911 S5 Proxy Review – Do Their Proxies Work?

911 S5 Proxy Review 2024 – Do Their Proxies Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023

911 S5 Proxy Review 2024 – Do Their Proxies Work?

Published on: April 5, 2023
Last Updated: April 5, 2023


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911 S5 Proxy Review 2024

Nowadays, using a proxy server has become an integral part of any data management system. Regardless of the amounts of data you handle or whether you use the data for personal or business purposes, you can benefit by having a proxy server account.

With so many companies pushing their products and claiming them to be the best, getting a suitable proxy solution in place can be a challenging task. Here we review the 911 S5 proxy solution created and marketed by Vistra (BVI) Limited, a company based out of the British Virgin Islands.


The 911 S5 proxy solution, like software from all proxy providers, offers many good features and, of course, some downsides as well. What we attempt to do here is to list out the pros and cons and highlight where this proxy solution can be beneficial to a user, but also considering the limitations.

This residential proxy network uses residential IPs to send a request. Starting with the terminology, “S5” stands for SOCKS5 putting it in the class of SOCK5 proxies, which are 5-layered Socket Secure protocol networks.

There are no free trial versions or refunds attached to this software, so it’s important to be sure that it will be suitable for your requirements before you part with your money.

The 911 S5 proxy has a pool of millions of residential IPs, and it frequently filters off bad IPs. The system is specifically meant for Windows. Vistra claims that their product is among the most reliable and the fastest in the market. Let’s check the veracity of those claims, shall we?

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Pros of the 911 S5 Proxy

There are quite a few reasons why choosing the 911 S5 software is your proxy solution. Here are a few valid points worth noting:

Subscription Validity

911 S5 Proxy Pricing

There is no free version of the 911 S5 Proxy. Nor is there any provision for refund – the company strictly sells the product based on “goods once sold cannot be taken back.” Now that’s out of the way, let’s look at the better aspects of the subscription.

There are six packages, ranging from $28.00 to $674.00 depending on your requirement. Another good thing going for every package of the 911 S5 Proxy is that there is no expiry date. So, effectively, you have a lifelong subscription, whichever package you choose.

You get between 150 and 9,000 proxies depending on the package, and with EVERY package, you get free software and unmetered bandwidth. SOCKS5 protocol is, of course, an inherent part of the product, as indicated in its name.

Request Headers

911 S5 Proxy Changing Request Headers

A unique feature of the 911 S5 Proxy is that you can change your request headers. It is this single feature that sets it apart from most other proxy providers. In addition, of course, you can change your IP address which is what all proxies are about.

But with the 911 S5 Proxy, you can hide the other identity of your browser. You cannot change all the HTTP request headers but the most important ones. You also get to create different user profile personas if personal information is required.

You are allowed to change the user agent and referrer and retain a list of sites that you do NOT want to visit. In this case, the client blocks your access when you attempt to access those websites.

Learning Hub Provided


With the 911 S5 Proxy, you aren’t left in the dark once you have paid for your subscription. The Learning Hub For 911 S5 provides you with a variety of tutorial videos that show you how to avail of the various functions of this software.

You get soft screen shortcuts and video tutorials. The video tutorials include basic usage of the 911 S5 Proxy program, selecting the best logins server, using various functions like changing screen resolution, faking the referrer, using the “blocksites” feature, using the proxy on your phone, and various other features of the software.

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Proxy Protocol Header

If you have a load balancer using TCP for back-end connections, you can use the proxy protocol header to identify the IP addresses of clients. The primary function of load balancers is to intercept traffic between your instances and clients.

The load balancer’s IP address is contained in the access logs from your instance and not the originating client. But it is possible to parse the first line of the request, thereby obtaining your client’s port number and IP address.

Proxy Speed

The 911 S5 Proxy also distinguishes itself in terms of speed. How internet speed varies with and without using a proxy is a major consideration for choosing a particular software. Using automated systems for sending multiple requests to a defined number of popular websites can affect internet speed.

Measurements were made for the performance of an internet connection with and without using the proxy. There was a significant improvement in the internet speed while using the 911 S5 Proxy.

Unlimited Bandwidth

Unlike many other providers, the bandwidth comes unmetered. It means that you are free from worrying about usage and having to pay per-gigabyte charges. Sit back and use the product to the fullest without worrying about the extent of usage because there is no limit to the bandwidth, and your account will not expire.

Efficient Performance

It is a common practice for proxy providers to rewrite data packet headers. It can result in mislabeling or misrouting data. Data rewriting is not a part of the 911 S5 Proxy procedure.

It results in a low error rate and increased efficiency. However, the downside here is that in the process, your privacy and security could be compromised. The reason is that your personal information is contained in the packet headers, which are now easily identifiable.

FavoriteProxy Feature

Usually, the proxy you use will be removed after 24 hours. However, you might need to use proxies for a longer time. The “FavoriteProxy” feature enables you to do this. First, you need to locate the “TodayList” click on the proxies in the list that you want to retain.

Using the same list, you can create or delete groups. If you delete a group, all the proxies in the group get deleted. It costs you one account balance for each proxy you reuse.

Location Coverage (and pool size)

Finally, another useful feature of the 911 S5 Proxy that you may appreciate is its good location coverage. It has proxies from up to 190 countries worldwide, and you get to choose which country you would like to appear from. In addition to geo-targeting specific countries, you can also geo-target cities of your choice.

You may also like the big pool size of the 911 Proxy. Unfortunately, the company doesn’t mention the actual pool size; it does say however, that although their mains servers are in the United States, the peer-to-peer network is from all parts of the globe.

Top-Rated Proxy Providers

These proxies providers have been voted as the best consistently in user ratings across various websites.

First we collated the user review data, then we performed our own tests to ensure 100% legitimacy of the proxies.

These are by far the best proxy providers on the market today.

RankServiceMore Info
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Cons of the 911 S5 Proxy

For an unbiased review, we have included a few downsides or limitations of the product. You would do well to consider these points before parting with your money to buy the 911 S5 Proxy.

Ease of Use

911 proxy client software

You may find the 911 S5 proxy a bit difficult to use. If you already use a proxy, you probably use the IP: PORT. However, with the 911 S5, you might find that this method isn’t the best, and you would have to download the software as recommended by the company.


The 911 S5 Proxy is compatible only with Windows OS from XP to Win 10. There is a way to use it with other operating systems, but the process is cumbersome. So, if you don’t use Windows, this software is not for you.

Utility Limitations

911 S5 Proxy Features

A common use of proxy servers is for web scraping, crawling, and so on. But the 911 S5 is not suitable for all web scraping tasks.

Absence of Free Trial or Refund

By far, the biggest drawback of the 911 S5 is that there is no free or trial version. The primary purpose of a free trial on software is to get a feel of it and decide whether it suits you purposes.

But with the 911 S5 Proxy, even the basic package is payable. And, since there is no refund provision, if you find that the software isn’t beneficial, you have to say goodbye to the product and your money.

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Review Conclusion

Is the 911 S5 Proxy worth the money spent? Well, it all depends on your specific needs. However, we have seen that the ISP test results and speed are excellent. The software also provides you a vast location coverage.

The variety of packages available can suit every pocket and requirement from light to heavy users. The software is also good for multiple functions like ad verification, sales intelligence, self-testing, and brand protection.

But some downsides may conclude that this software is not for you. To begin with, if the primary purpose you want a proxy for is for web scraping, then the 911 S5 will not fulfill all your requirements.

Also, if you have a non-Windows OS, then you cannot use this software. Considering that there is no free trial or refund, ensure that your requirements will be met before spending money on it.

With the information provided here, you can decide whether the 911 S5 Proxy is the product that will fulfill your requirements.  

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