4 Ways Solar Tech Advancements Impact Photovoltaic Efficiency and Design

Published on: April 29, 2024
Last Updated: April 29, 2024

4 Ways Solar Tech Advancements Impact Photovoltaic Efficiency and Design

Published on: April 29, 2024
Last Updated: April 29, 2024

For decades, scientists have warned that burning fossil fuels like oil and coal is dangerous for the planet.

They pollute the air and worsen climate change. This is why they advise switching to clean energy sources that don’t harm the planet.

Solar power has been proven to be the best renewable energy option! This form of energy is CO2-free. It uses special solar panels to capture the sun’s rays.

It then turns that sunshine into electricity. Humans have been using solar energy since the seventh BC. However, scientists invented solar panels in the twentieth century.

Solar panels were only somewhat effective in the early days of solar power. They could only turn about 15 to 20% of the sunlight into electricity.

However, with some new technologies, today’s solar panels are much more efficient in generating energy.

These technological advancements have changed how we view and use solar energy. They help solar panels capture more sunlight and store energy.

Let’s examine how technology has affected solar panels’ efficiency and design.

Casinos: Powering Sustainability With Solar Energy

Online casinos might seem like an unexpected place for solar power, but it makes sense when you consider that every single digital activity including gamers’ favorite crypto live dealer games requires some amount of energy.

Powering Sustainability With Solar Energy

Online casinos use that energy to power HD video streaming, huge data centers, bright studio lights, and more.

Rather than relying on fossil fuels for that intensive operational load, casino sites are tapping into renewable solar energy instead to help power the $227 billion dollar industry.

Many of them build extensive solar panel arrays to generate clean electricity that can reliably power everything from the live dealer studios to the gaming servers and video streams for their crypto casino platforms.

Going solar means these online casinos can reduce their environmental impact and save money. Solar energy offers cheap electricity for decades rather than dealing with unpredictable utility costs.

Building Design Innovations

Solar energy is changing the way we construct our buildings altogether! Architects are rethinking how houses and offices look to maximize solar power benefits.

This is called Building-Integrated Photovoltaics, or BIPV, where solar panels actually become part of the building itself.

Think beyond boring rooftop solar panels. Modern solar tech allows for windows, skylights, and even decorative walls to be replaced with specialized solar panels.

These sleek solar panels are just as strong as traditional materials, but they generate clean electricity while allowing beautiful natural sunlight into the building.

Roof designs are also evolving. Homes used to need perfectly pitched, south-facing roofs to make solar panels work.

Now, new solar panel advancements can work at any angle or even on curved roofs. This opens up more design possibilities and allows more buildings to use solar power.

Solar-powered buildings are smart buildings, too. Advanced digital sensors and micro-inverters help maximize power generation from every solar panel.

They track sunlight movement and can even shift individual panels to the perfect angle throughout the day for maximum power generation!

Increased Efficiency and Power Output

Solar panels are now more efficient than before. They are now designed to convert more percentage of sunlight into usable electricity.

For example, thin-film solar panel technology uses lightweight, flexible materials that can be easily integrated into buildings, vehicles, and others.

This allows the panels to capture sunlight from more angles and locations than rigid traditional solar panels can.

Solar panels also now have better engineering to manage factors like heat buildup, which used to seriously degrade solar panel performance in the past.

With smart active cooling solutions, these modern PV systems can run cooler to convert more sunlight into electricity instead of wasting it as heat.

Bifacial Solar Panel Technology

This is another game-changing innovation. These unique bifacial panels can capture sunlight hitting them from both the front and rear sides at the same time!

Bifacial Solar Panel Technology

So, in addition to direct sunlight hitting the front glass surface like normal, bifacial panels also use sunlight reflected off the ground, walls, or nearby surfaces that hits the back of the panel, too.

Bifacial PVs can boost their overall energy generation by converting “albedo” (reflected sunlight).

This has increased energy generation by 5 to 20%. Analysts predict that over 30% of the solar panels by 2030 will use bifacial technology.

Energy Storage Solutions

Solar panels generate enough electricity when the sun shines. However, they need to store energy to ensure a reliable, consistent power supply.

That’s why the advancements in battery storage tech for solar have been so invaluable.

Almost all modern solar power installations include big lithium-ion battery banks or other advanced storage systems as part of the setup.

Smart energy management software carefully monitors and controls energy flow, taking the electricity from the solar panels and using it to charge up the batteries during the day.

Then, that stored power in the batteries can be discharged and released to the home, business, or electrical grid as needed.

With this effective electricity storage solution, solar energy doesn’t have to stop working when the sun goes down or gets blocked by clouds.

Any excess electricity captured by the panels during those prime sunlight hours gets stashed in the batteries for later. Then, it can be tapped and used whenever needed, day or night.

Final Thoughts

Solar power is getting better each year, thanks to all these awesome tech improvements. New, efficient panels produce more electricity from the same space. Bifacial designs boost power even more. Battery backups keep it running all the time.

Best of all, these super tough modern solar panels will last for 25+ years with barely any maintenance needed.

Combine that longevity with the increased output and battery storage, and you have a clean, renewable energy source you can rely on for your home, business, or whole neighborhood!

As solar tech advances, costs decrease, too. So, more and more people, companies, and even online gaming companies are switching to solar energy to save money while also saving the planet, which is highly appreciated by their customers or service users.

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Written by Allison Langstone

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