Ampfluence Review & 3 Awesome Alternatives

Last Updated: October 19, 2020

The market for social growth services is constantly changing and growing. Because Instagram is constantly monitoring how third party companies work within the platform, it’s common that companies come and go on a day to day basis. 

Today we’ll review the self-proclaimed best solution to Instagram growth, Ampfluence. Per their website, they claim to be the #1 Instagram growth service, but are they really? What are the features and services they offer in order to claim the top spot? 

In our Ampfluence review, we’re going to take a look at some of the areas that Ampfluence claims to excel in, and discuss some shortcomings that we just can’t overlook. We’ll also give you some top alternatives to consider when choosing the best Instagram growth service for your needs. 

What is Ampfluence? 

Ampfluence logo

Ampfluence is an Instagram growth service that offers clients Instagram followers through engagements and interactions. Ultimately, it’s clear that they are an automation service for follower growth, although they claim that everything is done manually. 

Why does automation matter?

While there is still a possibility for some services to run effective bot interactions, in general, Instagram has severely limited the way in which bots can interact with the Instagram platform. Essentially, any service that runs automation or bot services have to keep their engagements incredibly low so they aren’t detected by Instagram. 

If an account using automation is detected by Instagram, the account is flagged and can lead to consequences for the account owner. 

This is the reason why almost all prominent growth companies that were using automation have pretty much stopped accepting clients or shut down completely– they simply can’t operate and provide any type of tangible results to keep them in business. 

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Ampfluence Features: Are They Legit? 

Ampfluence Services

Ampfluence claims that they don’t use any bots or automation, and that everything is done manually, but for a company like Ampfluence, they can make much more money through pretending to offer manual growth and using bots instead.

Let’s review how they claim their platform works, and after reviewing their pricing options and client feedback, we’ll see clearly why Ampfluence simply isn’t a reliable follower growth service. 

Ampfluence describes a few elements in how their platform works: 

  1. Consultation – after signing up, you’ll have a “consultation” to provide targeting instructions to guide what type of followers you want to gain. 
  2. Research – once you provide these instructions, Ampfluence will research your targets to optimize results. 
  3. Engage – the main method of growth is through engagement, so they will interact with the target users with the hopes that they will follow back. 
  4. Measure – the team will then review results and make any adjustments to increase growth. 

It’s worth noting that the language used in these descriptions is very vague. They don’t tell how they research or what type of engagements they use. They don’t even mention that all of these actions are done by individual people. 

If they claim to be using real people to do all of these things, why wouldn’t they make it clear on what specific actions their team takes in order to ensure these results are provided? 

They offer a “guarantee” based on results, so they’ll give you a percentage back if you’re not satisfied with what they provide you. If they were really confident in their service, why wouldn’t they just offer a full money-back guarantee? Seems shady. They’re definitely looking to keep whatever portion of your dough that they can. 

Their FAQ page is also littered with tons of excuses as to why people would be unsatisfied or actually see a reduction in followers. Why would that be? Because they’re trying to cover their behinds for when people start to see unsavory results in terms of follower growth. 

Does Ampfluence Meet Your Needs? 

Ampfluence Pricing

Okay, so we already see some red flags in the language and layout of their site, description of services, as well as excuses made for why you may not see the growth you want. Worried yet? 

Well, let’s just take a look at their pricing. It’s astronomical! 

They offer three packages, none of which fall below $249 a month. That’s way above the standard growth budget that many Instagram users have. In fact, for a follower growth service that literally cannot guarantee any set number of followers or monthly growth, it’s absurd. 

This just goes to show that Ampfluence is trying to manipulate people who need to grow their Instagram followers– they claim to offer manual growth, use bots and automation to cut down operational costs, charge huge monthly fees, use excuses to explain away lack of results, and pocket all of your hard-earned dough. 

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire. There’s no shortage of client reviews confirming the fact that they saw little to no results, saw their profile overloaded with bots and fake accounts, or found that their targeting instructions weren’t followed at all. 

These are all tell-tale signs that the service isn’t providing what they promise. 

Ampfluence Review: Alternatives

Don’t throw away $250+ a month trying out Ampfluence. We’ve got trustworthy and reliable Ampfluence alternatives that can help you to gain the real Instagram followers that you need to boost your business. 

1. Growthoid 


Growthoid is our recommended Instagram growth service because their service is super simple, transparent, and they deliver on their promises. They say that they assign a dedicated account manager to manage your follower growth manually based on your targets, and it’s as simple as that: real people working on your account at all times. It’s like you’re doing it yourself. 

The best thing about this is that you won’t see a bunch of random followers that fall outside of your target range; the feature of the account manager is really valuable and helps to eliminate all of the uncertainty that you face when using an automated service. 

Growthoid offers two affordable packages that can suit any Instagram needs, and their support service is fast, responsive, and always customer-centered. What’s not to love? 

2. Nitreo


If you’re sick of growth companies overpromising results that you’ll never see with price points that really hurt your wallet, Nitreo will be a breath of fresh air for you. Their support team is happy to discuss their service with you before you sign up, giving you peace of mind and fully understanding how your Instagram growth service will work. 

Not only that, they don’t pretend to deliver results that they can’t. They don’t use any bots or fake engagements, and they offer a 2-week guarantee so that you feel confident that they’re the service for you. 

3. Stellation Media 

Stellation Media

Stellation Media has been hard at work building a strong reputation in the market, and they’ve developed for years in order to offer you a trustworthy growth service with a variety of features. They also offer a 5-day money back guarantee.

As the Instagram platform continues to evolve, so does Stellation Media. Their current focus is on building followers through the Instagram story feature; with over 500+ million users on Instagram stories, it’s a huge opportunity for follower expansion. Stellation Media takes advantage of that and uses it to build your real Instagram followers. 

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