17 Best Crypto Trading Bots (Free & Paid) in 2021

Last Updated: August 3, 2021

Crypto trading bots are technically automation software tools that aid you in trading in cryptocurrencies. The reality, however, is that dealing in cryptocurrency without the help of trading bots is difficult, to the point of being unviable.


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17 Best Crypto Trading Bots in 2021
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Do you work with cryptocurrency?

If the answer is yes, then you know how hectic, dynamic, and unstable the market often is.

After all, the regular currencies had several centuries of time to evolve on their own; cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, had about a decade.

How does one person keep up with this ever-changing, never-sleeping market? With a little help from a software friend, of course.

And we have just the right crypto trading bots for you!

What is a Crypto Trading Bot?

Crypto trading bots are technically automation software tools that aid you in trading cryptocurrencies.

The reality, however, is that dealing in cryptocurrency without the help of crypto trading bots is difficult, to the point of being unviable.

Closing in on a deal in just the right time would require a person or a team to monitor the market with great attention around the clock, around the week, non-stop.

A couple of seconds can separate you from a juicy transaction and humans just aren’t as good at giving undivided attention to mundane tasks as hardcoded AI.

And that’s not even half the improvement over good ol’ humans’ all-organic approach.

Many little mundane tasks that would nail you down to the office desk can be done by crypto trading bots.

Small tunings and hourly checks do not require you to sleep behind the desk and log in every hour or so. A well-designed crypto bot is like a clock: you wind it and let it do its activities without worrying whether the time is right.

Complex tasks turn easier, forecasting becomes more reliable, and blind guessing gets replaced by precise algorithms: the virtues are plenty, while downsides practically do not exist.

Indeed, crypto trading bots represent the necessary tool for every serious cryptocurrency trader.

But which one to pick?

The market is flooded with all sorts of names and brands and you aren’t really ready to invest your money into the first software that you stumble upon.

We’re traders, not gamblers, right?

Best Crypto Trading Bots

This is precisely the reason why we’ve compiled a list of the best crypto trading bots.

With our seal of approval, you can skip the doubting part and start trading as soon as you pick an option.

Here they are!



Looking for a special automated crypto trading bot that’s effective and made for pros, but you lack the skill and/or experience for handling complex, coding-intensive scripts?

Then Bitsgap might be just the solution for you.

A plethora of people with various levels of coding and/or trading experience use it on a daily basis! Maximizing returns via automation of trading is a unifying policy, no doubt.

The guiding principle of this neat piece of software is simple. It works as a GRID bot, distributing proportionally within the limits set by the trader.

It buys when the price is low and sells when the price is high, with orders automatically placed as soon as the margin moves.

It’s just like you’re online 24/7 and making adjustments yourself, except that you actually have your life. Which is awesome!

It’s cloud-based so forget about tiring setups and downloads. The logic is simple, transparent, and effective.

Backtested strategies and risk-free demo mode ensure that you can predict the behavior of the algorithm and the market, so no worries there.

Oh, and let’s not forget that Bitsgap allows you to test the software for 14 days before buying it.

Nice job, Bitsgap!



With lofty research and time investment as a base for a crypto trading platform, success is guaranteed. That’s why Quadency has been destined for the toplists since the start.

Forget about scouring the web for market insights and having to devour tons of ads and fluff for each piece of constructive market exchange information.


Because Quadency has already done it for you.

Couple that with intensive insights and powerful trading bots, all in one simple interface designed for seasoned veterans and green recruits alike, and you have a recipe for expert crypto trading.

Backtesting takes the primary role with Quadency.

It’s always better to have your crypto trading bot base its activity on recent history than in abstract calculations done in the pitch dark. After all, it’s your money, not the bot’s money.

So yeah, you can load a tried-and-true preset, but you can also customize something of your own if you so choose. After all, the basic pricing plan is free! As you grow in experience, you can opt for more powerful paid plans.

Their software speaks for itself, there’s little we can add here, really.



With Tradesanta, it’s Christmas all-year-round for crypto traders, ho, ho, ho.

Like all Santas, Tradesanta comes from heaven. If cloud-based techs count as heaven, of course.

Anyways, they specialize in making automated crypto trade easy, and have all the software needed to back their claims up.

Set up your trading pair in 8 major exchanges and get rolling within 2 minutes with your own set crypto bot.

Long and short strategy bots, GRID bots, profit margins and filters, large volume trading, and many more features get covered in their package.

It doesn’t come free, though, although you can take it out for a trial run for 3 days.

It doesn’t look like much, but the stuff they do, they do well. Tradesanta’s perfect for those who’re just starting or don’t require too advanced features.

Oh, and their community is welcoming, too!



Having people do software tasks is not only inefficient but also susceptible to oh-very-human emotions.

People often fall prey to fear and excitement and react emotionally instead of rationally.

Cue Cryptohopper, a crypto trading bot that automates trading and removes you from the equation! Don’t worry, though, cash still flows into your wallet, not the bot’s.

Cryptohopper ties together in one place all your exchange accounts and allows trading to and from multiple locations from one interface.

Over 10 exchanges have partnered with Cryptohopper, including HitBTC, Okex, KuCoin, Bitvavo, and Huobi.

More than just a market-making and exchange tool for experienced and inexperienced alike, Cryptohopper is a place akin to a social media platform, just for crypto trading.

Exchange ideas, learn from your peers, and embrace ideas from the source–Cryptohopper is both a tool and a welcoming community.

The strategy you can forge for yourself here will most likely bring more revenue than something that comes from a template or of the top of your head.

Join them now for free with the Pioneer package and a 7-day trial for the professional Explorer package!



Perhaps “cryptocurrency pioneers” sounds a bit far-fetched today when cryptocurrency has become a common word in tech-literate households, but at the time when they began, the Pionex team was indeed one of the pioneers of the industry.

Years of experience behind their belt have made them a frequent contender for the top position of every crypto trading bot list.

In fact, Pionex has developed a whopping array of general and specialized crypto trading bots: 12 bots can settle all your trading needs!

From grid and leveraged grid bots to margin grid and reverse grid bots, Pionex is the Swiss army knife of crypto trading software.

And Pionex even boasts its own exchange, the bots come mainly as an interface with which you navigate it. Thus, the bots are free, and Pionex aggregates liquidity from Binance and Huobi as well.

Trading with Pionex is easy, reliable, safe, and free. Pros and beginners alike use it, we use it, and there’s no reason for you not to use it. Full recommendation on this one!



Looking for somewhere to invest safely and simply? Welcome to Mudrex, the home of stable exchanges and smart investors!

Being open and transparent about deals is the key stability factor of every aspect of free trade.

To sate the appetites of even the most demanding crypto traders, they have various crypto trading bots and strategy builders online, sourced directly from expert programmers.

With a user base of 10,000+ and more than half a billion $USD in total traffic, Mudrex is huge and profitable.

It boasts a thriving community and its deals and exchanges are backed by numerous high-profile VCs and angel investors.

A safe haven for crypto traders? Count me in!

It’s worth mentioning that Mudrex has no bots of its own. Instead, as stated before, they outsource the software from some of the market’s most prominent coders.

More than anything else, Mudrex is a marketplace of ideas that connects avid traders and all those who yearn to learn more about the budding business of cryptocurrency exchange.

Smart auto-pilot investing coupled with unprecedented learning rate? Mudrex’s got it all figured out, it seems!



So, you already have a good knowledge of crypto trading and automation software that deals with it, and you’re looking for something on a more professional level? We have just the thing!

3commas is an advanced level of the crypto trading game. The tools they develop are intended for pros only.

The UI is designed for efficiency, not ease of use. It can seem like a lot to take in at once, but if you know what you’re doing, 3commas’ bots can do the work of several other crypto trading bots simultaneously!

GRID bots, dollar-cost averaging trading bots, smart trading terminals, options trading, paper trading, backtracking, exhaustive market analysis…

You name it, 3commas provides it. And at affordable prices as well! The basic package–even for free.

With the efficiency-to-cost ratio being one of the highest among the candidates on this list, 3commas is a no-brainer choice. The only downside?

You’ll need to learn a lesson or two about handling crypto bots first before you tackle these bad boys.

But hey, the people from the community offer courses on handling the stuff themselves, so you might as well start there. When the rewards are as great, no task is too difficult!



You’ve heard about subscribing for crypto trading bots and related software, right.

But did you ever want to “code” your own trading automation software? If the answer is yes, regardless of your previous coding experience, then Haasonline offers you exactly that.

Haasonline has developed their own scripting language called HaasScript in which you can design your own trading bot that can actually be quite complex.

With a drag-and-drop designer and intuitive intelli-sense editor, you aren’t required to have a tight grip on coding or programming skills of any kind, only a good sense of the crypto market and a clear vision.

Paper trading and backtesting come as in-built options, so safety and reliability come first. Your very own custom-made bot can start trading in 25+ exchanges as soon as you reveal it to the world!

Apart from this flight into creativity and design, Haasonline also offers the basic, pre-set crypto trade bots for trade arbitrage and market-making that we’ve come to know and cherish. 

Also, Haasonline is cloud-based, with all the accustomed benefits like zero download/installation and general ease of access.



A little something comes to all the hodlers out there, but this little something packs a big punch. It’s called Shrimpy and boy does it rock crypto trade!

First, the basics. Everything that you can expect from a crypto trading bot comes here. Designed for crypto trade automation, it features instant market arrangements with clear and transparent service.

However, the service that made Shrimpy desirable in the first place is rebalancing.

Instead of merely buying and holding cryptocurrency, Shrimpy realigns your portfolio to eek out the maximum from your available assets and rebalances it to specific ratios.

Backtesting is a no-brainer with services like this, and Shrimpy does smart to include it in its package.

This neat little crypto trading bot also features social trading in which you can “borrow” (wink wink) other trader’s actions and strategic placement of assets. It’s all public info! Free real estate, right?

Everything above serves to minimize risks and maximize profits. Does Shrimpy succeed in this? Hell yeah!



Let’s take a step back from customization and pseudocoding and return to the basics.

Do you lack the skills and experience to make your own bot, assess your own strategies, or neither? Botsfolio can help you set your course within the crypto trading market.

How does Botsfolio accomplish that? It’s easy–it literally asks you.

To be precise, it gives you a query in a form of a risk assessment quiz that then uses your answers to provide you with the best course of action for your current situation.

Based on your answers, Botsfolio determines your financial goals, investment conditions, and risk-benefit ratio. The bots are pre-made, the strategies pre-set. Yours is only to reap the benefits!

Due to the sheer scope of strategies provided to various users, Botsfolio has 5 bots available for diverging approaches to crypto trading.

The most used is the Hedged trading bot due to its proactive trading with minimized costs. 

This baby comes for free for a whole month, and afterward you can opt for a package that suits your needs and budget.



Crypto trading automatically while you’re taking a nap? What’s better than Napbots?

Napbots does free trade good service with its democratic approach to crypto trading. Everything on it is perfectly transparent, reliable, and safe.

How come? Well, Napbots gives its users direct access to some of the world’s best-performing algorithms, all without previous installs, setups, and tweaks.

Pick your trading style, your goals, and your strategy, and the specific code that matches your preferences becomes your own personal currency trader.

There’s always the option to diversify, allowing you to grasp multiple approaches to your trading. Have a sample of them all and choose the one that suits you the most?

Not a problem!

Link your crypto exchange pair, select the strategy (or strategies), and observe the bot doing wonders.

Or nap while it’s working, both options are more than valid.



Crypto bot, Botcrypto… Okay, the name’s not that creative. What Botcrypto does, in fact, is to let you be the one who is creative.

After all, you’ll be making your own crypto bot if you decide to roll with these guys.

Don’t worry, there’s no coding.

Drag and drop the components in a pretty simple and welcoming interface, decide on the trading strategy, choose what features and technical indicators you want to implement (MACD, RSI, Ichimoku clouds, moving averages…), and that’s pretty much it.

Optionally you can set a bar that terminates the script if you wish to cut your losses or take your profits, as well as the option to implement push notifications, but that’s just some quality of life improvement.

As long as you’re backtesting it and doing paper trade, your software is free. When you decide to go live, you can pick between two pricing plans.

Pretty decent options, if you ask us, and pretty affordable while we’re at it.



When it comes to finding a decent crypto trading bot, Trality might just become your new trading reality.

What does Trality offer that sets it apart from the rest of the crowd? Trality offers a degree of customizability of your new cryptocurrency trading bot that can put some of the most detailed scripts to shame.

They have honed the whole process of designing your own code to suit your unique trading circumstances which has as its direct consequence a piece of software that is much more effective than your average bot.

What nails it down to the top position it occupies today is its unique Code Editor that allows you to implement changes without collapsing the script in Python.

The result of this flexibility can easily bear fruit as some of the most elaborate, yet simple pieces of code you can operate.

Zero-programming-skills people also have the option of “codeless” setup, don’t worry.

Couple this with several exchange markets and delicate backtracking options and you have yourself a first-class crypto trade service.



Cloud options aren’t your thing? You prefer all your data safely huddled in your personal computer?

Gunbot values your privacy and respects your security breach fobias.

That’s precisely why Gunbot offers zero data-collecting, light-installation option for your crypto trading.

Consistent trading due to automated market exchange strategies? Check.

Easy to get started? Sure.

Free updates without a subscription? Included.

Windows, Mac, Linux, ARM compatibility? Yup.

As you can see, Gunbot adapts to your individual needs, not the other way around.

Unlimited bot instances and over 100 crypto exchanges serve as the prowess of its technical aspect, not only its adaptability.

Gunbot is good and they know it/show it.



Running out of ideas?

Or running a surplus of ideas that you want to monetize?

Cryptotrader is your crypto trading strategy think-tank. If you’re looking for a place to enhance your cognitive crypto trading capabilities, you’ve just found it.

The main asset of Cryptotrader is in its ideas. In fact, it is a marketplace of ideas in which you can trade for effective trading strategies.

It’s a bit meta, but the idea is pretty simple.

Cryptotrader is armed with a powerful scripting tool that’s not hard at all to use.

Once you’ve spotted a good idea, you can purchase it (rent it, subscribe to it, call it what you wish) and implement it in the form of a bot.

Likewise, if you’ve worked out a million-dollar setup (hypothetically… or not), you can find a worthy buyer here.

You can also do live backtesting and trading in this cozy little crypto trading nook.

Pretty accurate simulations can show you approximately how your strategy will fare against others.

Which is pretty useful. As is Cryptotrader in general.



We all sometimes feel like the only way we’re ever gonna earn money with cryptocurrency trade is if a hero comes to our help.

A nifty crew assembled around that idea and decided to give us exactly that–a hero to save our cryptocurrency idea of fortune and prosperity!

Jokes aside, CryptoHero’s a compact piece of code that helps people with all levels of experience.

Whether you’re a pro or a newb, CryptoHero can automate your trade and optimize your trading strategy.

In the nature of a true superhero, Cryptohero is always there for you, as long as you have a phone with you. 

You’ll be able to trade trending cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum with automation scripts via technical indicators 24/7. Just as the market needs.

CryptoHero allows for several exchanges and tracks your crypto trading performance one at a time or aggregation across all operations, just in this one app in your phone, on the go, wherever.

Extensive backtesting also provides a reliable forecast of your future purchases.

Not all heroes wear capes. Some are crypto trading bots that don’t have a material body to put a cape on. Duh.



Zignaly is a hub that assembles various renowned traders around its idea of a cloud-based crypto exchange platform.

In other words, if you’re looking for a zero-installation, expertly-outsourced, third-party crypto trading automation, you’ve come to the right place.

What’s the deal with them?

The goal is to allow third-party signallers such as Mining Hamster Signals and Crypto Base Scanner to directly predict the market circumstances and advise you on how to act upon them.

Trailing stop-loss is another lucrative feature that doesn’t always pop up in your crypto trading bots search. Oh, and there’s no limit on trades!

Fun, useful, profitable. What more should a crypto trading automation software be?


As you can see, even if it would be possible to do crypto trading without the use of a handy crypto trading bot, you’d miss out on so much stuff.

Crypto trading bots can work as you’re sleeping, spending time with friends and family, or doing some entirely different business.

Their numbers are vast, though, and we won’t deny the existence of a fairly large number of dubious software and shady brands that seek to scam you for your money.

A single misstep can cost you a fortune and a career in cryptocurrency. The stakes are always high if you’re looking to make crypto trading your full-time career.

The driving goal behind compiling this list was to make quality software and hard-working teams visible to those who perhaps don’t know what to look for.

And what people are supposed to look for is reliability, security, profitability, transparency, and ease of use.

By vouching for these best crypto trading bots, we wanted to save your time, money, and nerves.

Don’t fall prey to wrongdoers of our otherwise-noble cryptocurrency trading, especially when there exists a bunch of people who have devoted their careers to make your crypto exchanges much easier.

Whomever you pick, be sure you haven’t made a mistake.

These people have been in the industry for most of its existence, and some of them have even actively participated in creating it.

Not only do they know what they’re doing, but they’re doing it better than anyone else.

Okay, let’s put a stop to praise here. But really, they’re that good.

In fact, don’t trust us. Try them out for yourself, then get back to us. We’ll exchange our experiences.

One day, perhaps, you’ll be the one writing praises.

Until then, good luck with your trades, and may the algorithm bring you the riches that you deserve.

Written by Jason

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