to make sure that you are using hashtags correctly, you need to include a # before your chosen word, and make sure not to keep include any spaces in the hashtag.

The good news is that you can include numbers, letters, or both, and you can also use special characters.

Can I Put My Hashtags in Comments?

Yes, in fact we recommend that you put your hashtags in the comment section, and not where your caption is.

Back in the day, when there weren’t too many people using Instagram, and there weren’t too many people that were using hashtags to elevate their content, it wasn’t that big of a deal to put your hashtags in the caption section.

However, now, it is too confusing to have your caption and hashtags right below your caption, and a lot of people will consider it spammy.

This is why it’s much better to hide your hashtags in the comments section, where most people aren’t even going to see them.

The key is to use your hashtags discretely, so that you can use them to promote your Instagram content without coming across as desperate for more visibility.

There’s not really any way to get around not using hashtags, you’ve just got to figure out how to use them to your advantage.


In our honest opinion, whichever generator from this list you pick, you can’t make a mistake.

The only mistake you’ll be making is blindly using hashtags without a smart assistant in the form of these convenient Hashtag generator tools.

If you are one of those people who dabble in hashtags without assistance, please do try one of these and tell us how big a difference it made. Have fun boosting your Instagram reach!

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