Top 5 Apex Legends Discord Servers

Top 5 Apex Legends Discord Servers in 2024

Published on: April 23, 2023
Last Updated: April 23, 2023

Top 5 Apex Legends Discord Servers in 2024

Published on: April 23, 2023
Last Updated: April 23, 2023

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Looking for the hottest Apex Discord servers?

We all know Apex Legends was released and quickly rose to massive popularity.

It has been one of the most popular battle royale games in recent years. 

This game has been recently moved to the Steam store, further increasing its already huge fanbase.

But for those new or coming back after a long break, you must be interested in Apex Legends content and communities. 

This game has been thriving in what has been its 8th season now, and you can find more friends to make your squad on Apex Legends Discord servers. 

Top Apex Legends Discord Servers 2024

Here are the top 5 recommendations for the best Apex Legends Discord servers. 

  1. The Official Apex Legends Discord Server – 🏆 Winner!
  2. LFG Global
  3. Apex Console
  4. Apex Legend Status
  5. Battlecord

1. The Official Apex Legends Discord Server

The Official Apex Legends Discord Server

This server has been developed and operated by Respawn Entertainment Inc.

This official Apex Legends Discord server is the best place for all the news and updates associated with the game. 

You will have direct access to all new and old content about this game.

Regardless of the content source, whether from the community or the developers, you will hear it first on this official server, and everything will be 100% authentic.

There are no false alarms here. 

This server will provide you with all the latest game updates and newer versions.

In addition, some all-important cheats and codes are available for different game stages. 

If you are looking to master this game truly, you need to follow this server for sure.

Plus, hundreds and thousands of fans are talking about this game and sharing their insights on different workarounds as well. 

You should need access to this site because there are real fans here, and they belong to different age groups.

In addition, you will find some great players to form teams and progress in your stages. 

You can join this server for free; however, some of you might need to access this server using a proxy-based on your geolocation.

But if you are looking to form your team and take on the challenges, this is the place where you need to be. 

2. LFG Global

LFG Global

If you are looking for a new partner in your duos gameplay, you will love using this server.

But, even if you are looking to make a team of three to access that new battle pass, this server will work just right for you. 

This is a massive Discord community for Apex Legends outside the official server.

You can use this community to find new teammates, not just for Apex Legends but also other games. 

The community for this game on this server is pretty active, and you will have access to a lot of content on this platform.

As the community is massive, you will find a player near your skill level. Therefore, you will develop a more uniform team in terms of skills levels and experience. 

This community is a top choice for you if you look for great content on his and other games. In addition, you will find some great cheats and codes on different stages of this game and other games. 

This is a one-stop-shop for you to find everything you need to know about your game and develop strategies for your next gaming session.

In addition, it’s a great source to get all your news about the latest updates on your favorite games, including the Apex Legends. 

You will need to have a Discord account to access this server.

You will be able to pose your questions and answer others. You can also brag about your achievements in the game on this server if you want. 

3. Apex Console

Apex Console

The biggest success for this game has been its PC platform.

But there are still many players out there who are longing to be the last standing team whale playing from their beds and couches.

So, all console players out there will find their community right here at this server. 

This is the community for all Apex console players to find their teams and group up. This is also the place where they can find all the information and latest news about the game. 

Again, it’s a good source for sharing the latest information on getting through those stages and finding secret passages along with codes and cheats.

You can develop different gameplay strategies and discuss topics to conquer your enemy and progress through various stages. 

You can use this community to get more play partners and develop different teams.

This server will also allow you to brag about your achievements and ask various questions about the gameplay. 

You can manage various topics and hold open discussions on this server to learn about this game and play it.

However, this server is made explicitly for all Apex Legends players out there, so you might not find it credible enough for other games. 

If you play many Apex Legends, you need to join this server and get ready for a ton of Apex Legends content.

4. Apex Legend Status

Apex Legend Status

When talking about community, this server might not be the one that fits the definition.

But it is undoubtedly the right kind of tool you need to have in your arsenal if you have frequent or regular Apex Legends players. 

If you have been dealing with connection problems within your gameplay, this is the first server or channel you need to stop by.

This server will provide you with all the information about the game’s current status online and see if the servers are down or not. 

This server also does a range of different occasional giveaways for their loyal followers.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to find any teammates here.

So, this is a good option if you are looking to develop your teams. But the discussion will not be that long if you compare this revere with the others mentioned on this list above.

You can also drop by if you are looking to talk about different gameplay strategies.

You can also discuss strategies to conquer different stages and talk about some cheats and hacks to work around your ways if you are stuck at a particular stage.

Finally, you can organize your competition even if you want here and have fun with your community if you want. 

You will need a Discord account to access this server.

So, become a member of this server, start your discussion, pose questions, and post answers if you think you’re the expert on this game. 

5. Battlecord


This server is for hardcore Apex Legend fans and players. If you are looking to hike your ranks up in the game, you need to join this server.

You will be able to climb the ladder constantly and will get better in your gameplay. 

You will have lots of fun here, but you need to join this server only if you have a competitive mindset. You will get a little sweaty with all those tryhards out there that have the same mind as you. 

This is the place where you will find a lot of brags, and you will get your chance to brag about your achievements.

In addition, this server is a good option for some advice on how to improve your gameplay with a competitive mindset. 


Can You Play Apex Legends with a VPN?

Yes! You can.

Check out our guide for the best Apex Legends VPN.


If you are a fan of Apex Legends, you need to look for the right type of content and community to share your ideas and thoughts, discuss various topics about the game, and develop your teams. 

These servers allow you to organize your gaming events and have loads of fun with your playing community.

If you spend a lot of time on your couch playing Apex Legends, you need to join these Apex Discord servers.

You’ll get all the information you need about the game and share your content with other Discord members

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