5 Ways You Can Pack a Powerful Punch

Last Updated: February 14, 2022
5 Ways You Can Pack a Powerful Punch
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Winning in the boxing ring means being able to pack a more powerful punch than your opponent. Some people believe that famous knockout boxers like George Foreman and Rocky Marciano were born with that kind of power.

That may be, but anyone can build a more powerful knockout punch with just a few changes in their workout routine.

Where Does Your Punching Power Come From?

Some power may come from deep inside you, where certain emotions have grown and can be accessed as needed, but what about the physical aspect of your power? Did you know that your power doesn’t start where it ends?

In other words, your punching power is found only in your fists. A powerful punch starts in the hips and/or legs where you get leverage in order to throw the strongest punch you have.

Since power is weight times speed, a person who is heavier than you can usually punch harder if they put their whole body behind it.

However, weight is only one aspect of packing a powerful punch. It takes some level of speed to help develop more power.

Therefore, when you’re choosing workouts and training for boxing (or any sport where you need more power), you have to develop not only your muscle mass, but your speed.

The following will discuss five ways you can improve your athletic power and performance.

5 Ways to Develop Your KO Power

  1. Learn how to transfer your body weight – Using your whole body to throw a knockout punch is powerful. The late Rocky Marciano was the king of transferring weight to throw an effective knockout punch. Watch old Marciano fights on video and pay close attention to how this great boxer used his whole body to throw each and every punch. Watch as he puts more weight on his back foot as he pushes off and transfers that weight to the front foot and unleashes knockout punches through his fist. If you can master that and start using your whole body for at least half of your punches, you are improving your punching power.
  2. Get fit – If you’re carrying around excess fat weight, it’s time to get rid of it. Part of your training should include fat-burning exercises like walking or running so you can improve your lung capacity as well as your muscular endurance. Doing that makes your power last longer, therefore allowing you to save it up for the later rounds if necessary.
  3. Add weight to your training– Any exercise you’re doing for weight training will benefit from adding more weight as you go. For instance, if you’re not increasing the weights used in your deadlift, you won’t boost the power in your punch.
  4. Use plyometrics – Increasing your power isn’t just about weight training. Add plyometrics to your workouts to help you with resistance training. Plyometrics, or plyos, is also known as jump training. These exercises exert the maximum force in short intervals. The goal of plyometrics is to increase power, which equates to both speed and strength.
  5. Choose your exercises wisely – Deadlifts, bicep curls, pushups, pullups, and other weight training workouts, are good, but it’s time to ramp up your training with something else. If you haven’t been doing Olympic lifts, you aren’t going to boost your power. If you want that KO punch power, add this and other exercises that improve your speed and power.

These tips have been written primarily for those who box, but they also apply to all athletes.

All kinds of athletes from boxers to football players need to improve their speed, performance, and power.

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