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15+ Best FREE Ashley Madison Alternatives & Sites Like It in 2024

Published on: March 18, 2024
Last Updated: March 18, 2024

15+ Best FREE Ashley Madison Alternatives & Sites Like It in 2024

Published on: March 18, 2024
Last Updated: March 18, 2024

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The best Ashley Madison alternative in 2024, as found in our independent testing, is Only FWB!

Life is short, and the quest for new experiences doesn’t stop, even for those who are married or in committed relationships. 

This has led to the rise of married dating sites, similar to Ashley Madison, offering discreet ways to find new connections. 

Whether you’re looking for excitement outside your current relationship or just curious about what’s out there, these 15+ sites like Ashley Madison provide a safe and private space to explore. 

Let’s dive into what each of these Ashley Madison alternatives offers and why they stand out as the top choices for those seeking adventure and companionship.

Best Ashley Madison Alternatives

  1. Only FWB – 🏆 Winner!
  2. Adult Friend Finder
  3. Seeking

1. Only FWB

Only FWB

Only FWB markets itself on discretion and anonymity, catering to married and attached individuals seeking secret affairs. 

Its most notable features includes a tool for hiding faces in photos and the Panic button, which instantly redirects users to a neutral website. 

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Only FWB’s strength lies in its commitment to privacy, making it a safe space for those worried about being discovered. 

For users prioritizing secrecy, Only FWB offers a secure environment unmatched by other platforms. 

It’s definitely among the best secret affair dating sites you can find.

2. Adult Friend Finder

Adult Friend Finder Coupon

Adult Friend Finder (AFF) is much more than a dating site; it’s an adult community where people can find casual hookups and friends with benefits based on their sexual interests. 

It should be the first on your mind when it comes to the best Ashley Madison alternatives.

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AFF is known for its diverse user base that is open to exploring all kinds of relationships and experiences. 

The best features you here include live video streams, chat rooms, and user blogs, making it a vibrant, interactive platform. 

Its best offering is the vastness of its community, which ensures a wide variety of matches. 

AFF stands out for its emphasis on creating a community feel, making it a go-to for those looking for more than just a one-on-one connection.

3. Seeking


Seeking specializes in connecting successful and wealthy individuals with younger, attractive partners looking for someone to support or mentor them financially. 

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This site is transparent about its purpose, with profiles clearly stating what each party is looking for. 

Its standout feature is the high level of security and verification processes, ensuring a safer user environment. is ideal for those who appreciate clarity and honesty in their arrangements, distinguishing itself as a platform for mutually beneficial relationships rather than traditional affairs.

4. Gleeden


Gleeden is unique among affair websites as it is designed by women for women, promoting female empowerment in extramarital encounters. 

The site is free for female users, which helps maintain a balanced male-to-female ratio. 

Key features include the ability to send crush alerts and virtual gifts, adding a layer of interactivity. 

Gleeden’s focus on creating a respectful and secure platform for women sets it apart, making it a preferred choice for women seeking affairs with the assurance of discretion and safety.

5. Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs

Heated Affairs distinguishes itself by catering to those seeking passionate, intimate encounters. 

It offers detailed profiles, personality quizzes, and compatibility tests to help users find matches that meet their emotional and physical needs. 

One of its best offerings is the extensive range of communication tools, including chat rooms, forums, and live cams, facilitating deeper connections. 

Heated Affairs is for those looking for more than just physical relationships, providing avenues for emotional intimacy and companionship.

6. No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached

No Strings Attached stands out for its straightforward approach to casual encounters and affairs. 

It caters to individuals looking for non-committal relationships with the privacy and discretion needed by those already in relationships or seeking confidential engagements. 

A key feature of No Strings Attached is its live webcam option, which allows users to interact in real-time, adding a personal touch to online encounters. 

The platform also offers private photo galleries where users can control who sees their pictures, enhancing the privacy of the experience. 

This site is perfect for those prioritizing discretion and wanting a straightforward, no-strings-attached experience.

7. Married Secrets

Married Secrets

Married Secrets offers an intimate platform for married individuals or those in committed relationships to seek out private affairs. 

It’s known for its straightforward registration process and the anonymity it provides its users.

This Ashley Madison alternative allows for personal customization of profiles and includes search filters to help users find matches based on specific interests and preferences.

Married Secrets stands out for its user-friendly interface and focus on ensuring users’ private and discreet experiences, making it a good option for those new to online affair sites.

8. AffairDating


AffairDating is a growing platform in hookup sites and married dating, inviting individuals looking for adventurous encounters without the commitment of a traditional relationship. 

It features a vibrant community with open-minded individuals seeking excitement and new experiences. 

One of the key attractions of AffairDating is its ease of use and the variety of communication tools available, from messaging to chat rooms, which facilitate engaging interactions. 

This site appeals to those looking for a fun, casual way to meet like-minded individuals without the pressures and expectations that often come with dating.

9. Illicit Encounters

Illicit Encounters

Illicit Encounters is a UK-based site that offers a platform for married or attached individuals to find affairs and casual encounters. 

It prides itself on creating a safe and secure environment for its users, emphasizing privacy and discretion. 

Unique features include password-protected photos and the Invisible Mode, allowing users to browse profiles anonymously. 

Illicit Encounters is suitable for those in the UK seeking an affair with someone who understands the importance of discretion and the complexities of being in a relationship.

10. BeNaughty


Here we have an Ashley Madison alternative that stands out online by offering a platform specifically designed for casual dating and hookups. 

It’s all about creating a fun, safe, and open environment where users can explore their desires without judgment. 

One of the platform’s standout features is its gender balance, maintained through incentives for female users, which encourages active participation and interaction among members. 

BeNaughty also offers a feature where users can simultaneously send pre-set messages to multiple local contacts, significantly increasing the chance of finding a match. 

This tool is especially useful for those looking to connect quickly and efficiently. 

BeNaughty is the go-to for individuals who prioritize a lively, engaging online dating experience with the opportunity for spontaneous connections.

11. AffairAlert


AffairAlert zeroes in on the niche of people seeking to break the monotony of their marriages or long-term relationships without leaving them. 

What makes AffairAlert distinctive is its focus on the utmost discretion and anonymity. 

The site is meticulously designed to ensure that users’ identities remain confidential, offering features such as private photo galleries that users can share at their discretion.

Moreover, AffairAlert provides a specific ‘discreet’ mode for communications so that messages and interactions remain private and untraceable to non-involved parties. 

This level of privacy management is a beacon for those new to extramarital dating and value their privacy above all else.

12. FindNewPassion


FindNewPassion offers a refreshing approach to the idea of extramarital dating by prioritizing quality and genuine relationships over casual flings. 

Unlike other Ashley Madison competitors that focus on quantity, FindNewPassion focuses on quality, offering a more curated experience for those seeking meaningful connections. 

The platform encourages users to complete detailed profiles, facilitating matches based on deep compatibility rather than just physical attraction. 

Another unique feature is its moderation system, which ensures that all members are genuine and actively seeking meaningful connections.

For individuals who feel stuck in their current relationships and are looking for more than just a physical affair, FindNewPassion provides a pathway to rediscover passion and find companionship that resonates on a deeper level.

13. CheatingCougars


CheatingCougars is a standout in the niche of cheating websites, offering a specific platform for younger men and older women interested in affair dating. 

As an alternative to Ashley Madison, it focuses on the cougar dynamic, providing a unique space for those intrigued by age-gap encounters. 

Its privacy features and tailored search capabilities make it a reliable option for those pursuing discreet hookups. We think its positioning it as an engaging choice within married dating and the best hookup sites.

14. Married But Playing

Married But Playing

As a dedicated platform in the realm of affair dating sites, Married But Playing offers married individuals or those in committed relationships a discreet avenue to explore extramarital interests. 

It’s a notable alternative to Ashley Madison for those who are clear about their intentions to find excitement outside their current relationship. 

The site’s emphasis on privacy and its community of like-minded individuals make it a safe space for those navigating the complexities of married dating, cementing its status among affairs sites and cheating websites.

15. LonelyWifeHookup


LonelyWifeHookup caters directly to the segment of best affair sites for married people. 

It is focusing on women seeking more than what they have at home and the men eager to fulfill that need. 

It’s an engaging option for those looking into affair dating sites, offering a discreet platform for lonely wives and those attracted to them. 

The site’s commitment to anonymity and secure encounters makes it a preferred choice among cheating websites, providing a sanctuary for discreet connections and alternatives to traditional hookup sites.

16. Fling


Fling broadens the scope beyond traditional affair dating sites to include a wider range of casual encounters, making it a versatile addition to the category of casual dating sites for hookups. 

Its inclusive approach welcomes individuals and couples of all backgrounds, making it a vibrant alternative to Ashley Madison for those seeking casual flings without the emphasis on marital status. 

The platform’s interactive features, such as video chat, make it stand out among married dating site options for those looking to explore without constraints, offering a liberating experience that transcends the typical boundaries of cheating websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are These Sites Safe to Use?

Yes, these sites prioritize user privacy and security.

However, it’s always important to exercise caution and use common sense when interacting with new people online.

Can I Really Find a Discreet Relationship Online?

Absolutely. Many people use these platforms to find companionship and excitement outside their current relationships, all discreetly and privately.

Are These Platforms Suitable for Singles as Well?

While many cater specifically to those in relationships, singles are also welcome on most platforms, especially if they’re open to dating people in committed relationships.

How Do I Choose the Right Site for Me?

Consider what you’re looking for in an extramarital experience—casual dating, a specific type of encounter, or a particular dynamic. 

Then, choose a platform that aligns with your desires and offers the level of privacy you need.


Exploring sites like Ashley Madison offers new opportunities for companionship, excitement, and fulfillment outside traditional relationships. 

Each of our selected 15+ best Ashley Madison alternatives provides unique features and communities, catering to various needs and desires. 

Regardless of your desire for a lighthearted or deeper relationship, there exists a service that provides all you require discreetly and safely.

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