7 Online Tools To Help Redesign Your Living Space

Published on: January 24, 2023
Last Updated: January 24, 2023

7 Online Tools To Help Redesign Your Living Space

Published on: January 24, 2023
Last Updated: January 24, 2023

In this age of rampant technological progress, people are increasingly opting for online purchases via platforms that offer an immersive, personalized experience.

Thanks to Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, businesses are accommodating clients’ busy lifestyles, providing them with a 3D virtual world that replicates the real world.

Here are seven handpicked online tools that use an enriched virtual platform to allow you full control over the end design of your home. 

1. Design Your Room Online: Use A Furniture Visualizer App

If you can’t quite visualize how that cabinet you saw at the store will fit in your living room, you can use a furniture visualizer app to see for yourself how it will actually look like.

image 2

After you take a picture of your living room, you can superimpose your cabinet in the place you intend to put it, and confirm (or otherwise) whether it will look the way you intended it to.

This is an excellent tool to try out different colors, textures and sizes until you achieve the perfect balance for your room.

2. Design Your Kitchen From Scratch: Use A Kitchen Planner Tool

This is a similar tool to the previous one but it specializes in kitchen design.

image 3

There are many user-friendly tools out there that allow you to design your dream kitchen layout and see beforehand how it will actually look like.

Explore different furniture colors, materials and layouts so that they match the kind of aesthetic you intend to achieve.

You can even go so far as to add different lighting, place chairs and add plants to your virtual kitchen, to make it as real as possible. 

3. Adorn Your Wall: Create Photo Tiles Online

If you’re looking for a few pieces where uniqueness and stylishness meet, this is your product!

image 1

But we’ll do you one better than simply suggest an idea, we’ve actually researched the best place to find such a décor item, and you won’t find anything better than the photo tiles that Storyboard.io has to offer. 

Once you’ve selected your favorite photos, they’re copied by using top-notch UV printing techniques, with each tile being composed of a high density PVC foam. What’s more, they’re even water and weather resistant.

But don’t take our word for it, they’ve had over a million happy customers. Which is no surprise, considering they offer free shipping with a 100% refund should you be dissatisfied with your product.

4. View Wall Art At Scale On Your Own Wall: Use A VTO Tool

Using a Virtual Try-On tool you can gain more confidence that the way you’ll place your wall art will make sense with the rest of your room.

image 4

Make sure the images blend in nicely with the other elements in your space by superimposing the art frames on the virtual rendition of the wall in your room.

This way you get to try out different layouts, sizes, and even test different lighting until you achieve your desired effect!

5. Visualize Color Schemes: Use A Virtual Room Painter Tool

With thousands of options, it can be difficult to picture how a particular color will look like on your walls. An virtual room painter tool is designed to help you out with just that.

image 5

This tool provides you with a realistic visualization when uploading a photo of your room.

How so? Once you upload the photo from your device, the tool will take account of your room’s characteristics, such as lighting conditions, so that colors are even closer to how they will actually look like in real life.

Without lifting a paintbrush or visiting a paint store you can test out colors and experiment with different palettes to get a clear idea of how your room will look like when using a particular color scheme.

6. Purchase, Negotiate and Bid For Furniture: Choose Interactive Online Retailers

There are various websites that offer an interactive experience when it comes to buying furniture.

image 6

Whether you’re after vintage, antique or contemporary furniture, you can take advantage of various platforms that allow you to buy a piece of furniture directly, or else negotiate a price. 

In fact, if you browse the net well, you can even find websites where you get to interact with sellers throughout all stages of the transaction, for any bids, item queries or customization requests. 

7. Surf The Net for Your Preferred Interior Design App

image 7

Using a plethora of interior design software you can now plan out your space by mapping out the interior décor, arranging furniture virtually and getting a clear idea of how your newly renovated room will look like.

You can do this by selecting the furniture you like, then move it, flip it, rotate it and place it in a way that matches the kind of vibe you want to emit.

If you think that such software is for interior designers only, you’ve got it wrong! Most of these tools are designed in such a user-friendly manner that even newbies can find their way around them.

Even if you lack experience, dragging and dropping is not rocket science. Swap different items, compare results and explore original solutions that make you happy with the final result. 

If these gems weren’t enough for you to appreciate the convenience offered by virtual reality and augmented reality, we don’t know what will! 

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Written by Allison Langstone

Allison produces content for a business SAAS but also contributes to EarthWeb frequently, using her knowledge of both business and technology to bring a unique angle to the site.