Bakkt Allowing Users to Send Bitcoin From Wallet

Last Updated: August 26, 2021



Bakkt Allowing Users to Send Bitcoin From Wallet
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Bakkt Holdings is now letting its customers send Bitcoin from their wallets to anybody, and this includes individuals who personally don’t use or have the app. The business says that their clients can send gift cards and cryptocurrency to friends, family, and others.

CEO Gavin Michael said, “Bakkt has aimed to provide the app, marketplace and payments infrastructure to make all digital assets transactable, and this new functionality welcomes everyone to have a frictionless digital experience to send and receive Bitcoin, gift cards, or cash to anyone.”

Bakkt Holdings

Bakkt is also partnering with Cantaloupe, allowing for loyalty points related to Bitcoin that can be used at kiosks that are self-serve and vending machines. The Bakkt app first launched in 2019.

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