Altcoin Products are Increasing in Demand as Digital Asset Funds Make a Small Recovery

Last Updated on June 4, 2021 by Jason

Digital asset funds managed to gather $74 million this past week, following May which was full of complete volatility in crypto, that left investors lukewarm. The latest figure, while not a record-breaker, is still optimistic considering the combined outflow of the last couple of weeks was $151 million.

However, altcoin investment products’ demand has increased, as investors are beginning to diversify, and look beyond crypto.


Bitcoin investment experienced outflows of $4 million in the past week, while investors have staked their claims with polkadot, cardano, and XRP, all three of which are popular when it comes to inflows.

CoinShares says, “the price correction had a minor impact on investment flows the previous week, but this looks to have recovered, with all product providers seeing inflows.”

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