Bark Alternatives

9 FREE Bark Alternatives in 2024 (Best Apps Like

Published on: February 2, 2024
Last Updated: February 2, 2024

9 FREE Bark Alternatives in 2024 (Best Apps Like

Published on: February 2, 2024
Last Updated: February 2, 2024

While Bark provides valuable monitoring features, some may fall short in delivering the comprehensive information needed for parents to ensure optimal protection for their children.

For those seeking additional surveillance options, apps like are available. 

We’ve thoroughly tested and created a list of 9 Bark alternatives.

9 Bark Alternatives (Apps Like in 2024

1. Phonsee


Phonsee distinguishes itself as a top-notch phone monitoring solution, incorporating advanced technology to offer an extensive array of control features. 

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Designed to deliver a comprehensive monitoring experience, this application effortlessly observes any phone remotely, capturing intricate details about its activities.


Phone Oversight App

This sophisticated application is purposefully crafted to closely monitor various activities on the phone. 

Offering a straightforward and user-friendly approach, it becomes the go-to solution for individuals seeking comprehensive information about the targeted device. 

Whether it’s tracking calls, messages, or app usage, this app ensures a seamless and detailed oversight experience.

Tracking Keystrokes

The tracking of keystrokes emerges as a crucial feature. 

This functionality allows meticulous logging and continuous monitoring of every keystroke on the device. 

It provides valuable insights into the user’s interactions, offering a comprehensive understanding of the digital conversations and inputs taking place.

Capturing Screen Activity

Dive into the monitoring with the capability to capture on-screen activities on the targeted device. 

This feature goes beyond mere recording; it meticulously captures every interaction, providing a visual record of the device’s usage. 

This functionality ensures a detailed and insightful overview of the monitored device’s screen dynamics, whether it’s app navigation, content consumption, or user engagement.

2. Eyezy


Eyezy is a solid alternative to the Bark app. 

It offers a broader set of functionality, allowing you to monitor practically all activity on a different phone. 

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Rather than outlining all the features, we’ll concentrate on the ones that function differently or are not available in Bark.


Call Records & Contact Overview

Eyezy, unlike Bark, provides a fundamental feature allowing you to explore the complete call history and access the contact list. 

This functionality offers insights into their frequent communication contacts.

Location Tracking

In the realm of location tracking, Eyezy takes a distinctive approach compared to Bark. 

It allows you to track your child’s specific location on an updated map without requiring their consent. 

In addition, you can easily examine a 30-day route record on your dashboard, providing an added degree of security in an emergency.

Keystroke Logger & Screen Recorder

Distinguishing itself from Bark, Eyezy shines with its robust features, like the keystroke logger and screen recorder. 

These functionalities empower you to monitor and track what has been shared and typed during chats or web searches.

3. uMobix


Parents encounter difficulties in overseeing their children’s online engagements. 

To address the inherent challenges of direct supervision, many turn to tracking apps for insights into their kids’ virtual activities. 

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Among these, uMobix stands out with distinctive features, making it a preferred choice for parents seeking comprehensive monitoring solutions. 

Through uMobix’s user-friendly dashboard, parents can effortlessly keep track of their child’s phone activities, ensuring effective oversight of online interactions.


Remote Access

This feature allows users to access and control a device from a distance. 

It provides the capability to manage and monitor the device remotely, adding a layer of convenience to the monitoring process.

Social Media Monitoring

Social media monitoring involves observing and tracking activities on various social platforms. 

It allows for insight into interactions, posts, and engagements, helping users stay informed about their digital presence.


The keylogger function records and monitors keystrokes made on a device. It captures every typed input, providing detailed insights into the user’s digital conversations and interactions.

4. Cocospy

Best Cocospy Alternatives

Cocospy is a phone monitoring app created for overseeing your children’s online activities. 

It allows you to track various elements, including social media engagement, call logs, messages, internet history, bookmarks, emails, media content, and more on their phones, along with additional features.

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Internet Tracking

This feature involves monitoring and tracking online activities and interactions. 

It provides insights into the user’s internet usage, allowing for a comprehensive overview of their online behavior.

Location Tracking

Location tracking entails keeping tabs on the physical whereabouts of the user. 

It enables users to know the real-time or historical locations of the monitored individual, providing a valuable tool for enhanced supervision.

Social Network Monitoring

Social network monitoring involves observing and tracking activities on various social platforms. 

This feature allows users to gain insights into interactions, posts, and engagements, aiding in staying informed about the digital presence of the monitored individual.

5. mSpy


MSpy is a discreet mobile phone monitoring app compatible with Android and iPhone. 

Operating quietly in the background, it efficiently monitors text messages, calls, WhatsApp, and location with minimal battery usage. 

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Recognized locally for meeting security and safety needs, mSpy has gained popularity for its convenient remote tracking features.


Protects Smartphones Against Theft

This feature safeguards smartphones from theft, providing security measures to prevent unauthorized access and protect the device from potential theft.

The Initial Installation Email

The first installation email contains comprehensive details on utilizing the dashboard. 

It serves as a guide for users, ensuring they have all the necessary information to make the most of the monitoring features.

Spies on WhatsApp, E-mails, SMS, Call Logs, Location, etc.

The app monitors a wide range of activities, including WhatsApp, emails, SMS, call logs, and location. This comprehensive surveillance ensures users have insights into various device usage aspects.

6. FamiSafe

FamiSafe Coupon Code

FamiSafe frequently emerges in reviews as a monitoring option comparable to Bark. 

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Now, let’s explore the distinguishing features that set them apart.


Location Tracking

FamiSafe offers a seamless connection to your child’s device GPS, allowing continuous tracking of their exact location 24/7. In comparison, Bark needs you to submit a location request to your children.

Screen Time Control

FamiSafe provides you with superior control over your little ones’ phone use. You can establish restrictions and rules for each application. 

However, Bark only allows customization of daily time limits, either permitting or restricting certain apps during chosen periods.

Social Media Monitoring

Bark stands out by allowing the monitoring of over 30 social media platforms and identifying harmful content related to cyberbullying, sexual content, self-harm, and more. 

Meanwhile, FamiSafe provides insights into 9 apps on Android and 1 app on iOS.

7. Qustodio


If you’re searching for alternatives to Bark, Qustodio could be an excellent choice. 

While both apps provide comparable features, there are significant distinctions in their functionality.


Web Filters

While Bark detects and blocks specific content kinds, Qustodio goes a step further by restricting access to 40 material categories, including drugs, sex, gambling, politics, and news.

Screen Time Management

Both apps offer this feature, but Qustodio provides enhanced screen time management, granting more authority over when children can use their phones. 

Additionally, you can monitor the time spent on certain apps, set limits, or entirely block them. In contrast, Bark only permits restrictions on certain apps.

Calls Monitoring

Qustodio stands out from Bark as it enables you to check all call logs and establish a list of blocked contacts on Android devices.

8. Net Nanny

Net Nanny

Net Nanny proves to be an excellent monitoring option for families with younger children, primarily focusing on content filters. 

Despite this, it can still be viewed as a substitute for Bark.


Internet Content Filters

Net Nanny primarily works to block access to adult and explicit websites. However, in terms of restricting content related to substance use, bullying, and violence, it might not be as efficient as Bark.

Control over Screen Time

Both applications enable you to set a time limit for using apps. 

Unlike Bark, Net Nanny has a daily screen time limit and a calendar tool that allows you to monitor how and when your children use their phones.

YouTube Supervision

Net Nanny lets you see the titles, lengths, and times of the videos that your kids watched on YouTube. This is a capability that Bark lacks.

 9. MMGuardian

MMguardian Review

MMGuardian is an additional monitoring application akin to Bark, serving as parental control to observe your child’s activities.


Instant Alerts

MMGuardian ensures you receive real-time alerts upon detecting anything contentious. According to user feedback, Bark typically experiences a delay of around 15 minutes. 

In situations involving critical issues like sexual abuse,  suicidal thoughts, or potential predators, this delay could have significant repercussions.

SMS Monitoring

Bark displays only texts that contain dangerous information. If you like to monitor all communications they exchange, then MMGuardian is a better option.

Installation Methods

Bark limits installation to its website, potentially posing challenges for those less familiar with technology. 

In contrast, MMGuardian offers a user-friendly mobile app that is easily downloadable from the App Store or Play Market.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Phone Monitoring App?

Stealthy smartphone surveillance tools, known as Mobile Spy Apps, discreetly monitor calls, SMS, locations, browser activity, and messages from applications like WhatsApp. 

This compilation features leading free spy apps, outlining their features and applications, with several providing free trials or guarantees.

Can Someone Monitor What I Do on My Phone?

Yes, it is indeed possible for someone to put a tracker on your phone. 

Anyone with a motive and means can track your phone, including individuals with malicious intentions and organizations for data collection. 

They can monitor various details such as your location, calls, messages, and online activity.


Exploring the 9 Bark alternatives reveals Phonsee as a standout phone monitoring solution, integrating advanced technology to provide a comprehensive set of control features. 

Designed explicitly for meticulous monitoring, Phonsee effortlessly observes any phone remotely, capturing detailed insights into its activities. 

With a user-friendly interface, Phonsee ensures efficient oversight, making it a favored choice for those seeking in-depth insights into their child’s online engagements. 

Another robust alternative among apps like Bark is Eyezy, offering a broader feature range that allows observation of nearly all activities on another phone, including call records, location tracking, and unique features like keystroke logging and screen recording. 

uMobix, with its remote access feature, offers convenient monitoring, while Cocospy focuses on internet tracking and location surveillance. 

These apps, like Bark, cater to various monitoring needs, providing diverse options for effective parental oversight in the digital age.

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