How Many People Use Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN Users: How Many People Use Atlas VPN in 2024?

Published on: March 23, 2023
Last Updated: March 23, 2023

Atlas VPN Users: How Many People Use Atlas VPN in 2024?

Published on: March 23, 2023
Last Updated: March 23, 2023

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How many people use Atlas VPN in 2024?

Atlas VPN has approximately 6 million users worldwide.

Atlas VPN is a virtual private network (VPN) service provider that offers a fast and free VPN service and delivers digital security and privacy solutions available to all, regardless of budget.

It serves as a shield to all censorship, geo-blocking, and surveillance.

Currently, it has 750 VPN servers in 43 locations around the world and three of these locations have free VPN servers including New York, Los Angeles, and the Netherlands.

Atlas VPN Users: How Many People Use Atlas VPN in 2024?

Atlas VPN

Based on April 2022 data, the Atlas VPN team reveals that 19.16% of internet users use the Safari browser or equal to 1,006,232,879 users, and around 41% of internet users use Google Chrome or equal to 3,378,967,819 users. 

Atlas VPN currently has approximately 6 million users worldwide, seizing the benefits of the risk-free service that elevates a digital lifestyle.

This VPN service offers a free version with inclusions such as advanced privacy and security features, a no-logs policy, no ads, and three available locations.

It also offers a competitive amount for premium plans to get excellent features and inclusions compared to the free version.

Such includes stronger encryption and seamless invincibility, regular security audit, no activity data and activity logs, UHD streaming, and unlimited simultaneous connections.

It has 750 speed-optimized VPN servers in 37 premium countries around the world.

All About Atlas VPN

This VPN service provides speed-optimized servers with advanced features in privacy, security, and anonymity to all premium users.

It allows its users to connect to the Wi-Fi safely without any worries about security, as well as to get an encrypted IP address.

According to the 2022 data of Atlas VPN, more than 3.3 billion internet users are using Google Chrome and more than 1 billion internet users using Safari browser, and out of these numbers, Atlas VPN service is trusted by over 6 million users in different countries around the world.

What Country Has the Most Atlas VPN Server Location?

Atlas VPN

The usage of VPNs differs per country’s restriction, bans, censorship, and blocking.

VPNs are getting more popular since there are continuous cases of cyberattacks and online breaches.

In fact, there are about 85 countries that downloaded a VPN app from the 45 biggest VPN providers including Atlas VPN.

They have been downloaded for over 277 million times in 2020, 785 million times in 2021, and 215 million times in the first quarter of 2022.

The United Arab Emirates has the highest VPN adoption rate with 25.72%, followed by Qatar with 24.09% in 2022.

Among the countries that downloaded the Atlas VPN, the United States has the greatest number of server locations with a total of 7 including Las Vegas, Dallas, Miami, Phoenix, New Jersey, New York, and Los Angeles.

How to Get Atlas VPN

Downloading Atlas VPN allows its users to securely explore and browse the internet by changing the location, blocks ads and malware, beats ISP throttling, reduces ping, and keeps data private, as well as allows its users to optimize for streaming and P2P, and unlimited bandwidth and devices.

It is also compatible with iOS, macOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Android TV, Windows, and Linux.

Here is how users can have Atlas VPN on their devices:

  1. Download the Atlas VPN app
  2. Open the app, sign up to create an account, and select a server
  3. Login and click the “connect” button to be instantly connected to the server or choose the preferred location
  4. Sign up for a premium plan to get excellent features and inclusions, more servers, no buffering and speed drops, strong security, unlimited devices, and a 30-day money-back guarantee

Atlas VPN Premium Plans

Consumers can avail of the Atlas VPN Premium plan for only $1.99 per month for the first 3 years which comes with a good number of benefits.

These include simultaneous premium services usage using multiple devices, no data limit, optimized speed, streaming-optimized servers, email protection, and advanced security features. 

Users may also opt to avail of the one-year plan for only $3.29 per month for the first 12 months with similar features and inclusions.

Lastly, you may try the free Atlas VPN version on different devices to assess the services before availing of the premium version.

Why Do People Use Atlas VPN?

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Atlas VPN is a VPN service provider that allows its users to explore the internet with stronger security and have a hassle-free experience.

The top 5 reasons why people use Atlas VPN are: for seamless streaming, has stronger security, shows a reliable speed with no log, delivers excellent privacy features, and has numerous servers.

Atlas VPN and Netflix

Atlas VPN works well at streaming Netflix and can unblock Netflix libraries.

This exceeded the expectations of consumers that’s why they can discover and watch more movies and series that are available in other countries. 

This VPN service does not only work at streaming Netflix, but also with YouTube and BBC iPlayer.

Geographically restricted movies and videos will become available to watch with no buffering issues.

Atlas VPN’s Website Demographics 

Here are the top countries dominating Atlas VPN’s website traffic in the last three months to July 2022.

The platform generates between 900,000 to 2.8 million monthly visits, dominated by users from Japan.

  • Japan – accounts for 15.08% of Atlas VPN’s total monthly visits during the period
  • Russia – accounts for 13.69% of Atlas VPN’s total monthly visits during the period
  • France – accounts for 12.27% of Atlas VPN’s total monthly visits during the period
  • Germany – accounts for 7.42% of Atlas VPN’s total monthly visits during the period
  • United States – accounts for 6.91% of Atlas VPN’s total monthly visits during the period


A lot of people are getting VPNs to protect them from cyberattacks, as well as to be secured when exploring the internet and streaming on different platforms.

Atlas VPN is one of the competitive VPN service providers that ensure strong security, as well as unblock streaming services.

Currently, it offers a free VPN service to try its benefits and features before getting the premium version.

The Atlas VPN Premium has 750 servers in 37 premium countries compared to the 3 free server locations of the free VPN.

The United States has the greatest number of server locations among the Atlas VPN locations worldwide with a total of 7 server locations since 85% of cyberattacks in the US are made internally, and Atlas VPN is based in the US.


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