Analisa Review

Analisa Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

Analisa Review 2024: Is It Legit? Is It a Scam?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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Analisa Review 2024

Analisa logo

Analisa is a popular AI-powered social analytics tool for Instagram and TikTok that is used to analyze profiles and hashtags.

With features like campaign reporting, followers demographics, followers authenticity, and content analysis, it helps businesses conduct market research.

It enables you to create custom reports and insights as per your research needs. 

  • Intuitive interface
  • Efficient
  • Multiple formats
  • Follower demographics
  • Engagement rate
  • Free version
  • Free version lacks features
  • No mobile app.

In today’s world, the internet has digitized everything. It has revolutionized businesses and made things convenient for business owners.

As technology gets more prevalent, we see software for every business-related task, including market research.

It goes without saying that market research holds paramount importance for every business. It can make or break any business, be it online or traditional.

With more and more businesses entering the fray, you need to ace your market research to brighten your chances of finding success. 

With efficient market research, you get to understand your rivals’ strengths and weaknesses.

It will help you know where your business stands, so you can shape your business strategies to go big.

This way, you will be able to recognize the opportunities and improve your services. 

Analisa is one such tool that helps you with your market research and competitor analysis.

It is a highly advanced Ai-powered social analytics tool that provides businesses with Instagram and TikTok data for better competitor analysis.

It was launched in 2019 and has enjoyed a through and through success since then. 

If you are just starting a new business, Analisa has the potential to help your business flourish. However, before using this hashtag generator tool, you may ask yourself a few questions

Is Analisa a scam?

Is Analisa legit?

How much does Analisa cost? 

This Analisa review is designed to help you make an informed decision.

Review of Features

Analisa Features

Starting the Analisa review with its features, Analisa is equipped with all the features that you need to ace your competitive analysis game.

All the features are useful, and the company has not just included features to fill up the specs sheet.

Let’s have a closer look at its features. 

Profile and Competitor Analysis

Analisa Profile and Competitor Analysis

What is your competitor’s strategy that you are lacking? What hashtags do they use that help them garner better reach on Instagram?

Do you know how their accounts are performing? If you do not, then perhaps you should.

You will find thousands of competitors in every market nowadays, and without competitor analysis, it could be hard to find success right off the bat. 

Analisa enables you to analyze your and your competitor’s profiles. This way, you’d know how your account performs and how it stacks up with your competitors’ accounts.

If your account is not performing great and is constantly failing to get higher reach, you can change your marketing strategy.

And if it is already doing great, you can focus on new ways to go even higher. The sky’s the limit!

Monitoring the competitor yields amazing benefits for any business. Comparing your profile with a successful competitor will help you determine how your content performs.

With your current performance in mind, you can set goals and then formulate a business strategy to achieve those goals. 

With the right competitor analysis, you will know what to post and when to post it. What hashtags are likely to bring more audience to your posts.

In short, Analisa gives you access to all the information about your competitors so you can use it to your advantage. 

Follower Demographics and Authenticity

Analisa Follower Demographics and Authenticity

Follower demographics are the next feature on the Analisa review.

With this feature, you can find out your Instagram followers’ age, gender, location, and TikTok followers. This feature has helped many businesses grow.

If you know the age of the majority of your Instagram followers, you’d be able to understand their interests.

Now imagine you are a social media influencer who wants to increase your reach.

You can host meetups and other events in a certain area using the follower demographics.

If you are a TikTok star, you can make a video for your followers living in that region.

Businesses can launch products that are specially designed for people of a certain age or gender.

When you know your target audience, you will be able to serve them better. All the information helps you focus on your customers’ interests and needs.

In addition to that, follower authenticity enables you to check authenticity to minimize risks.

Campaign Reporting

Analisa Campaign Reporting

Campaign reporting is another great feature of Analisa. No matter how hardworking and experienced your employees are, they can always make mistakes.

Those mistakes can turn out to be very costly for your business organization. 

With Analisa, you can get frequent campaign reports of your marketing. This will tell you how well your ads are performing, how much audience your posts generate, and many other things.

You can then make informed decisions regarding your marketing campaign. 

What’s even better? You can transport all the information to a suitable format, such as PDF or CSV.

Whether you want to export an Instagram or TikTok profile or a hashtag report, you can do it all with Analisa.

If you do all the market research manually, the process could consume tons of your time. With Analisa, the research does not have to be a nightmare. 

Historical Data and Analytics

Analisa Historical Data and Analytics

The thing with the Instagram and TikTok trends is that they change.

Any social media user will tell you that trends on these platforms keep fluctuating, and Instagram and TikTok are not different.

So, which hashtags were performing well in the past and not now? How do you know which hashtags brought you more audience? 

This is where the historical data and analytics come in handy. They give you a deep insight into every post on Instagram, no matter how old it is.

And yes, you can set it to a customized date range to know how well your marketing campaign did in a certain period.

For example, if you want to try a new marketing trend for a month, you can later see whether it improved your reach or not. 

Content and Influencer Optimization

Analisa Content and Influencer Optimization

The content and influencer optimization lets you discover the winning content and most popular influencers.

If your content is not attracting much of an audience, it is a great idea to turn to an influencer.

The popular influencers among your target audience are likely to get your desired reach. 

Not only does this feature help you discover the right influencer, but it also gives you real-time analytics of top posts, hashtags, and captions. It also tells you the time when they were posted.

Sometimes, Instagram and TikTok accounts fail to get their desired reach even if they post quality content. If that’s your case, you may want to reconsider your posting time.

For example, if you sell products for kids, it would be best to post your content at the time when kids are likely to use social media platforms.

If they are already asleep, they will miss your post, and as a result, your account will struggle with reach. 


Moving on with our Analisa review, let’s discuss the compatibility of Analisa. Mobile users may think, “is Analisa a scam?”

This is because, sadly, Analisa does not have a mobile app as of now.

So, if you are looking for social analytics software to use on your mobile phone, you may need to look elsewhere. 

However, the tool is compatible with both popular operating systems, i.e., Mac and Windows.

If your laptop has a Mac or Windows operating system, you can gather all the information on Instagram and TikTok using Analisa. 

If you are concerned about your Instagram account, it is natural for you to think, “is Analisa legit?” and “is Analisa a scam?” As it turns out, it is entirely safe to use, and your account won’t get banned. 


The interface is important when choosing a social analytics app. Of course, you won’t be able to get the most out of the app if it is too complicated.

The good news for you is that using Analisa is an absolute piece of cake. 

You can easily use Analisa and all its features even if you have never used such software before.

All you need to do is just enter the profile name or hashtag, and you will have all the analytics in no time. 


Performance is the key factor in the Analisa review. As for performance, Analisa is as good as anything.

If you are sick and tired of pathetic analytics tools, you may wonder, “is Analisa a scam?”

As a matter of fact, people often ask, “is Analisa legit?”

Well, you would be glad to know that Analisa is a legal software that boasts the latest technology to provide you with accurate analytics. 

Essentially, Analisa offers you two types of reports, i.e., profile report and hashtag report.

While the profile report tells you about the activities of that certain account, the hashtag report enables you to evaluate your campaign effectively.

Both reports give you deeper insight into their analytics. 

Engagement, Likes, and Comments Average

Unlike most analytics tools that offer engagement average only, Analisa takes it a step further and gives you the likes rate and comments rate as well.

With these features, you will know precisely how engaging your content is. It uses graphs to show you the engagement progress over time.

You can easily zoom in and out for a better look at any part of the graph. Analisa also shows you the most used captions and hashtags.

It is a good idea to avoid repeating the same captions as it does not leave a good impression on the customers’ minds.

However, using the same hashtags are likely to bring you more reach. 

Posts Rate

Analisa does not show you the total number of posts, which may leave the users wondering, “is Analisa a scam?” or “is Analisa legit?”

Well, Analisa does not tell you the total number of posts on an account, but it shows you the post rate per month, per week, and even per day.

This will help you determine how often you should post. 


This feature allows you to find out the profiles and hashtags your targeted profile uses the most.

It has helped many businesses find the right influencers to collaborate with. If you are looking to work with a brand, this feature can help you with that as well. 


With the geo-mapping feature, Analisa shows you all the tagged locations of your targeted Instagram or TikTok profile.



Pricing is the last factor in our Analisa review. When it comes to pricing, Analisa tends to be pretty flexible.

It even comes with a free version which is also free to install. However, it is seen that the free version lacks all the robust features. 

This may make you think,” is Analisa a scam” or “is Analisa legit?” Well, users usually use it to gain insight into the interface.

The analytics are shown in the form of charts to tell you how it works. 

Analisa offers three different plans so you can choose according to your budget and research needs.

The premium plan is priced at $59, the plus plan comes at $109, whereas the pro plan is sold at $199.

The prices justify the features, and you certainly get full value for your money.

Review Verdict: Is Analisa Legit? 

The Analisa review would be incomplete without answering the question, “is Analisa a scam? ”Is Analisa legit?” 

The simple answer is yes! It is totally legit since the information is meant for business use.

In addition, businesses also use it to gain analytics of their own profiles. 

It is clear from the Analisa review that Analisa is an excellent social analytics software that gives you a competitive edge over your competitors.

We have discussed all the features with pros and cons in this Analisa review so you can decide whether it is worth investing in or not. 

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