8 Effective Tips To Quit Smoking Permanently

Last Updated: May 21, 2022
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Any smoker would agree that the urges to smoke can be challenging to control and deal with. It can make you restless and make your body uncomfortable.

If you are an active smoker, you must have already tried different techniques to quit smoking yet failed to follow any of them. 

With the right mindset and suitable techniques, you can make it possible. There are numerous ways to reduce smoking urges.

You can opt for nicotine therapy or use CBD to stop smoking permanently. To help you further, here are eight practical tips for quitting smoking for good. 

Find a Strong Motivation to Start

If you want to quit smoking, you need to have a strong motivation to keep going. You should not quit smoking without a strong reason. Otherwise, you are more likely to start smoking again. The inspiration can come from anything. 

If you have started working out or pursuing a sport, you may need to build your stamina. As smoking negatively affects your breathing and physical stamina, it can be a great motivation to stop smoking.

This motivation will help you to stay on track. Whenever you feel like smoking or have smoking urges, remind yourself why you quit smoking. Strong motivation will help you to do that.

Avoid Triggers that Encourage You to Smoke

If you observe your behavior, there are always some things that make your smoking urges stronger. You’ll find yourself smoking at certain places, events, or around some people.

Avoiding them may not be an immediate solution to stop smoking, but it can be a big step towards that goal.

You are more likely to smoke during office breaks, at parties, or drinking nights. It’s best to avoid such situations if you are trying to quit smoking. 

Reconsider Your Drinks

A study showed that some drinks like tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, and alcohol make cigarettes taste better.

With some observations, you can find out what you usually drink while smoking. All the above drinks have excess sugar in them, which means they create cravings too.

When you have a craving for these drinks, you have a craving for smoking too. Avoiding or reducing the intake of these drinks will reduce your sugar intake and help you avoid smoking.

Increase the Time Between Smoking

If you plan to quit smoking, it’s essential to consider how often you smoke. Whenever you have a craving for tobacco, try to push it further for at least a few minutes, to begin with.

These cravings often reduce if you delay the time between your smoking sessions. Gradually increasing that interval will take time and patience and turn those minutes into hours, days, months, and years.

The cravings will automatically disappear once you learn to delay them. One day you will find yourself with no cravings at all.

Opt for Physical Activities

One of the significant effects of smoking is it affects your focus and physical abilities. As physical activities like playing a sport needs focus and stamina, you have to quit smoking if you start doing them.

Once you start moving your body, you will experience how smoking affects your health. You will find yourself out of breath after running merely a few meters.

You will also find it challenging to focus on the play because of the cravings. That’s why it’s best to opt for any physical activity, which will demand you to reduce or entirely quit smoking.

Try Cbd to Stop Smoking

Some studies have found CBD to be effective in reducing nicotine cravings and help to quit smoking.

CBD also shows promising effects while dealing with any addiction by helping you to reduce the stress and withdrawal symptoms caused by the addiction.

Trying CBD to stop smoking will help deal with pain response, stress, memory, and mood while dealing with any addiction.

Keep Your Hands and Mind Busy

Any addiction shows similar patterns of fixations. It means you are more likely to be addicted to the idea of satisfaction after smoking rather than actual smoking.

Some people like the smell of the cigarette, while some like the way they feel in their hands.

It’s essential to understand if you work on these fixations, you can reduce your smoking to a great extent. Keeping your hands busy by holding something else with the same hand you use for smoking can help reduce smoking. 

Seek Support from Your Loved Ones

Quitting smoking is challenging, but with the proper support, it can be possible. You can seek help from your friends, family, and loved ones to stay on track.

As many people smoke to deal with stress, working on the underlying cause of stress can reduce your smoking habits. You can also seek support from various online and offline smoking cessation groups and forums to quit smoking. 

These are 8 of the best tips to quit smoking permanently. Create a plan, make some lifestyle changes, and stick to them if you want to quit smoking for good.

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