Benefits of Offering Online Compliance Training To Employees

Published on: October 2, 2022
Last Updated: October 2, 2022

Every organisation has certain rules or policies that the employees need to follow.

In addition to this, organisations working in specific industries may be required to follow special laws and regulations as well. However, managers cannot simply assume that their employees are completely aware of these rules.

It is the responsibility of the management to educate all its employees about the rules and laws that it expects them to follow. This is what is called ‘Compliance Training’.

It involves training and educating employees on the laws, regulations, policies, and procedures that pertain to their job within the organisation. While some components of this training may be specifically related to certain jobs, others are broader in scope and often apply to all businesses.

Some of the areas covered by compliance training may include:

  • Bullying
  • Sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Bribery
  • Health and safety at the workplace
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Legal requirements, etc

While it sounds like an arduous task, technology has made it very easy and affordable for organizations to offer compliance training to their employees.

Learning management systems like Totara, etc offer web-based solutions which can be used to train employees in an interactive and engaging environment.

Online compliance training can bring many other benefits to the table too! Want to know more? Then keep on reading our list of top 5 benefits of offering online compliance training to your employees

1. Makes Training Easily Accessible

Accessible  Training

When offered online, training and course material become easily accessible to the learners. They have the freedom to join in from anywhere anytime. Unlike instructor-led training, online compliance training doesn’t require your employees to be physically present in the classroom.

This means that your employees can complete the training even from their homes. Plus, it also makes it easy for employees of different branches to participate in the training at the same time without having to travel.

2. Widens the Scope of Training


With instructor-led compliance training, you can only cover a limited number of areas. However, online platforms give your employees an opportunity to explore a wide variety of content from all across the globe.

You can also create a visual representation of real-life scenarios to help your employees better understand the difference between right and wrong.

3. Motivates to Learn


Learning management systems and other online platforms come with unique features. You can use those features to customize your content by adding multimedia elements like videos, charts, images etc. Some LMSs also come with gamification features like leaderboards, colourful badges etc.

Such elements stop employees from getting bored and keep them focused and attentive. This not only helps them in understanding the concepts but also motivates them to perform better.

4. Allows Progress Tracking


Online training platforms allow trainers to keep a track of the progress of each employee. It provides them with detailed information about the scores, courses completed, total number of hours spent, etc for every employee.

This helps in making sure that employees do exactly what they are expected to do. In addition to this, such platforms also enable employees to see their performance results in real-time.

5. Makes Updating Courses Easy

Software update

When it comes to the corporate world, anything can happen anytime. Legal rules and regulations also keep on changing. This makes it important for organisations to keep updating their compliance training courses.

With online compliance training, you can easily add or delete content to your existing material with just a few mouse clicks.

Some LMSs also have a notification feature that automatically notifies the administrator if any change is needed to be made.


It is the responsibility of the organisation to educate its employees about the rules and regulations required to be followed. Online compliance training not only helps in achieving the same but also offers loads of benefits.

Thus, organisations should no longer treat it as a burden and make the best out of it.

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