Ad Monetization For Hyper Casual Games – A Data Scientist’s Playbook

Last Updated: July 4, 2022
Data science is changing the way businesses and studies are being done, and it is pioneering in multiple realms. It’s high time that you start shaping your career in the right direction for the betterment of humanity.  
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Casual games have become a phenomenon over the last decade. With the advent of easy-to-access internet connections at affordable prices, people have changed their lifestyles drastically. Gaming has changed a lot throughout a couple of decades. New and more powerful hardware and software, coupled with sophisticated tools and an increasing workforce, have become the primary reasons for video games to reach the hiatus they’re in right now. 

While the online gaming landscape is filled with AAA developers and their annual titles, small developers have also brought us some exciting titles. Bite-sized entertainment is what these casual games provide to their players, and it’s a perfect way to target those players who have less time on their hands. Here’s the thing, though, for the most part, hyper-casual games are free-to-play games, and you can find them on your smartphones’ app store with relative ease.

AAA titles with annual releases usually fetch a price of $60, excluding the DLCs that come ahead. Other than the sticker price itself, the methods of revenue generation can be listed down as follows:

  • In-app purchases
  • Loot boxes 
  • Microtransactions for cosmetic items
  • Season passes
  • Paid DLCs 
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And many more.     

Hyper casual games, on the other hand, have a few methods using which they generate their revenue. This includes:

  • Online ads that pop up on the app store or phone browser
  • Microtransactions for cosmetics
  • Season passes

While many game developers are working on titles now and then, the data collected from all hyper-casual games can be a humongous amount to deal with. Now, this is where the concept of data science comes into the picture. If you’re great at dealing with vast amounts of data, chances are you’re well aware of the perks that come with the concept of data science.

Data science has opened up newer avenues for game developers and marketing executives alike. Developers often use the collected data to determine where their title is going and where it is supposed to go. On the other hand, marketing executives focus on the number of clicks received on their ad campaigns. Furthermore, they also consider the number of times a person makes in-app purchases and hits the season pass button.

This discipline alone is responsible for sparking interest in people who have always loved to tackle data-related problems. Moreover, with the help of data science, game studios have deployed techniques that have changed gaming for the greater good. Data science involves a lot of sub-disciplines that make the overall package look and function great. For starters, you don’t just study data management but also machine learning and its concepts. 

The more you dive deep into the intricacies of this discipline, the better chances you’ll receive when it comes to career opportunities. As of this year alone, the highest-paid job in the IT sector in the US is that of a Data Scientist. Machine learning engineers follow the lead. Many learning services allow you to learn everything about data science these days. All you have to do is look up the right course and get yourself enrolled.

Data Science Courses And What You Should Know About Them

The internet is abuzz with many courses these days that’ll help people learn the courses they’re looking for. Data science is one of those fields that require a full-fledged course, structured in a way that helps students learn better. Great Learning’s Data science courses are present almost everywhere; however, verify the course details before you join one.

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Before going in guns blazing into a data science course that you came across online, you should know a few things beforehand. Now, the points listed below might seem simple to begin with, but they do hold merit even in this digital age.

  • Sources do matter, so you should always be careful while browsing through the sources that you find viable for your career. Taking the right approach is the key here. 
  • Make sure that experts have validated the course you’re going to begin. In other words, things like proper affiliation and instructors do matter. 
  • The chosen course should also offer assessment methods that’ll test your knowledge of the subject so far. Taking these tests at the right time is crucial. 
  • You should also look for genuine sources that provide you with or promise you such courses. You do not want to be cheated after paying the fee at the end of the day. 
  • The price range should always depend on the contents of the course. A mere introductory course should not cost more than what you expect. 
  • Always compare the results when it comes to courses. You may never know when the course you’re looking for may show up on the radar. 
  • The faculties in charge of delivering the knowledge should be well trained in student-teacher interaction.
  • Not just the knowledge, but a proper certification of the same should accompany the completion process of the said course. Holding a certificate makes your CV heavier and more job-ready.

Any student throughout their lives should never miss opportunities like these. As students, you must find and gather knowledge from as many sources as possible. After all, it dawns upon the one who has the know-how of things rather than the bookish knowledge.

An MTech in Great Learning’s data science online course could be a good place for students who have just completed their graduation in either Computer Science or Information Technology. It’ll help them know the realm better. 

Data science is changing the way businesses and studies are being done, and it is pioneering in multiple realms such as AI, Machine Learning, and more. It’s high time that you start shaping your career in the right direction and grow your knowledge bank for the betterment of humanity.  

Worried about where to start your career journey in Data Science? Fret not, for Great Learning and its team of professionals are here to help you out. Their experts in Data Science and its various fields will help you learn the concepts through their online courses. Go check them out now!

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