Apple Vision Pro: What Does It Offer To Gamers? 

Published on: February 5, 2024
Last Updated: February 5, 2024

Apple Vision Pro: What Does It Offer To Gamers? 

Published on: February 5, 2024
Last Updated: February 5, 2024

Apple Vision Pro is one of the most anticipated products of the year. Described as a “revolutionary spatial computer”, the headset is set to radically transform the mixed-reality market.

The device introduces a fully 3D user interface that can be controlled with the eyes, hands, and voice.

Not only are users able to see a display of apps like Safari, Apple TV, and Apple Music in their physical environment, but they can also relieve their memories through real-life images and spatial audio.

Apple also seeks to appeal to working professionals with its “infinite canvas of apps” and portable 4K display. 

When it comes to entertainment, Apple Vision Pro has plenty to offer, including 3D and spatial audio TV series, movies, and games. So, what does the device have in store for gamers? 

Apple Vision Pro has created a buzz as one of the most eagerly awaited products this year. This revolutionary spatial computer promises to shake up the mixed-reality market, offering a 3D user interface controlled by eyes, hands, and voice.

Users can now see apps like Safari, Apple TV, and Apple Music in their physical surroundings, adding a dash of nostalgia through real-life images and spatial audio.

For the working pros out there, the device flaunts an “infinite canvas of apps” and a portable 4K display.

When it comes to gaming, Apple Vision Pro isn’t just playing around. Despite Apple initially downplaying its gaming potential, the device has some surprises up its sleeve.

It’s all about giving gamers “new ways” to dive into their favorite games, leveraging the surrounding space.

With over 100 Apple Arcade games and the ability to connect to consoles like PS5 or Xbox, gamers can now enjoy their titles on a wide, flat screen.

Plus, with access to Safari, the App Store, and other apps, you can dive into mobile or web-based games like Candy Crush or the classic Bubbles.

Apple Arcade Content And Console Games 

Until fairly recently, Apple had underplayed the potential of its Vision Pro in the realm of gaming.

The emphasis has been on its potential to foster productivity and connectivity while offering some entertainment perks. 

Yet, the device does have something in store for game enthusiasts, promising users “new ways” to engage with a game by using the space around them.

Over 100 Apple Arcade games are available and it is possible to connect the device to a game console, such as a PS5 or Xbox.

This would allow gamers to see their favorite title on a wide, flat screen. In addition, the availability of Safari, the App Store, and other apps means that it is possible to access mobile or web-based games, including the hyper-popular Candy Crush or Bubbles classic

igor omilaev Rv0AKGtIdwk unsplash

On January 8., Apple shed light on its gaming offers by announcing that the Vision Pro would launch with three “spatial games”: Game Room, Super Fruit Ninja, and What the Golf? The latter is a new version of the game by the same name, a physics-based golf parody originally released in 2019 for iOS and MacOS.

Super Fruit Ninja, on the other hand, might be the evolution of Fruit Ninja, where players must slice fruit by tapping on the screen.

Little is known about the project, however. Game Room also remains a mystery, although the image unveiled during the Apple Vision Pro reveal suggests that it features a range of classic board games. 

Competitors And Future Expectations

Apple Vision Pro will be available in the United States in early February. Meanwhile, there are still a lot of unknown details about the gaming and larger entertainment catalog.

Game developers are also weighing their options carefully, as it is too early to determine whether adapting titles for the headset would be worth it. 

We can expect to see Apple Vision Pro’s competitors doubling down on their gaming offerings and any other advantageous specs or features.

Starting at 499.99 USD, the Meta Quest 3 is a more accessible headset, with a focus on VR gaming, for example. Currently, it is the strongest Apple Vision Pro competitor and one of the few mixed-reality headsets running on iOS. 

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